Rehnuma and Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Expectations

Shahrukh Khan is going to face yet another box office clash. His next untitled film with Imtiaz Ali will release alongside Akshay Kumar's Toilet Ek Prem Katha.

Shahrukh Khan is the probably only actor who has faced so many clashes in his career and has emerged victorious in most of them. He has beaten Salman, Aamir, Akshay, Hrithik, Ranbir, Amitabh, Ajay and many more in a clash. This will be a big edge for SRK.

Earlier SRK starrer was a solo release on Independence Day weekend. But Akshay Kumar postponed TEPK from 2 June to 11 August. Though this date was earlier booked by another Akshay starrer Crack which has to be postponed. So there was no dirty game involved in this clash. Also, Akshay said it right that festivals should not be owned by particular actors only.

The makers of TEPK have made a good decision to postpone the film on Independence Day weekend. The clash will not make much of a difference in its lifetime total. In fact the holidays will give an extra boost. Clash with a biggie will also yield free publicity. It will be SRK starrer which will be affected.

On paper, SRK's Rehnuma (working title) looks like a biggie and has names like Anushka Sharma, Imtiaz Ali, Pritam and Red Chillies Entertainment. The film has been shot in exotic locations and will have massive entertainment value as far the promos are concerned. The music of the film is also generating huge buzz even before the release. Imtiaz has a good taste for music and there are reports that music rights of the film have been sold at a record price.

Then there is Toilet Ek Prem Katha which is a small film. Akshay Kumar is the only major name attached with the film. The title of the film is weird which can make some difference in the opening in masses. It has been made on a very controlled budget which will be its biggest plus point. The film will emerge hit after crossing 80-90 cr.

As far the initial box office pull is concerned, SRK stands way ahead of Akshay. Some are saying that he is going through a bad phase but still his all recent films have opened with an excellent response. His last release Raees clashed with Kaabil but yet it has collected more than Akshay Kumar's highest grosser of all time.

So there is no doubt that SRK starrer will open double than TEPK. It will have a huge lead in the first five days itself (2 holidays) and later on it will be almost impossible for TEPK to catch up unless Rehnuma turns out to be a very bad film. Imtiaz Ali is making complex films lately but even if Rehnuma is a decent entertainer, it will dominate at the box office.

In overseas, Rehnuma will open to a thunderous response and will be equivalent to Eid or Christmas releases. Shahrukh is coming with a romantic film after a long time and overseas box office is expected to explode. Akshay's films generally fare average in overseas and TEPK will be no exception.

Thus the worldwide total will be much higher for Rehnuma and it may turn out to be another one-sided clash. But the costs for Rehnuma are more than double as compared to TEPK. The distributor price is also very high and SRK might miss another clean hit due to the clash.

Lifetime Expectations:

Rehnuma: 155 cr

TEPK: 92 cr

Note: The opening prediction will be made after the release of trailers.

41 comments on “Rehnuma and Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Expectations”

      1. hairat hai "mark my words!!
        its not joke !!rehnuma is not a FAN
        and if FAN is 84 crore, then remember --- BABY/GABBAR/Singh is BLING/brothers!!!

        even if rehnuma worst-- then also 140Cr
        even if TEPK best only 100cr.

      1. Srk ke opposite stars like akshay- ajay- hritik - clashes with films they show bughet 40 to 50 crores - get free publicity - 70 to 80 crores easily achevailable -
        but its effecting SRK films to go fast 15o crores --
        Srk should plan something new ,
        just release rehnuma 2 days earlier take lead of 50 crores -- then 200 crores is possible --
        Overseas 150+ crores is on cards -
        worldwide min - 400 crores should be achieved

  1. I was expecting a third 200 cr grosser for SRK with solo release but now expectations start with 150 and I hope the film will go higher (170+ cr would be excellent in a clash). I think TEPK will be around 80+ cr if the film is average/good, if very good then 90-100 cr is a possibility. Let's wait and watch. I like both actors but I really want SRK to get back in the race, even in his so called dull phase he's way stronger than all the other actors except Salman and Aamir.

  2. Just like other clashes, srk will definitely win, aa jao sab clash karne, srk ki sab ki one side maarenga, bole toh full aatank

    1. sunny paaji ke dhai kilo ke haath ke mukke ki chot saruk abhi tak nahi bhoola hai, tu kaise bhool gaya

  3. I want a clash
    Aamir vs srk
    Aamir vs sallu..
    Sallu vs srk
    Healthy clashes without cheating..
    Then we will know the asli Megastar and king of bollywood

    1. I dont wana hurt srk fans but aamir and salman will win against srk, but the real battle will be aamir vs salman....

    2. lol aamir 2 sal me ek baar aata hai or salman srk sal me 2 film leke aate hai he tera clash ka sapna pora karne me 6 sal lagenge itna toh pakka hai aamir is bigger star in overseas than haklu

      1. Aamir and Salman will never be a bigger star than Shah Rukh Khan in overseas, in India you can say whatever you like but not overseas, they don't stand a chance against SRK in overseas, his popularity overseas is too big for them lot, the only place Aamir Khan is bigger than srk is China! I don't hate no one I'm just speaking the truth and don't start calling box office number because in that case tom cruise and brad Pitt are all kids infront of the main lead in Avator and vin diesal would be a bigger star than tom cruise and brad Pitt!

