Ranbir Kapoor is the finest actor our industry has: Paresh Rawal

Bollywood actor Paresh Rawal is excited about playing the role of Sanjay Dutt’s father, Sunil Dutt, in the Raju Hirani-directed biopic, Sanju. In a recent interview, he talked about the upcoming film.

Talking about his admiration for Sunil Dutt, he says, “Achcha admi kya hota hai woh Sunil Dutt sahab hai,” adding that he didn’t have to take on any distinctive mannerisms or style as Sunil Dutt was a ‘simple, common man who wanted to keep others happy’.

“The most important part to represent is when he was going through adversity on account of Nargis ji’s health. That and when his son got entangled in legal troubles. In spite of all this, he tried to help those residing in his area. He was one man who undeniably wanted to keep everyone happy, he was a real ‘Iron Man’, says Paresh. However, Paresh knows that he has to be careful while portraying Sunil Dutt. “In today’s Internet-driven world, it is essential for me to portray his character carefully so that no unnecessary controversies crop up,” says the actor.

Reacting to the criticism the biopic is receiving on social media, Paresh says, “It takes a lot of courage to allow a biopic to be made on your life. Sanjay Dutt too wanted his real life to be put forth so that other youngsters don’t make the same mistakes.”

The actor also praiseed Ranbir Kapoor and is particularly impressed by the way he has emulated Sanjay Dutt’s voice. He also believes that Ranbir is ‘the finest actor our industry has’. “Ranbir has mastered drama and emotions to the T. He has done his best to depict Sanjay Dutt and the film will be a hit for him,” concludes the actor.

Sanju is set to hit the screens on 29 June 2018.

7 comments on “Ranbir Kapoor is the finest actor our industry has: Paresh Rawal”

  1. During raja natwarlal..paresh rawal - emraan is so talented and finest actor

    During sanju ..paresh rawal - ranbir is a finest actor

    But but masuda kumar ka kabhi tareef nahi kia itna movie saath me kia fir v

  2. Even mr. From Perfectionist to bill gates everyone hailed akki for tepk but noone has ever hailed buffallow criminal khan for his acting as he is a blot on industry with 0 acting skills but i think idiot bhaitards might not even know bill gates because they deserve to know only their mother rakhi sawant

  3. @Paresh Rawal

    Your finest actor is your finest actor. None of our finest actor.

  4. He may be one of finest actors not the finest actors. He has to still prove many things to be THE FINEST.
    SO still he is only a fine actor

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