Raid Box Office Predictions

Come to think of it, not many people would expect Ajay Devgn to do a film such as Raid right now. The reason why I say that is because his last release, Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again, was a blockbuster that marked Ajay’s entry into the 200 crore club. To go from a mass-appealing Blockbuster (Golmaal Again) to a film that holds relatively less appeal for the mass audience (Raid) is a risky move. But then, what is risk without reward?

Actually, this can be considered a smart decision! A mix of box office awards and critical acclaim is always welcome (and important) in an actor’s career. If Ajay scored huge at the box office last time, he will be looking more towards critical acclaim this time.

Well…who said that critical acclaim can’t also be combined with box office success?

Raid Box Office Predictions

Sure, Raid can be called a class-appealing film. After all, director Rajkumar Gupta is known for directing multiplex-oriented films, be it Aamir, No One Killed Jessica, or Ghanchakkar. Raid may appear to have some mass-appealing dialogues/scenes, but at heart, it will be a multiplex film, given the storytelling nature of the director.

The good thing is, the costs of the film are well-handled, and a lack of reach for the interiors of India will not be a problem for Raid if the film is well-appreciated by the class/multiplex audience. To be honest, given the strong viewer response to the theatrical trailer, I do feel that Raid will be appreciated by the class/multiplex audience, making the film a reasonable box office success!

My Box Office Predictions for Raid:

  • Opening Day: 6 crore nett
  • Opening Weekend: 25 crore nett
  • Lifetime Collections: 61.5 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: Semi-Hit

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37 comments on “Raid Box Office Predictions”

  1. Opening 6 crore ? That means it would be even lower than 2010 releases Veer and MNIK opening day collection.

    1. Board exams,Non masala content, Average promotion,No charbusters, Small production budget,No stupid dramebaazi by producers to get hype or anything...Still #Raid is looking set to get Good opening as per exhibition trade.Great ??

        1. One example of Bobby Siddhus accurate predictions


          Box Office Predictions for Secret Superstar:

          Opening Day: 5 crore nett
          Opening 4-Day Weekend (Thurs-Sun): 45 crore nett
          Lifetime Collections: 101 crore nett
          Overall Verdict: Super Hit

          ACTUAL BO

          Actual collection as per BOI : 62.6 cr & verdict =Average

        2. But JHMS was a rejected movie so it’s not achievement if it makes more than that!

          If it even does 40-50cr LT, the movie could still be good but it might just not be for the munni and sheila type of movie goers!

    2. Bobby sindhu to phir aya gya prediction leke tumhara last prediction tha ki padman 128crs karega and result to tumhe pata hi hoga....ab mera prediction bhi dekh lo---

      1st day: 8.20crs
      1st weekend: 29.50crs
      1st week: 45.10crs
      Verdict: super hit.

      1. Collection Jo bhi film 100% achi hogi even drishyam ne sirf 70crs+ kiya tha but film bhaut achi thi....

        1. Ajay sir is one of the best actor of all time some of his excellent films are( collection & verdict no matters)

          Khakee,,kaal,,gangajal,,raajneeti,,drishyam,,company,,, qayamat,,,OUATIM,,deewane,,,and raid bhi is list me hoga,,,,,best of luck Ajay sir...

    3. Is this movie opening day is 6c than this movie will be a flop. Minimum 8.5 to 9c indeed to have some momemtum.

  2. Who cares what Bobby Siddu predicts? We have seen his predictions failing big time in the past.

    Anywas whatever verdict at box office, I am watching it on Saturday.

    Can’t miss Ajay rocking in an intense role. Expecting it to be an impactful movie.

  3. Ajay dev gun is the third best performer at the boxoffice this decade. He has 2 blockbusters and both with clashes while srk has 1 with a solo release. His Singham returns has grossed bigger than any srk film released on non holiday. Despite of clash his golmaal again has beaten all srk festival releases. And the biggest thing is that he has proved that even with a clash you can give a huge grosser and blockbuster.though in raw stardom srk will be still ahead as ajay is not giving big openers consistently but boxoffice performance wise he is bigger than srk as both his festive and non festive performance is better. Srk will be at 4 th spot this decade and varun drawn at 5 th spot. But one huge grosser from varun can bring him at 4 th spot. Srk is still ahead because of his huge grosser ce and big grosser hny unless varun is consistently delivering hits. And Akshay Kumar? Well is he even a star, he needs extraordinary wom to give even 100 crore.

