Raid 3rd Day Box Office Collection

Raid 3rd Day Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgn's Raid has witnessed further growth on Sunday. As per the estimates, Raid 3rd day collection is around 17.11 crore which is 25% growth from Saturday.

This has taken the first weekend collection to 41.01 crore. It is the second highest weekend collection of 2018 beating Akshay Kumar's Padman by a small margin. As expected Raid witnessed higher growth on Sunday as compared to Padman due to wider screen count.

The trend is looking well over the weekend and now it has to sustain on Monday. It has been doing well in North Indian markets so there is a hope that it will hold on weekdays. Ideally, the drop should be under 40% from the opening day which will mark a solid hold and film can sustain for a couple of weeks.

Day 110.04
Day 213.86
Day 317.11
Day 46.26
Day 55.76
Day 65.36
Day 74.66
Day 83.55
Day 95.71
Day 107.22
Day 112.42
Day 122.41
Day 132.62
Day 143.13
Day 151.82
Day 162.26
Day 172.78
Day 180.86
Day 190.68
Day 200.62
Day 210.58
Day 220.43
Total100.14 cr

15 comments on “Raid 3rd Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Have seen the movie enjoyed it. To me it was like the singham sequal i wanted. The story tried to be real but was very filmy but the conflict and dialogue baazi between bodybuilder singham tax officer ajay vs bulldozer bou sourabh tou was the best part and thet remind you of singham. Sourabh sukhla nailed it.

  1. Good weekend for a limited appealing film.
    Not troll Ajay or anyone unless I see bad things about SRK.

  2. If Raid collects half of padman then i will *leave this website forever
    *conditions apply

  3. When will aamir beat bahubali 2 (500)???
    Ha ha ha
    aamir fan(boreshya):wait for thugs of hindustan
    if it failed, thugs of china(2020),thugs of pakistan(2023,thugs of somalia(2025)

    1. Ha ha ha. So you are questioning aamir to beat BB 2 right?? Aur to koi hai hi nahi poochne ke liye??? Because even you know that Only Aamir is able to break and make records and BB 2 is the only exception. Even if TOH doesn't break life time record i am damn sure it will shatter all opening day and weekend records of baahubali 2 Hindi version. By the way when will your aukaatless star even come close to half of baahubali 2 collection???

  4. Where is Bobby Siddhu BA do u still want this pathetic fortune teller in Ur sight ....ull fast lose ur ratings if u keep publishing his articles not a single time I've seen him giving correct predictions if he can't give why unnecessarily give only for khan films he opens his heart I still remember secret superstar and golmal again predictions he was just pathetic ....

  5. Why compare and troll any movies of any actors. Many are doing comparison between Padman and Raid. Both movies are very good on their own. Just enjoy watching and don't troll like this...

  6. well said dude !!!!!!! but some dimag less users hai jin ko khana hazzam nhi hota bina trolling ke .

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