Rising ticket prices will destroy our film industry: Salman Khan

The ticket prices are hiked before the every big festival film and Sultan is no exception either. The ticket prices at almost every theater have been upped by a few hundred rupees. Naturally the collections on Day One would be a notch higher than the usual owing to the increased ticketing rates, a fact that doesn’t please Salman one bit. The actor feels the soaring rates will destroy the film industry very quickly and he has a good reason for saying so.

“Ticket prices are soaring so high, that our footfalls have reduced and this perhaps will destroy our film industry very quickly. And because of this the industries that have been benefited are Bhojpuri, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujarati. All these industries are making profits of 50 crore on 70 to 80 rupee tickets. We have not been able to pull off a 300, 200 and even a 100 crore on a 250, 650 or 950 rupee ticket which is really really sad. So I think these regional industries are much bigger than our Hindi film industry,” averred Salman.

Flaying the opening day box-office records, the Sultan actor said, “I think the initial numbers are ridiculous and stupid. You increase the ticket prices and your numbers will increase. It is so easy to create opening day records. All you need to do is to increase the ticket rates. 41 crore, 30 crore or 9 crore become your first day opening collections. It is the last day numbers that matter. It is the end result of the film that actually matters. If it’s an opening of 2 crore, it will hurt. Finally the film has to do well which means they(audience) are coming for the film and not for you. When we all came into the into the industry, they didn’t come for us. They came to see the movie.”

18 comments on “Rising ticket prices will destroy our film industry: Salman Khan”

  1. Bhai's english is top notch lol. But what he said is true, Jai Ho could have 150cr+ but it didn't bcoz the ticket prices were reduced. Storm coming tomorrow! Tmrw will be Eid and it will collect 40cr+! Best of luck to the team of Sultan.

    1. 1st improve your English then point out others....he is actor not English teacher...

  2. well said , thats what we like u salman. that was the only reason no content movies hny , dilwale, prdp made 100. 200 cr. ,

  3. What Salman said is absolutely correct....we have to keep our focus on end result (Total Lifetime) rather than 1st day collection....there are so many people how wants to watch movie but could not afford b/c of high ticket price...that's why Salman reduce the price of Jai Ho so that most of them watch it b/c he wants to spread the massage in the movie as wide as possible....

  4. Bollyarena Team, recently one person Umair Sandhu who is the member of Dubai Censor Board, watched the special screening of Sultan, and according to him it is the best movie of Salman Khan (Outstanding Performance) and he also give 5 star rating in his review....he is in twitter you can check...

    What do you think, can we trust his review....Plz Reply whatever you think..

  5. Iam impressed by bollyarena...from today onwards I will b regular visitor...news updates r soo fast compared2 experienced sites...soon bollyarena will become no1 site

  6. COming to umair sandhu he was the same who said FAN , ROCKY HANDSOME all are blockbuster

  7. @Ankush Dutta, Salman already did that with Jai Ho...Ticket price of Jai Ho was 35-40% less compare to other bog films release at that time (like Dhoom 3, CE)...that's why collection was less otherwise it will collect at least 150cr b/c footfall of Jai Ho was too high...

    1. ager fan ka ticket price agar jai ho ki barabar hota to sayad fan ka lifetime ... 40-50cr hota ha ha

  8. abe tujhe utna sochne ki jarurat nahi , San jab ticket price hike rakhte Hai to tujhe kuin itni fikar hai ... itna dariya dili dikhane ki jarurat nahi ... hosake to aur vi dugna karde ... phirvi dekhni Hai 1 bar nahi bar bar ... bcoz i love u so much

  9. Agree with you salman....the main reason why only few viewers watch movies in theatres is huge prices of the tickets.....
    If the prices of the ticket will be less then many can watch and enjoy movies in the theatres.....

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