Ranveer Singh talks about Bajirao Mastani and Befikre

Ranveer Singh is cureently riding high on the grand success of Bajirao Mastani. In a recent interviews with Indian Express, the actor talks about his experience of working in BM and his future projects.

He said, "When I signed the movie, I was not thinking about what would happen. I never devoted any thought to the reward. I have learnt this over the past year: it is never about the box office. Before the movie released, I told myself, if the film does well, it will be like sone pe sohaga. I had already received my reward when I worked on the movie; I have learnt and grown so much in the process. I have tried and failed. I have struggled and overcome my problems. This process of evolution has been a very fulfilling one.

When asked about his bald look, he replied, "There is a video of it, so that I do not forget the day. In terms of characterisation, going bald was a big leap. For most actors, including me, the way one looks is the creative starting point. If I am preparing for a character, I always request the costume department to send me clothes. I start wearing them, growing my hair in the way the role demands. I start looking like a character and, as a consequence of that, I start feeling like the character."

The actor also talked about his future project Befikre. "It is a light romance — that’s exactly what the doctor prescribed after this intense film. I owe my entire career to him and he is making such a cool movie. We are shooting entirely in Paris. What is exciting is that Befikre is Aditya Chopra 2.0. He is trying something very fresh. He expects me to collaborate in creating the character he has written. That apart, I am in talks with some filmmakers and there is a lot to do before I can lock my next film. However, what is in the pipeline looks very exciting.

Adi has asked me to be at my sexiest best. Though we have not decided on my look yet, it will be very contemporary. I have lost some weight for it. I am in the process of transforming physically. I had to be very frail for the last part of Bajirao. I have to tone my body now."

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  1. no one can give shit to you..you survive bcz ppl have spread negetivity & protest to dilwale otherwise you are Ranbir2 or Bhaji pav and overseas you already seen dust....

    1. You know, you are very cheap , blind and Shit ... just like your idol ... so , get a Life SRK " FAN " !!

    1. Sharukhan is so ugly But Rohit Shetty needs ugly face for Dilwale for the villain role

    2. Sharukhan is so ugly But Rohit Shetty needs ugly face for Dilwale for the villain role :-D

  2. Sharukhan is so ugly But Rohit Shetty needs ugly face for Dilwale for the villain role

  3. Ranveer is very talented and hardworking he have abability to become superstar and Srk is legend don,t fight
    (Salman fan

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