Raid enters into 100 Crore Club

Ajay Devgn's Raid has a decent hold on its 4th Friday. As per the official figures, the film collected 0.43 crores on the 22nd day of its release.

The film is nearing the end of its run and it could be the last week for the film to collect some significant amount. Raid has entered into the 100 crore club today. The film has also emerged a clean box office hit.

Day 110.04
Day 213.86
Day 317.11
Day 46.26
Day 55.76
Day 65.36
Day 74.66
Day 83.55
Day 95.71
Day 107.22
Day 112.42
Day 122.41
Day 132.62
Day 143.13
Day 151.82
Day 162.26
Day 172.78
Day 180.86
Day 190.68
Day 200.62
Day 210.58
Day 220.43
Total100.14 cr

5 comments on “Raid enters into 100 Crore Club”

  1. Fake figures as always tradewise didnt touch 100 crores really dont understand why ajay hritik and srk do this they dont need it they are big stars but its a hit so congrats to ajay

    1. Same way tubelight and jai ho also didn't cross 100 cr. How can we believe those figures???? They were rejected completely and thrr was no occupancy for those films even in their initial days. So how can they cross 100 cr??? We are sure they must also be fake figures so don't show your double standard.

    2. Abe oo oversmart fan 84cr kia trade or producer fig dono 84cr. Srk 100cr kyu nahi kia ?
      Dilwale trade 140cr producer 148cr ..srk 2cr brha ke 150cr kyu nahi kia
      Jhms trade 62cr producer 64cr ..kaha hai manipulation ?
      Mai batata hoon kaha hai manipulation .prdp trade 194cr producer 215cr ..kick trade 210cr producer 236cr

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