RAID Trailer - Ajay Devgn

Here's presenting the official trailer for Raid starring Ajay Devgn, Ileana D'cruz and Saurabh Shukla in pivotal roles. Raid is directed by Raj Kumar Gupta. The film releases on 16th March 2018.

Set in the 80s, Raid is based on one of the most high profile raids the country has ever known and is India's first film on income tax raids. A fearless Income Tax officer Amay Patnaik carries out a non-stop raid at the mansion of Tauji the most powerful man in Lucknow. Will Tauji manage to stop the raid or will the Amay Patnaik bring him down?
Find out on 16th March 2018.

21 comments on “RAID Trailer - Ajay Devgn”

  1. Superb trailer !!

    Ajay, as the fearless income tax officer, is simply awesome and just too good. Un-matchable when it comes to expressions.

    Shukla, as villain, is impressive too. His confrontation scenes with Ajay shall be enjoyable.

    Just cannot wait to meet Mr. Amay Patnaik and witness another powerful performance of Ajay.

    1. It will be a sureshot Disaster.......
      Ajay doesn't have any bo credibility without shetty banner....
      Simply hopeless....

      1. Jo bhi hai Akki ki tarah bhagora nahin hai

        Mein samjha tum chullu bhar paani mein ja kar doob marai ho after akki ran away from clash with kids (ranveer, deepika)

      2. 2.0 tu itna hate kiu karta ree ajay sir se ? ajay ki movie year main ek baar aati hai or tere favorite ki 3 baar tujhe akki ke siva koe or pasand nhi hai ya sirf ajay ka hater hai tu ? bhai khush raha kar aapna keemti blood na jalla

  2. For this year planning to watch at least the following movies (in their release order)

    1. Raid
    2. TOH
    3. Zero

    Strong chances of 2.0 being the 4th one (depending upon reviews and WoM).

    1. Forgot to mention Total Dhamaal in the above ? list. Ajay sir is in it so definitely in the watch list. His combo with Anil-Madhuri should be fun.

  3. Expressions ?
    Body language ?
    Intensity ?

    This man, Ajay, is just class apart when it comes to intense acting.

    Enjoyed the trailer even more in 2nd and 3rd watch. Superb BGM and dialogues too.

  4. Brilliant Trailer....

    But I was wondering what's the genre of this movie because this movie has everything Romance, Emotion, Action, Comedy, Punch Lines, Villain and all.....basically it has everything which put it in Masala Movie category, but when it release all the critics and Bollywood sites will call it a Cinema Changing movie, just like Gangajal and other.....Why....Why it is not put into Masala Category....because Salman Khan is not in movie.....Every Salman movie whether he do Social Drama like Bajrangi Bhaijaan.....Wrestling movie like Sultan....Spy Thriller like TZH.....Family Drama like PRDP.....or Corrupt Cop movie like Dabaang.......Some Idiots call it Masala movie, to bring down Salman's movie....but when other do it, then it become so called Classic Movie......LOL

    Anywise Love the Trade Trailer, I hope it do wonders on Box Office......

    1. Where did u find comedy in Raid trailer.

      Stupid to compare Dabang with Gangajal or Raid. Chulbul pandey was a hilarious and enterstaining character. Gangajal and Raid are serious movies which restricts their BO potential too. Cant call gangajal and raid as masala movie.

      Instead of dabang, Compare Salman’s Garv with Ajay’s Gangajal or Raid. In garv Salman played a righteous cop fighting corruption around him. It is another matter that Garv will look trash in front of Gangajal.

  5. The movie looks to be a good one but then I am a huge fan of Ajay and can have a biased view. It however remains to be seen whether the neutral audience will be as much interested in watching it.

    The concept of an honest officer vs a corrupt person has been tried a number of times before and the lack of novelty factor can be a concern here. I hope the movie will have a gripping enough plot to win the hearts of audience.

    Box office shall depend upon the WoM like we saw Drishyam running for a longer period and doing pretty well in spite of tough competition.

    Wishing it the best at the box office.

    As far as I am concerned, will definitely watch this one (regardless of what happens at box office) as cannot miss a power packed performance of Ajay sir.

  6. Looks like this is sequel of Special 26 .
    This movie would be good. Par Special 26 jaise movie kabhi nahi bann skti . It was a masterpiece.
    Lifetime of raid = 65cr - 75cr

  7. Canada bhag ja the kitna deshbhkti naam de film chalayega Deepak see darta hai aaki clash ki himmat sirf Ajay me hai

  8. special 26 wala feelings aa rahi hai!! Anyway, Ajay in a serious role is always a treat

      1. @Razia.. Nahi aaya.. kyun ki PK ka koi trailer nahi tha!!! Sirf ek choti si teaser tha & usse story ka kuch pata nahi chala.. also both PK & OMG are quite different in treatment.. Hope Raid will also be quite different from Special 26

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