Raid 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Raid 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection: Raid is showing a decent trend in the second week. The film collected approx 5.71 crores on second Saturday by witnessing more than 50% growth.

The total collection of the film now stands at 72.31 crores. It is still not clear whether the film will be a clean hit or not. Probably that will be dependent on how it will fare when Baaghi will release in the third week.

Day 110.04
Day 213.86
Day 317.11
Day 46.26
Day 55.76
Day 65.36
Day 74.66
Day 83.55
Day 95.71
Day 107.22
Day 112.42
Day 122.41
Day 132.62
Day 143.13
Day 151.82
Day 162.26
Day 172.78
Day 180.86
Day 190.68
Day 200.62
Day 210.58
Day 220.43
Total100.14 cr

10 comments on “Raid 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection”

  1. Both BOI & Bollyarena trying hard to ensure Raid doesn’t get hit status. Har article parh kar yahi lagta hai kai Dono ka bilkul dil nahin lag raha isse hit kehlate dekhne ka

    1. Shameful to see BOI defending Padman in every Raid BO article. Why are they so insecure abt Padman BO perf? Who cares what Padman did in comparison to Raid? Why even compare the two? Did they compare Padmaavat performance to TZH in their Padmaavat BO articles?

      Shameful to see them trying to bring down Raid’s BO performance but no one buys it. I think they are ashamed of over hyping Padmans BO performance before its release. Before release kept talking about earthy feel, over praised trailer, potential of doing biz like tepk, jolly 2 now in each article only keep saying taboo taboo. Reading boi article look like reading article written by akki fan.

    2. Maybe they expected more from Raid than this. But Raid has done very good business till now and trend is also good. It looks good when this kind of Film does good business because in past even some very good content movies had done very bad business. Hope to see more of this kind movies.

  2. Superb Hold keep going Raid . Movie deserve for 100 crs . Ajay sir and raid team you guy's are rock.

  3. All fanwars can go to hell. Comepletely tired of them.

    Nothing more refreshing than watching an awesome movie. Watching Company and what a movie it was !!!

    Chk out this scene to see the tension in environment. Ajay and Mohanlal going ? at each other ??


    How many remember Mohanlal was also in RamGopal Varma ki Aag? Imagine having talent like Big B, Ajay and Mohanlal in one movie and still what a mess up was made by Ram Gopal Varma.

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