Rangoon Reviews by Critics

Rangoon Reviews by Critics

Vishal Bhardwaj's Rangoon has received mixed reviews from critics. Ideally it should have received excellent reviews but that has not been the case. The average rating is 2.8 which is poor for such kind of a film. Kangana Ranaut's performance has been praised by everyone.

  • Positive: 4
  • Neutral: 3
  • Negative: 3
  • Avg Rating: 2.8/5

Rangoon Review by Bollywood Life

Rating: 4/5

If you are a Vishal Bhardwaj fan, let us warn you that this might not be his best, but we bet you’ll see another kind of a storyteller here. And yes, he does deliver a movie that is embedded with fine performances from the cast and great visuals by cinematographer Pankaj Kumar and that makes the movie deserving of a watch despite its flaws.

Rangoon Review by Koimoi

Rating: 2/5

Rangoon has grandeur but is a lost cause thanks to its multiple threads. Kangana and Shahid, leave a mark with their characters but do not help the film rise above its inconsistencies. A 2/5 for this.

Rangoon Review by Indian Express

Rating: 1.5/5

it’s a heavy slice of history for anyone to unpack, and the film gets tangled in superimposing a love triangle on the time and place. Post-interval, it battens down and focuses on advancing the plot, such as there is, but overall Rangoon remains a patchy and disjointed effort. Shahid Kapoor is perfectly cast as a patriotic Indian, Saif Ali Khan as a Parsi businessman. Kangana Ranaut delivers a stand-out performance. Despite their hard work, the film is a victim of its grand intentions.

Rangoon Review by Times of India

Rating: 3.5/5

Rangoon is an ambitious attempt to actually tell a triangular love story against the backdrop of war. The canvas is huge. Pankaj Kumar’s cinematography is exquisite. Saif gives his movie-entrepreneur act a razor-sharp quality. And, Shahid is outstanding. Kangana of course is the piece de resistance. However, as pointed out earlier on, though the love scenes are written well and aesthetically shot, they lack passion

Rangoon Review by Firstpost

Rating: 2.5/5

Ranaut is a queen. When Rangoon has the heroine displaying her physical prowess, it is on solid ground. It falters in other areas, but for the pleasure of seeing a fiery woman skillfully performing feats that have for too long been available only to the men of Hindi cinema, it is worth a watch. However for the film to be compelling all the way, it needed us to root for Julia and Nawab, not Julia and Rusi, but the chemistry between Ranaut and Kapoor is strangely lukewarm.

Rangoon Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 2/5

It may be one of the most awaited films in recent times but Rangoon is a royal misfire. Within minutes of the movie’s beginning, you realise the promise of a heart-wrenching period drama was a farce -- a set-up to promote a self-indulgent film that doesn’t know what it wants to be. The director Vishal Bhardwaj has desperately tried to play to the gallery, and has miserably failed.

Rangoon Review by Taran Adarsh

Rating: 4/5

On the whole, RANGOON is an epic love saga with strong emotional quotient, riveting second hour and nail-biting finale. Watch it for its layered plot, serpentine twists, proficient storytelling and bravura performances. A content-driven film that’s worth a recommendation!

Rangoon Review by Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 2.5/5

Rangoon is definitely not avoidable but it is certainly not a Vishal Bhardwaj masterpiece. Watch the film for its performances and if you come to know whether it is a war film or a love story, then please post your comments in the section below.

Rangoon Review by Khalid Mohamed

Rating: 2.5/5

All said and endured, would I recommend Rangoon for the price of a multiplex ticket?  Sure yes, if you have the time, money, patience, a regard for Bhardwaj’s expressionist style, and just about above-average ticket to a la-dee-dah-land.

Rangoon Review by Pinkvilla

Rating: 3.5/5

For whatever it’s worth Kangana makes it watchable. And her boys do a great supportive job on that front. We watched it for that one scene where the camera stayed still on her, as she spoke about love, longing, deceit, desire and heartbreak. She deserved a better film.

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