Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami watched Padmavati: There is nothing wrong in the film

India TV anchors Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami has watched Padmavati today. Both have revealed that there is nothing wrong with the film and it does not hurt the Rajput sentiments.

In his prime time show Aaj Ki Baat, telecast tonight at 9 pm, Rajat Sharma said: " After watching the entire film, I can emphatically say that there is not a single dialogue, not a single scene, not a single sequence that can be said to go against the proud history of the Rajputs of Rajasthan".

"Sanjay Leela Bhansali has directed the film after conducting full research. While filming the scenes and sequences, he has kept in mind the need to respect the Rajput traditions and etiquettes. There has been no distortion of history in the entire film. I sincerely feel that the valour of Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh, the strategic mind of Queen Padmavati, their bravery and sacrifice have been correctly portrayed in Bhansali's film", Sharma said.

"I understand the feelings of people who have been hurt by this film, but their anger is merely based on hearsay. I will humply appeal to all my Rajput brothers and sisters to watch this film at least once and then decide. They will certainly feel that this film has correctly portrayed the Rajputs in a positive light. Every child in this great country will feel proud on watching the sacrifice of Rani Padmavati and Rawal Ratan Singh.

"I can also say that after watching this film, people will definitely feel that they have been unfair to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapur and all those who have been associated with this film."

Also check out Arnab Goswami's response after watching the film.


43 comments on “Rajat Sharma and Arnab Goswami watched Padmavati: There is nothing wrong in the film”

  1. Fantastic news!
    It means that Now padmavti will get released on 15 dec

    Its a celebration ? time for all bollywoood lovers

    Padmavati vs TZH..

    Wow maza ayega this xmas
    I think this clash will be like
    Dilwale vs Bm

    BM had thrashed Dilwale now its time to thrash TZH by Padmavati

    Come on release it on 15 dec or 22 dec
    I guarantee that Padmavti will definitely beat TZH if clash happened

    1. I think @Parshya mental h ....
      only imagination world...
      bro come back in real world........

      1. Rohit Shetty last movies
        1. GA - 205 cr(Blockbuster)
        2. Dilwale - 148 cr(Semihit)
        3. SR - 139 cr (SH)
        4. CE - 207 CR (Blockbuster)
        5. Bol Bachchan - 100 cr (Hit)
        6. Singham - 98 cr ( Hit)

        Ajay last movies
        1. Baadshaho - 65 cr(Flop)
        2. Shivaay. - 84 cr (Flop)
        3. Drishyam - 68 cr (Avg)
        4. AJ - 55 cr (Flop)
        5. Satyagraha - 57 cr (Flop)
        6. Himmatwala- 42 cr (Disaster)

        Ajay apne dum pe ek bhi Hit nahin diya 5 saalon me 100 cr toh bahut door hai.

        Chasing his own Multistarrer movie Rajneeti lifetime figures (92 cr) since 2010?????
        Shameless ADiots.....
        Ajay Stardom - 60 cr - 90 cr Max

        1. On behalf of all Ajay fans I declare that we r INDEBTED 2 u forever for driving flop actor Idol Ajay career ahead.......
          Ye ADiots toh HARAAMI hai jis Thaali me khaate hai usee me chhed karte hai

          Jiska khaate hai usko hi bura bolte hai
          Shameless Creatures on earth ?????
          ROHIT ZINDABAD ?????

    2. Akshay bhikhari ke pass 200cr nahi to uske fans ka jal rha
      Mtlb Rohit Shetty ka movie tha Chennai express or Golmaal to uska.credit Rohit Ko ?..is hisab se Akshay without deshbhakti movie only 50 60cr ..Hirani Aamir Ko banaya ...Salman action maa movie ki vajah se hai iska mtlb yahi hai na ?

      Akshay bhikhari ka movie Rohit ke saath kyu nahi hai to ? ..mtlb Rohit mas entertainment movie banata hai to uska credit usko ? ...abe gawaar Akshay bhikari ke fans dimag ka ilaaz kara ..Chennai express me Akshay hota to 120cr bhi cross na karta ..humko to is [email protected] ke baat ka logic smjh nahi aa rha ..Akshay Naali ka keera

      1. Who are you calling an Akshay fan?
        Somebody that cant spare 10 seconds to wish his actor best of luck in his own article but can spend over 10-20minutes to post a comment on another actor in an unrelated topic???