  4. 6 crore ki opening lagi toh do baat proof ho jaayega
    1)Akki>>>>> ajay
    2)ajay is nothing without rohit

    1. Roric

      02/27/2018 at 9:24 PM

      If it collected one fifth of secret superstar I will leave this site

      11 34

  5. Ha ha which huge grosser on festival u are talking ? GA become blockbuster because of franchise .Ajay can't take full credit .Shivaay on Diwali 2016 - 85 crore lost clash against ADHM
    SOS - 88 crore on diwali 2012 lost clash against JTHJ
    Toonpur ka superhero - epic 4 crore on Christmas 2010
    9 flops/ disaster since 2010
    No 15 crore opening without franchise
    No 100 crore without Rohit shetty
    In this way Ajay ruling this decade as 3rd biggest star ?
    How much u hate SRK and Akshay ?
    Reality is both are far ahead than Ajay Devgun .

  6. Rancho, last year same actor SRK also had a release Raees which collected 129 crore .why u not comparing with it ?
    Tum haters ko troll karne k liye ek JHMS mil gaya hai .

    1. Last release of SRK is JHMS so comparison is natural otherwise then you can also ask to compare with 2013 CE. JHMS sai comparison mein phut kyun rahi hai?

    2. Regarding haters trolling you remember you are the one who starts shitty talk first. Any Ajay fan active here on bolyarena who trolls SRK on his articles? If you are not a Ajay fan why the hell are you the first one on this article to come and troll Ajay. Then don’t cry about being trolled back.

  7. Some idiots are calling Ajay is bigger than SRK.Raid is non holiday Friday release .so it should beat Raees opening day collection .then I will accept Ajay >> SRK.
    So haters are u accepting this challenge ?

  8. boby you gonna be fail again again n again tumhari prediction khabhi ri8 bhi hue hai movie aram se 100 crs karegi or ajay hater ko koma milne wala hai !!!!!! best of luck ajay sir.

  9. Ajay is a brilliant actor...but believe me...he is not a superstar. Let me explain you if you cast
    Salman in raid- opening: 20-25.. lifetime: 210-240.
    Amir in raid- opening: 18-23.. lifetime: 220-260.
    Shahrukh in raid-opening: 16-21.. lifetime: 120-150.
    Akshay in raid- opening: 12-16.. lifetime: 110-140.
    Hritik in raid- opening: 14-18..lifetime: 125-160.
    Ajay in raid- opening: 6-10.. lifetime: 60-80.
    Varun in raid- opening: 8-11.. lifetime: 70-100.
    So you can clearly see the difference.....guys..there is a reason why everyone says that bollywood has only 5 superstars..
    Ajay is a very big star but can not be compared by other 5.
    The credit of goolmal is shared by ajay and rohit both...even the budget and production values were awesome...

    1. Akshay in raid- opening: 12-16.. lifetime: 110-140.


      Special 26, a similar movie opened at 5.87 cr and life time was 65.5 cr. Aukaat of Akki.

      There are 5 superstars and they are Khans, Ajay & Hrithik

      1. Current scenerio...ki baat ho rahi hai....aur special 26 was a much smaller movie than raid....pata kuch hai nahi...baate karni hai.

        1. Special 26 and Raid are similar movies in every respect. Even akkians said the same on social media after watching Raid trailer. Sp26 ko choti movie bol kar khud prove kar raha hai kai akki chota star hai

  10. Aur kaun hai jo ajay ko 3rd bol raha tha....bhai salman aur amir ke baad agar koi ab sharukh ke equal ya usse age hai...wo sirf akki hai...the reason is lagatar 100 crore films...aur ajay ki to hit driysam ka collection bhi 70-75 tha...
    Overall carrier bhi dekha jae....to akki is the only star.jiski movies kabhi outright reject nahi hui....hamesha ek decent total to kar hi leti hai...aur bad phase me bhi achhi opening le rahi thi...
    Ajay ke carrier me jitni disaster hai...uski paisa lagana to risk lagta hai...tezz chahe kitni bhi buri film thi...but itni nahi ki 2 crore ki opening aur 12 crore lifetime kare...
    Ajay devgan ke carrier me aisi aisi filme bhi hai...jo below 5 bhi open hoti hai...so pls don't compare bro.....sab achhe hai...but sach sach hai...ki ajay is below these 5.

    1. Teri ‘carrier’ ki spelling sai tu koi jaana pehchaana purana akkian lag raha hai jo new name sai aya hai

    2. Overall carrier bhi dekha jae….to akki is the only star.jiski movies kabhi outright reject nahi hui….hamesha ek decent total to kar hi leti hai…aur bad phase me bhi achhi opening le rahi thi…


      Hamesha decent total karti hai to 50 flops/disasters kissi Canadian actor ki hein

  11. BA I don understand why u take services of this pathetic guy Bobby Siddhu not a single time he gives correct predictions still you bank on this horrible guy Ur sight will be wiped out if u keep taking services of these guys

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