Replacement of Bollywood Megastars in Future

Guest Article:

Since 2000, Bollywood has produced very few stars. Last decade has only seen a couple of stars, Hrithik Roshan and Ranbir Kapoor who were able to survive. SRK, Salman Aamir, Akshay and Ajay are still ruling the box office since 90's and are top stars of Bollywood right now.

But Bollywood badly needs megastars as Khans will be gone in a span of 5-10 years. I will discuss the young stars who can replace the A-listers of Bollywood. The comparison is based on movies, box office and also some fun points.

Varun Dhawan as Salman Khan.

As we all know that whatever the case may be, a Salman Khan movie would take a very good opening irrespective of the director or music or anything. Similarly, Varun Dhawan is a young star who can ensure a good opening in the current lot. It was witnessed during Dhishoom that the trailer was not received well and only one song clicked with the audience. Still, the movie got a good opening.

Fun Facts:

♦ Father of Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan are celebrities and their brothers are directors.

♦ Salman and Varun are the top stars this decade in younger and older generation respectively.

♦ Varun has a fan following in kids which is similar to Salman and he is doing Judwaa 2.

Ranveer Singh as SRK:

Their energy is similar and their acting talent is unquestionable. SRK and Ranveer both are the 2nd best-acting talent of their generation after Aamir and Ranbir respectively. Just like SRK-Kajol Jodi was famous in the 90s, Ranveer and Deepika jodi is currently the most famous jodi.

Fun Facts:

♦ They came to the industry as a nobody

♦ Ranveer is current favourite of YRF same as SRK was in his younger period

♦ They both are the only 2 actors who have worked in an Aditya Chopra movie


Ranbir Kapoor as Aamir Khan:

Both Ranbir Kapoor and Aamir Khan are known for their unconventional movie choices. Aamir did fewer films but his focus was more on the quality. The same is the case with Ranbir who experimented with Rockstar and Barfi just at the start of his career.

Fun Facts:

♦ They both came from within the film industry.

♦ They both are the best actors of their generation.

♦ They both are the only superstars who have worked or will be working with Rajkumar Hirani after he became the top director of the industry or you can say this decade.

♦ Ranveer and Ranbir share a cold war between them just the way Aamir and SRK shared in their younger days.


Tiger Shroff as Hrithik Roshan:

Yesterday I was watching A flying Jatt and in a scene, Tiger Shroff literally imitated Hrithik Roshan. His style his dialogue delivery his dance his look, everything is similar to Hrithik. He tries to copy Hrithik and he himself has admitted that his idol is Hrithik.

Fun Facts:

♦ Hrithik came into the industry with an X factor that was dancing. Nobody was/is able to match him. Similarly, Tiger Shroff came with an X factor of unbelievable action/martial arts in which nobody in current generation can match him.

Vidyut Jamwal as Akshay Kumar:

Many would laugh at me for this but Vidyut Jamwal can be a replacement for Akshay Kumar.

Akshay got fame as an action hero and is still known as Khiladi. In the earlier stages of his career, he did a series of Khiladi movies. He did each and every role which came his way. Similarly, Vidyut has done Commando and is now doing Commando 2. His image is of an action hero and his looks can make him the next Khiladi.


Arjun Kapoor as Ajay Devgn:

Arjun Kapoor can be the replacement for Ajay Devgn. The connect with the masses is super strong. AJ came in the industry as industry kid and so did Arjun Kapoor. Both have unconventional looks. It will be interesting to see if Arjun Kapoor matches the acting talent of AJ in future.

Fun Facts:

♦ Both gave big hits on debut and received a lot of acclaim for their performance

♦ They gave series of flops later on


The article has been written by Shafin Khetani. You can follow him on Twitter @Shafin_Khetani 

If you want to write anything, send your articles on [email protected]

38 comments on “Replacement of Bollywood Megastars in Future”

    1. kya correct ghanta...Amir can replace by Ranbir...kuch bhi...kal ut ke log bolege....Leonoardo can replace by fardeen khan...kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi...
      maha bakwas article of this decade....

  1. Sorry to say but MAHA BAKWAS ARTICLE.......And the points mentioned for comparison is very baseless and stupid less to say.....

      1. This all are nonsense things....SRK or Sallu can be replace with these stars...are you out of your mind...fun facts also fall flat....please do not mock them.
        the most hilarious Ajay devgan can be replace by Arjun.....

        please Remove this post As soon as possible.

        1. @bollywood.....in one article you post Salman is biggest star ever and in few months you found replacement of him...as Varun...biggest joke of the era....thoko tali...

          they should sue you for defamation of their image....

  2. No one can replace Salman Bhai... like no one could replace Dilip Kumar ji and Amitabh Bachchan ji.
    ye toh SRK jaise arrogant log hote hain jo khud ke muh se khud ko dilip kumar aur Big B se bada bol dete hain.

  3. Not a good article..but appreciable.
    Bollywood is all about luck...
    Fate of stars change on every Friday...
    What AKKI can or had, Vidyut Jammal can't...
    AKki has dominated almost every genre in Hindi cinema.....

  4. @bolly arena superb joke.ranbir kapoor aur Aamir Khan lol. Agree with varun and salman par pehle ka salman jab wo apne friends k liye film karta Tha ab to salman dedication ke sath film Kar raha hai.no one can beat him

  5. Bollywood is a dying industry. None of the new crop, besides Hrithik, has the a)Charisma b)Personality c)Talent and most importantly, d) LOOKS which you need for a star. Most of these stars look like they have been picked from the street, specially Varun, the way he speaks reminds me of a street worker. None of them have the charisma, demeanor or grace required in a star. Shahrukh and Salman had the power to pull off a really bad film like Hum Tumhare Hain Sanam just on the basis of their presence. Indian cinema will probably have to rely on better scripts, however, there will be a time when the bio-pic trend will fade off too. Things don't look good.