        1. 1 thing is very clear...no single fan in the history of any trade news site i have seen who talks,posts about,mentions a particular actors name more than his own İdol!!! Call it madness, envy, childishness immaturity or obsession all these names are so insignificant compared to his general mental state!!

          Suprised he hasnt yet commented though not suprised ,he usually waits before i comment and immedietly comes under my comment to rape himself!! Nah am sure he is in his library obsessively reading and reading more about a particular actor....

      2. Tu kon he akshay ko bhikhari or nali ka kira bolne vala @sagar . Jahil gawar gobar actor k gobarvale fan. Tera dimag thikane to he?

    3. Parshya tera is sapne ka mujhe pata nhi ki padmavati TZH ko crash kar payega ki nahi wo to samay batayega.....lekin jab BB2 ne dangal ka record toda tha to mujhe bhaut maza aya tha kyuki to us time bhi bhaut bhok raha tha ki BB2 dangal ka record to door ki baat h 300cr bhi nhi kar payega lekin BB2 ne 510crs ka collection kar ke ithihaas rach diya aur ye record agle 10 saal tak nhi toone wala samjha..... Rahi baat padmavati ki to bol de SLB KO ki 22dec KO release kar ke dikha de samjha.....tu jalta reh salman sir se game maza ata h..........SS ke average grosser hone ke baad to pagal ho chukha h jab TZH dangal ke record ko todega to samjh ja hahahaha

      1. @dean
        Par last mein Dangal WW ne bhi toh BB2 WW ka band bajaya na..


        1. Ab parshya ko china kaa hi sahaara hai ?? btw SS bhi china mein release hogi naa nd parshya aunty toh 500 cr toh expect kr rahi hogi ? @parshya

        2. Bhai WW chod na parshya India ki baat kar ,,,,tu kya Chinese hhh....tera pas yehi ek bahana h WW ka....Indian collection ki baat kar

    4. Wow!! Gr8!!

      Nice PR team work from SLB!

      Waiting for it...!! Good news for İnternational Actress Deepika, the everly talented Shahid Kapoor and the next Generation Superstar Ranveer Singh?

    5. @parshya bro

      mujhe secret susu ka ek gaana yaad aa gaya
      sapne Re sapne Re
      sapne Mere sach hojana Re hojana re hojana Re

    6. Yaar parshya aunty ko kitna darr lag raha hai if TZH solo release ho gyi then aamir toh gaya..tension mat le parshya masala movies kabhi highest grossing nahi jaati..around 300 collection rahegi so just chill nd negativity ki dukaan band krle [email protected]

  2. well whatever said and done.. padmavati will get goers and this might just be blessing in disguise fr SLB and team.. huge publicity!!

  3. SLB can arrange a special screening for ARNUB or RAJAT SHARMA then why can't for Rajput People or some organisation...
    SLB double standards show that he wants only popularity for his movie by doing this.
    IT IS AS SIMPLE AS THAT if RAJPUT people get satisfied with movie then
    movie will release happily & nothing gonna happen ........

    SLB r busy to make money by this movie...doen't cares about people sentiments.......using the name of LEGENDARY DIGNIFIED WOMEN RANI PADMINI .only money making......

    1. You idiot, they have already asked the rajput clan to watch it. But they do not even want to watch it.

  4. Sapne mat dekho TZH already 70% screen book Kar chuka hai.... Sanjay Leela banshali Itna bekof Nhi h jo 15 ya 22 Dec ko release karege.... I think padamavati release on 12 Jan 2018

  5. Watching this whole episode and the whole hue and cry over religion and culture, I feel like watching the movie “Oh My God”. What a superb movie and so relevant to our times.

