Rangoon Overseas and Worldwide Box Office Collection

Rangoon Overseas and Worldwide Box Office Collection

Rangoon has fared better in overseas as compared to India. After the opening weekend, Rangoon overseas collection is $1.11 million (INR 7.46 crore). This is lower than Shahid and Vishal Bhardwaj's last release Haider but higher than some of other recent releases like Shivaay.

Though the collections are low which will make it irrelevant. The worldwide collection is 29 cr and the lifetime will end under 50 cr which will make this an epic disaster.



India (Gross)
29.67 Cr

11 comments on “Rangoon Overseas and Worldwide Box Office Collection”

  1. CE is first 200cr…acording Indicein 3 bandar never crossed 200cr….maza aa gaya…

    Amir not founder of 100cr soutu remake copy paste…originally made by SRK by RA ONE….original hindi script.
    Amir did not make 200cr …..CE made 227cr.

    yaar mai kya karo…haso ke khusi se rao….Amir fans ki halat dekh ke….

    and Dabang also south remake.....

    1. Isss pagal doctor ko bahar nikalo
      Sahi ek baat karke raha gaya hai 3 idiots 200 crore kiya ya bhi
      Tere srk ki toh 300 crore ki bhi aukat nahi hai

      1. Ye dr pagal ho gya h.....

        Gajni k bad 3idiots 2009 me aayi thi....or ye ready ,dabang, singham ko 6od k...2011ki Raone ko 100crore ka opner man rha h....

        Bhai 3idiots konsi south remake h....???

        Ydi gajni nhi h....to ooske baad 100crore ,150 crore or 200crore ka opner to........

        3idiots hi hui na.......

        Commen sence b nhi h...Dr me

  2. aaj kal toh south ki filme bhi isse jyada kamati hai ek ek state me
    wake up Bollywood filmakers

    mujhe lagta hai shahid ko vishal bhardwaj ek great filmmaker samjtha hai

  3. dr jhangir apna ilaaz karo... Dabangg South ki remake nhi h..Balki south wali Dabangg ki copy ki.

    Dono ki release date check kar lo.and Wikipedia bhi.

  4. I think some directors have become delusional after reading stuffs on internet and other social media platforms.There are so many articles about how great a director Vishal is.In fact if you read the comments on YouTube of any roundtable featuring him you'd see users praising him and other directors of niche genres like anything and would receive hundreds of likes on their comments.But the problem is the audience that watches such niche films,consider themselves as sensible and criticise every commercial/masala film don't watch these niche films in theatre.They will crib that a nonsensical movie is crossing 100 crores but some masterpieces(according to them) is yet to get its due.They put the blame on the taste of the Indian audience without realising that good or bad films are subjective depending on one's mood and choices. For me these intellectuals are the real threats who hail filmmakers on the internet but watch their movies in laptop that too a pirated copy after months.
    The superstars have a loyal fanbase.They will watch an srk salman movie in theatre twice even if they don't like it.That is the reason mediocre movies of some of our superstars can never be disasters or at least takes decent opening.
    Shahid is one of my favourite actors.He's supremely talented but I must say his understanding of films is very poor.He had stated once that he would let go of films if he isn't comfortable with the director no matter how good the script is.According to him the audience have become matured only in recent times but if that was the case a small movie like jab we met which released two weeks before blockbuster OSO wouldn't have been a hit.The audience were matured even then,it's just that you need to entertain them and make them feel something in those 3 hours that is why Aamir's movies have done so well.I remember even a small movie like khosla ka ghosla was a hit back then.Some deserving movies don't do well but it also has to do with poor release date and marketing.
    Hope filmmakers realise this and start making movies for the audience which watches it in theatre not the pseudo intellectuals who would watch it in their laptop.Better make or produce short films for them.If they want to continue making them then at least keep in mind the budget because they should realise that even if the movie turns out to be classic their audience isn't big enough for the distributors to recover cost.

  5. Rangoon with any of the top 5 male stars would have collected at least 100 crores easily with solo release. Vishal is great director and needs to consider top 5 stars for next projects.

  6. Brilliant role of Saif Ali Khan as Rusi, overall good film, 75 crs budget is too high for this film will struggle to collect more due to dull phase of releasing date

  7. Very good film but the writing was on the wall from trailers there were only 12 people including myself watching the 1:30pm showing of Rangoon on Saturday. Vishal bharadwaj films are very niche. Making kangana wasn't a great idea also as shahid and saif did a better job than her I know there where scenes of hers cut out but they were 3 scenes in that film which showed me at least 4 other actresses would have done better job than her in Tanu weds manu.

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