  4. SRK won clashes during his peak... now he is a pale shadow of his own.. Salman and amir will thrash him even in their sleep..
    salman vs aamir will seal who is the biggest mega star ever indian cinema ever had..
    i personally feel.. these two are bigger then Amitabh..

  5. ?? nice article bolly. It will be one sided clash. But life time collection will cross 200 for sure. And toilet will collect only 80 to 90 cr.......

  6. Tepk is socially based movie nd still don't know SRK's untitled is rom-com movie.Trailer will prove the fate of both movies.Best of luck.

  7. Well imtiaz's movies are mainly for city multiplex audiences,so 155 CR's without any support from ss n masses will be very difficult n if tepk turns out to be decent entertainer then it will dent rehnuma to a big extent.as of now rehnuma is expected to win the clash but the margin would not be that big.my predictions keeping in mind the current form of srk n akki are:
    Rehnuma:135 to 140 CR's
    Tepk:105 to 110 CR's.

  8. Gone are those days wen Paid critics and manipulated fig use to bring Win for Srk get it into real world srk played foul tricks to get screen
    Akki will beat srk like khiladiyon ka khiladi did to chaahhat n den SRK started paid critics foul screen bagging and manipulated figures

    1. KKK and chahat were released 1 week apart, not same day
      By that logic srk won salman more than don-jaaneman or chamatkar-jaagruti
      -. Deewana-ek ladka ek ladki
      -cdi vs marigold

  9. kuch bolne se pehle ye yad rakhna....

    show him the result.....KAABIL day one 6cr all over india.....RAEES....in MUMBAI day one 10cr....

  10. REHNUMA will win, but the problem is that the busget of the Movie is over 90 croresI thinkwhich means it has to cross 150 to become a super hit which it might do but the Akshay starrer Movie has the budget of around 35-50 crores but this Movie will be one of the best Movies ever made in Bollywood so Toilet ek prem katha will make more profits even more than Jolly LLB 2 and the lifetime Collection will be over Rowdy Rathore (Hopefully) because Joll LLB 2 was released on a normal weekend,no holidays andit had arund 8 Movies tocompete wth,even big films likeRangoon but still did a decent business. If we take Rutom last year which released on the same holiday weekend crossed 128 crores, beated Mohenjo Daro so I Think TEPK will make over 133 crores because these two Movies willbe the most awaited Movie after Tubelight and Bhaiyaji Superhit.

  11. Tepk is a national film like pm narendr modi bas ye film 200 cr+ plus me hoga srk ka move basically flop hotha hai jayada profit nahe kamata hai just like 140 cr

  12. Some actor has 5 ya 6 clash in their lifetime carrer but srk's movie clashed approx 43 times and I am very happy because after thus srk success ratio is better than all star. And some one say srk carers is now end then think about srk. If this is bad face and he manged 3rd position in bollywood then imagine when he was at carrer peak in India. Go and search other bad career years and look at srk.

  13. Comment:Box Office Pridictions:-
    Toilet ek prem katha - 200-240cr
    Rehnuma - 100-130cr
    Opening day collections after trailers.

  14. Yes Shahrukh has beaten up Akshay
    But now times have changed for both
    Let's see who will struck.

  15. Rehnuma could easily cross 250 crores if the clash is avoided...with clash Rehnuma 190 crores tepk 60 crores

  16. This is Box Office Rank 1.Salman Khan 2.Aamir Khan 3.Shahrukh Khan lekin Kuch Saal me Akshay en ko Cross Kare ga Mark my Worlds:-Airlift 231 Crore Superhit,Housefull 3 197 Crore Hit,Rustom 228 Crore Superhit,Jolly LLB 2 201 Crore Superhit.In 2016 SRK Movie Fan 184 Crore & Dear Zindagi 141 Crore 2 Movies with 1 Hit & 1 Flop & Akshay 3 Movies 656 Crore 2 Superhits & 1 Hit.Ab Akshay Kuch bhi Kar Sakta Hai or Robot 1 300 Crore Kiya tha lekin Robot 2 1000+ Crore kare just because of Khiladi.For Those who think that it is Rajinikanth Starer Robot 2 kay official Poster Par Rajinikanth ki 1 Photo hai or Akshay ki 2 or sub say main bat Akshay is paid higher than Rajinikanth for Rebot 2.

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