  6. Film release jarur hogi or hit bhi hogi but abhi nhi 12 January 2018 ko or sahi bhi he usi time ho tab tak mahol thanda ho jayga

  7. Not interested @padmavati

    Main toh sirf akki or ammir ka movies dektha hu
    aamir movies
    2018- thugs of hindostan
    2022-thugs of china
    2025-thugs of uganda
    2028-boost is the secret of superstar
    ek bacha hai jo boost nahi peeta
    2032-thugs of west indies
    2050-The laash 2
    Zinda hai toh zaroor dekuga

    akki movies
    2018-padman,gold coin,2.O
    2019-beggerman-ek bhikari ka story woh ek saal main dus lac kamata hai 3.O,closet(toilet 2)
    2020-milkman-ek dhoodwale ki kahani woh IAS officer banjaata hai,4.O,tatti:the conclusion (toilet 3)

      1. Parshya ki toh bolti hi band ho gyi..bireshya yaar apni behen parshya ko kuch samjhaya kro ainvayi bezzati krwane aa jaati hai yahan @parshya?

  8. Golmaal ne aamir ka Secret Susu ko thrash kiya aab padmavati tiger ko thrash karega
    ha ha ha

  9. Guys have u noticed one thing in india.these BJP people worst fellows because of these people padmavathi is struggling to release.everytime BJP is attacking on film industry or films whats going on in India have u seen these type of nuesence earlier. We strongly condemn bjp doing such a stupid things.we should support every film get release freely. And we will have to throw out these BJP from ruling.

  10. Padmavati agar TZH se clash kregi you Kiran screen mileage 500 to 1000 matlab padmavati super flop....so guys chill maar clash kanji big house....
    Bollyarena agar main sahi hi you plz upload kardo

  11. “I can also say that after watching this film, people will definitely feel that they have been unfair to Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapur and all those who have been associated with this film.”

  12. The only person I like from Btown is Salman. Even if i don't like his movies but he is a fare guy. His voices is same for everybody. He supported Vishwaroopam when Islamist Extremists attacked Vishwaroopam and now he Supports SLB. Yes, he is a good person by heart even though he has a questionable past.

  13. mujhe ek bat samjh nahi aa rahi ki ghomar song ka kya matlab he....rani padmavati queen thi koi dancer nahi...jo darbar me dance karegi....but mujhe bhansali pe bharosa he koi to reason hoga....aur movie clash nahi hogi tzh se ..1 ya 2 week baad release hogi agr problem solve nahi hui to

  14. @sagar Akshay ka collection without deshbhakti 133 cr. h samjha bakwaas na kr deahbhakti se movie nahi chalti btade loc kitni badi blockbuster thi or bhi bahut movies h Jo deshbhakti hone k kaaran disaster sabit hui so ye so called deshbhakti to beech me laao bhi mt....faaltu log...
    dusre ki success digest nahi hoti....digestion check karao...

  15. I hope now it will get proper release.....

    But ek baat hai, jitna Buzz Trailer ne create nahi kiya, usse kanhi zyada Buzz toh is Protest ne kar diya hai......Good For Movie.....

  16. Bhai log, no need to reply Parshya Aunty.....She is going through that phase of life (she is 80+yrs old) where, generally people don't know what they are saying (old age symptoms).......So please ignore her.....

  17. chaloo BJP ke chamchoo ne movie pass ki hai thoo phir thoo ko back out karna hoga...

    Question here is - films r for entertainment but if some section of people r getting ashamed or affected then really movie makers have to think on it.. censor should discourage such topics...some of the movie were really embarrassing for some major sections....

    1) PK..
    2) Bombay ,..
    3) arjun kapoor debu movie...
    4) Oh my God.
    5) Gadar.
    6) Ranjana...
    7) Secret super star...

    I still feel directors don't have any right to play against publics sentiment ...

    I have seen public leaving cinema halls while watching PK and arjuna kapoors debu movie...feeling embrassed ...as their religion is insulted in some way...

    we have also seen some movie where such sensitive matters r handled with extreme like...movies - solute to such directors..

    1) Veer zaara..
    2) Misson Kashmir ...
    3) Bajirao mastani...
    4) Bajrangi Bhaijan..
    5) My Name is Khan..
    6) Fiza ....

    So censor should ensure and guide filmmaker s- that people's sentimates r not broken...we got to see film for entertainment ,, and for embrasement ....

    hum jo bhi badi badi batein karein but this is fact...

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