Ram Gopal Verma takes digs at Salman and SRK after watching Dangal

The director Ram Gopal Verma watched Dangal yesterday and has loved it. However apart from praising the leading actor Aamir Khan, he has also taken a dig on other Khans.

He took to Twitter to praise Aamir Khan's commendable performance. But also took the opportune moment to take collective digs at Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. The rant goes viral on Twitter immediately.

He wrote on Twitter,

Just saw Dangal n zapped with Aamir's belief in Indian audience's intelligence that they can make such a niche idea into such a massive film.

Super stars never grew up beyond wanting to look forever young n wanting to show 6 packs even after 50 n then comes fucking Aamir in Dangal

Want to touch Aamir's feet for his ever growing sincierity which was always there but it impossibly seems to be growing taller and taller

Other Khan's presuppose the audience to be dumb which I too think they are but Aamir respects n caters to their intelligence hidden behind

Aamir khan's films force the world to take india seriously and the other Khan's films make india look like a Choothiya regressive country

Which Star of Bollywood since Alam Ara would have taken a decision of putting on weight to look like a father of grown up daughters ?

Seeing Dangal I feel all us in entire industry including other khans should learn gymnastic martial arts and kick ourselves on our asses


Ram Gopal Verma has worked with Aamir Khan in Rangeela.

16 comments on “Ram Gopal Verma takes digs at Salman and SRK after watching Dangal”

    1. abey o makkhi fan, 60 se upar flop de chuka hai makkhi phir bhi tu ka hi reh gya.
      bol toh tu aise raha hai jaise Tees Maar Khan, Action Replay, Joker jesi movies ko to Oscar mil gaya ho.

      1. Are tingu fan 5.5ft ke lallu khan ke fan...tell him to come out of EDX lets see tere chu...tingu lallu khan ki movie kaha tak jati he..5.5ft ke fans...hahahhahaha.....now dont come up with some website provided his fake height..i have personally mattt him i couldn't belive his salman i was thinking are rajpal yadav...hahhahaha

  1. Ram Gopal verma is real chu..... . Thinking audience as foolish by giving us boring and worst films in Ramgopal verma ki aag, sarkar raj etc.....

  2. by such kind of tweets, RGV is not taking a dig on SRK and Salman but only himself. first
    RGV must see his own films like Phoonk, Phoonk 2, RGV ki Aag, Darna Mana Hai, Darna Jaroori Hai and Makkhi and then comment on others.

  3. Don't take him seriously. Ye bas Ram Gopal Varma ke andar ki AAG hai jo aye din bahar aati rehti hai.

  4. Ram gopal ki tu har film 3rd class hoti hai is ko itni films flop dene ke bahd apna naam ram gopal se ramu kaka rakh lena chahiye.......ahahah

  5. uski b grade filmo me khans kaam nahi karte is liye is ki g--- jal rahi hai, waise bhi pehle koi bada star nahi poochta tha ab toh kutta bhi nahi poochega is haram khor ko.......

  6. though, I respect Aamir's vision about films. and those films , he is doing, are really commendable.. But, seriously, look who iz talking.. A fossil, whose all movies r utter rubbish ( not including his some previous films )...

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