  6. No One Can Replace Khans
    You think Anyone can beat AAMIR in terms of Script Sense & Acting,
    No one can beat SALMAN
    He has an outstanding Screen Presence,King of Single Screens
    SRK is himself so INSPIRING
    he came from the bottom and now
    Second richest actor in the world.
    90s belonged to SRK
    Now SALMAN.
    RANBIR,RANVEER & VARUN are in this industry since 10 Years.
    When Khans made their debut within 10 year they had delivered
    8 HGOTY,4 ATG & 5 ATBB.

  7. No one can replace SRK even SRK himself.....Sallu or Amir am not counting them as actors. they all born after 2 decade of their debut.

    but in hindi SRK, and south Kamal cannot be replaced.

  8. Wrong -- this Generation difficult to replace 3 khans.. -- as dont see that talement or charishma . Ranbeer , ranveer already lost 1st decade battle.. So they lost half of the battle ---so chances very less to rule...3 decades.

    May be new lot Like Saif Son / Askhay 's Son / SRK Son / Amir's Azad or anybody new without film background..So Seems this 5 starts will rule - 7-8 years more.
    Salman / amir / srk / akshay / Rithik - 5 winners.

    Ranveer - Ranbeer - Varun - tiger will play role of what (Saif - Ajay devgan - Sunil Shetty did in their time) Hits & misses but cant rule....they will survive for 10-15 years more but cant rule....

  9. Vidyut Jamwal, never heard of him delivering a good movie. May be, you guys are getting some inputs of PR Agnecy.. Ranbir and Aamir... No way.. Arjun Kappor ???? Ranveer Singh is very annoying..

  10. Action is one thing but charm is very to burn that screen and stay in peoples mind and walk ur way into their heart! Songs like Tip Tip Barsa Paani, TU Cheez Badhi Hai Mast Mast are songs u cant imagine anyone else doing than Akki. His intro scène in Saugand Or his kungfu tricks in Dancer in those days when axion was being ruled by d likes of Sunny Deol Sanjay Dutt etel akshay was a breath of fresh air. Apart from all that d comic timing of akshay in Suhaag Vidyut will never able to make me laugh. He not as goodlooking as akshay also. And his stunts are not speciaal bkoz Tiger Shroff Can Do D Same But Akshay stunt In Khiladi 420 non bfore him Or after will dare!

    1. Don't forget Chura ke Dil mera song is the best song of akki career . I don't think anybody will match akki . Action , Comedy , Romance versatility no match found .

  11. Maha bakwaas article ,had u seen the verstality of hrithik in movies like jodha akbar, kmg, d2 ,guzzarish ,knph, fiza ,etc.
    Tiger can't do these roles even in dreams .He is. just a fan of Hrithik who dances well and had a good physique like hrithik .But he can't act thats a fact.
    Have u seen hrithik's dialogue delivery in mohenjo daro ,jodha akbar ,kmg ,guzzarish.He delivers perfectly and according 2 the movie.
    Crap article ,i repeat.

  12. Khans ko kin chachudaro ke sath mila dia gya hai Ranbhir Kapoor Aamir Khan nahi ban sakta kiun ke Ranbhir Kapoor just affairs chala sakta hai Ranvir Singh bhi SRK nahi ban sakta kiun ke Ranvir Singh bhi Bohat sokha hai Varun Dhawan zarur Salman Khan ban sakta hai kiun ke dono ki fan following bohat hai

  13. What is this akshay kumar comparison with vidyut only martial arts or with khans others. Only stats where is d aura it's like virat kohli comparison with Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin was craze so were khans n kumar. After 6 years srk gave 2 Atbb so many hits superhits n one of d biggest hit in ddlj. By 1995 akshay was such a big star so famous every 1 knew him from child to old. Who is vidyut ask a common man they don't know these youngsters. No comparison boss.

  14. U r the only site who claims Aamir is a better actor than SRK.. Everyone knows both are of same caliber!

      1. remove that guess who doesnt have proper knowledge...kahi mila na tu usko mere rickshwa ke niche kuchal doga...gadda sala...

        app log bhi guess kuch bhi bole ge tu chap dege....wah kya site hai...Indicine than 10000 times better than you....

  15. Total crap article. @Bollyarena Team, you can not just hide by saying its a guest article. There should be a parameter to it. In the name of guest article it seems you are posting your thought process (or whatever). Very bad.
    Vidyut jamal as Akshay? My goodness. Akki is not just an action hero, he is the best comic hero if his generation. And in this decade he is ruling with his intense drama based role. In every decade Akshay ruled with a different genre. 90's as a raw action hero, 2000's as a comedy king, 2010's as a drama / patriotic / social message based movies.

    Not even khans has this level of bio and variation of movies. Really what a joke of an article. Arjun kapoor as Ajay. really. And Varun and Salman. hahha oh god. Ranbir kapooor as Amir? my goodness.

  16. Crap article till date by bolly arena . i rarely comment but i visit bolly arena atleast 4 to 5 times per day. This article is a non sense

  17. Seriously crap. M also commenting for the first time. No one is even near srk. Iys just that his star are bit low nowadays

  18. Fuck off this article
    Correct analysis
    Salman - Varun
    SRK- Ranveer
    Aamir- Sidharth
    Akshay- Arjun
    Ajay- Aditya
    Hrithik - Tiger

    Ranbir mera Ghanta

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