Rishi Kapoor slams Anurag Basu for Jagga Jasoos failure

Rishi Kapoor has lashed out at director Anurag Basu after the failure of Jagga Jasoos which featured his son Ranbir Kapoor. In an interview with Mid-Day, Rishi Kapoor also slammed music composer Pritam.

“Till Wednesday, Anurag Basu was still mixing the film. Can you imagine that? Pritam (composer) probably delivered the music only a week before. What can you say? You don’t take an opinion from anybody. Today’s filmmakers are doing this with everybody. They don’t show their films before release to take opinions, and treat it as though they’re making a nuclear bomb.

I didn’t hate or love the film. I only felt it needed to be abridged by 20 minutes. But who is going to give that opinion to them? I totally agree with Ekta (Kapoor) when she threw him out from her film. He had problems with Rakesh Roshan while working on Kites. He’s such an irresponsible director that he doesn’t complete the film. It was supposed to release three times in the past two years, but it kept getting delayed.

It did not release in Singapore because you have to deliver it five days in advance. It did not release in the Gulf on Thursday because it was only delivered to them on Thursday. This is unreasonable and irresponsible. You may be thinking you are making the Taj Mahal, but you are supposed to make it ready on time. Even Pritam delays his submissions. [It was later promoted as] a kids’ film. But, a kids’ film also has to release at the right time, like during the school vacations. At that time too, Anurag Basu wasn’t ready. There’s economics and maths involved. Everything is not just about creativity.”

“You may be the biggest director in the world,” he said, “but nobody would like to work with you because you are irresponsible. There is somebody else’s money involved in this. I trusted you, and this is what you give us? Ranbir hasn’t held back on spending money on it. You even threw Govinda out of the film. If you don’t want Govinda to work in your film, why did you ask him in the first place?”

Jagga Jasoos which released last week turned out to be a failure at the box office.

19 comments on “Rishi Kapoor slams Anurag Basu for Jagga Jasoos failure”

      1. Jagga Jasoos was gem of a movie. I personally liked it a lot. Its really a pity that this movie did not work on the Indian Box Office. It makes no sense to criticize the director.
        He did a fabulous job. Ranbir was brilliant in the movie and so was Katrina and Saswata Chatterjee. I really do not understand what was in the movie not to like. Really saddened by the fate of the movie. Unfortunately, now the sequel which this movie definitely deserved will never come out.

  1. Directors like Anurag Basu, Zoya Akhtar, Imtiyaz Ali dont understand the pulse of Indian audience. They have no desiness. Chintuji is right.

  2. flop ka baad kya fayda phale rishi ji aap kahan soye hua tha....apka beta producer hai iss movie ka...usko sab baton ka nahi pata kya....ab blame game khelna ka kya fayda galti apki bhi hai

    1. ohh mink.... U looks soo good in ur above comment...So polite...Whats wrong with u when it comes to khan movies ??? R u bhakth ???

  3. Rishi Kapoor is such a self-centered, arrogant man. Basu tried his best with JJ. Where was Rishi when Barfi! became a superhit ??

  4. The film was both ranbir and anurag's idea film got delayed mostly because of Kat-ranbir' personal problems film would have been shelved hadn't disney threatened to sue all cast and crew involved so ranbir has to take most of the blame and it was ranbir's idea about jagga communicating in song.

  5. rishi ji -- manna padega....

    Bande me dam hai -- Jo dil me hai wooh jubaah par...

    movie is still running - whatever small big collections but rishi - didn't stop.

    anurag is really over smart and not fit to make movies...as box office .com say burfy was fluek ...
    tukka lag gaya thaaa.

    again ranbeer kapoor has very bad film choice ...slowly he is turning out sanjeev kapoor or naseruddin shah of bollywood. he had potential to be big star but loosing credibility.

    wasting talent -- sanjeev kapoor and nasser were doing art films or meaningly full films as unke pass shakal nahi this..but ranbeer is handsome and still going on wrong path.

    rishi ji a suggestion - 2 chamaat ranbeer ko bhi Di jiye - gada jiss tarha ki films kar raha hai deserves for nice chattas from papa.

    1. Ajay Devgn and Aamir Khan too have done many non commercial made movies what will you say about them??? Being a superstar does not mean you should be only doing commercial movies its good to mix and knoe your versatility.

        1. Yes no dounts Akshay is a versatile sstar too but why i mentioned Aamir and Ajay was right from 90s and early 2000 they started experimenting their movies . ajay at Ranbir age won 2 national awards and had more succesful movies with ramdom directors. So did Aamir essp early 2000s. Akshay is comfortably making money for Box office with non commercial movies past 3 years. So i disagree someone should concentrate strictly on Commercial movies just because he has the looks? What happened to Bombay Velvet Besharam Roy Tamasha? Please dont givr silly excuses for Ranbir i also blame him.

      1. Stop comparing Aamir and Ajay with Ranbir just for the sake of the respect and status they have earned. No way Ranbir can experiment what the veteren superstars did in their peak careers. Shah Rukh too is included whom i think along with Aamir and Ajay have done almost any role you can think of. Alshay had his commercial movies been clicking i dont think will have switched to the patriotism genre. He hardly risked tough tough roles back 2 decades i mean i dont see Akki doing roles like Swades Dhobi gt Zakhm Raincoat Mangal pandey lagaan Cdi tlob singh and so on but today he is among the most versatile superstar who deserve praises tbh.. Salman is totally out of this topic!

  6. These fathers are their kids:

    Saleem Khan: Apologies for every mistakes of his gawaar/useless son Salman(Perhaps because Lallu is just 7 years into stardom)

    Chintu: Hurls the blame of his son's failures to others

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