Ranbir Kapoor to Sanjay Dutt - The Transformation

The journey of Ranbir To Sanju wasn't easy. It came along with a lot of obstacles and challenges. The transformation included long hours in the gym and the makeup room. Watch how Ranbir Kapoor managed to get the perfect look with his hard work and with the help of an entire team.

One comment on “Ranbir Kapoor to Sanjay Dutt - The Transformation”

  1. today boi kay harmi wrote an article so that phirse he can bash taran clown but the funny part is not that, the funny part is how harmi was buttering and oiling srk fans lol and also indirectly telling them and others fan not to bash bhai in taran site lol.

    anyway the article was not just for oiling there are also three pionts that come out of the boi article .
    1) boi wants to prove they are the only real player when it comes to Bollywood box office reporting.
    2) taran silly twitter site has become important now which has become bothersome for someone
    3) harmi is a big chamcha of bhai

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