Raid 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Raid 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Raid has collected 3.55 crores on its second Friday. It is a decent hold as the drop is around 65% from the opening day.

A good hold would have indicated that film will be a clean hit. The competition was also weak as the new release Hichki was a content-oriented film. But now it will depend on what happens in the 3rd week when Baaghi will release. The total collection of the film now stands at 66.60 crores after 8 days.

Raid has recorded the 3rd highest 2nd Friday collection of 2018 after Padmavaat and Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety. It has easily beaten Padman which collected 2.10 crores on second Friday.

Day 110.04
Day 213.86
Day 317.11
Day 46.26
Day 55.76
Day 65.36
Day 74.66
Day 83.55
Day 95.71
Day 107.22
Day 112.42
Day 122.41
Day 132.62
Day 143.13
Day 151.82
Day 162.26
Day 172.78
Day 180.86
Day 190.68
Day 200.62
Day 210.58
Day 220.43
Total100.14 cr

24 comments on “Raid 2nd Friday Box Office Collection”

  1. Ajay devgan on Christmas :
    Christmas 2004- Raincoat - epic 2.5 crore
    Christmas 2010 - Toonpur ka Superhero - epic 3.5 crore
    Who says Christmas is best period ? This man proves to earn 5 crore on Christmas is very difficult .
    And haters make fun of SRK's festival releases and small hits .at least Don 2 was Hit and dilwale was semi hit.but above mentioned are disasters .And Zero will beat these epic collections in couple of seconds .

    1. Seriously it is becoming a pain now to log into bollyarena and read comments of this prashant, honest man and roric. Bollyarena ban them for a month at least for peace here. If not then still you will be losing some users as this is becoming a shittier place than even Indicine had become.

    2. Tell your zero to relistic and niche movie during festivals...u will come to know their collection...srk commercial films on non holidays big flops like jhms...fan..where as ajay sir gave many superhits on non holidays...srk is zero without festivals

    3. Hit like if you think kai Honest man, Roric aur Prashant sai zyada bara beghairat hona possible nahin. Kuch bhi bolo un ko un ko zara bhi sharam aur ghairat nahin ani.

      Hit dislike if you disagree.

      P.S. I always thought 2.0 was the worst user here but even he has taken a break now.

  2. So finally, raid conclude that
    Ajay has more potential than akki in crowd pull..(define stardom)
    Rank wise stardom of top 10 stars In this decade as:-

    1. Abe Devansh tune deepika ko 3rd number pe rakha hai
      Bhai padmaavat deepika ke stardom se hit nhi hui hai deepika ki finding fanny flop thi wo Sirf 25-30crore hi kama payi thi tab kaha gaya Deepika ka Stardom
      Aur tune Shahrukh khan ko list se bahar nikal diya bhai wo top 5 Mein deserve karta hai
      Aur Sallu 1st ya 2nd pe belong krta hai

    2. Akki no. 3 crowd puller??? LOL
      Akki ki movies mein itna crowd h nahi aata ki 150 crore cross ho jaaye... aur overseas mein Akki ki aukaat hi nahi... even Canada mein bhi Akki ko koi nahi jaanta...

    3. top 10 stars in terms of stardom:
      1. Amitabh Bachchan
      2. Shah Rukh Khan
      3. Salman Khan
      4. Deepika
      5. Aamir
      6. Hrithik
      7. Ranveer Singh
      8. Kangna
      9. Varun
      10. Ranbir Kapoor

      1. @Fake Aamir khan ha ha ha. Keep your non funny joke to yourself. Top 10 male stars in terms of steer stardom
        1. Amitabh Bachachan
        2. Rajesh Khanna
        3. Aamir khan
        4. Salman
        5. Deepika
        6. Shahrukh
        7. Hrithik
        8. Brain
        9. Ranveer
        10. Ajay
        11. Akki
        12. Kangana

      2. @Fake Aamir khan ha ha ha. Keep your non funny joke to yourself. Top 10 male stars in terms of steer stardom
        1. Amitabh Bachachan
        2. Rajesh Khanna
        3. Aamir khan
        4. Salman
        5. Deepika
        6. Shahrukh
        7. Hrithik
        8. Varun
        9. Ranveer
        10. Ajay
        11. Akki
        12. Kangana

    4. Waah record toot gaya dislikes ka
      Most funny thing is nawaz 10 th pe ? Achaa actor hai but stardom me 10th waaah
      Srk 90s me 1st
      20 me 1st
      Is decade me 3rd

  3. My prediction was around 85-90crs,,let's see what happens..... Missing bobby sindhu and his flopbuster prediction,,,, hahahaha

  4. Raid is far better film then some of the biggest craps of these decade which went to became blockbuster and hit.

  5. @Prashant
    Shut your mouth. Ajay>>Salman
    Salman vs Ajay Devgn entire “OPENING” day comparison from 1991-1999(Only films where they are SOLO LEAD hero will be considered)
    1991-Superhit Phool aur Kante opening>Salman’s solo Sanam Bewafa
    1992-Zigar opening>>All Salman films
    1993-Ek hi Raasta opening>>All Salman films
    94- Suhhag > all Salman films
    95 – Haqeeqat > All solo Salman films
    96 – Diljale > All Salman films
    97 – Itihaas > All Salman films
    98 – major saab > All Salman films
    99 – Hindustan ki kasam record opener + Biggest opening

    Clashes Ajay won against Salman then
    Ek hi Rasta vs Dil Tera Aashiq
    Suhaag vs Andaaz apna apna

  6. Ab baat karte canadian Akshay Kumar ki on non holiday
    1. HGOTY-0
    2. ATBB-0
    6.2.2cr footfalls-0
    7. 3cr footfalls-0
    8. 4cr footfalls-0
    9. Solo highest single day-0(Even SIK day-1 was not highest single day, despite being record opener, OSO Day 2>>SIK Day 1)
    10. Trendsetting films-0
    11. 200cr-0
    12. 150 cr-0
    13. 300cr-0
    14. 250cr-0
    15. Indian citizenship-0
    Itne saare zeroes?
    Now coming to some departments where he excels on non holiday:
    Highest no. of holiday flops
    Flops on deewali
    flops on xmas
    flops on Independence day
    flops with multi starrer(Jani Dushman)

    1. Sorry guys for above comment
      Akki >> salman
      Sallu has no aukat in front of Akki
      Sallu used to gv big disaster before 2009 but at that time Akki used to gv blockbuster comedy movies
      Again sorry from all sallu fans

      1. Abey fake ID, Aukaad hai to apne khud ke ID se aa na
        Aur blockbuster comedy?? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
        Pure career mai 2 bbs hai
        Akki ke disasters ginau??

  7. #Raid is registering growth of approx 35% today (Second Saturday) compared to its second friday. Saturday collection can hit ₹ 5 crs if night shows holds well.

    Can it do 5 & 7 tomorrow or too much to ask? If it does it will be around 79 cr by tom & it can then go for 90-100 cr range making it a clean hit?

    Why r Ajay lover sites bollyarena & boi not telling what the budget is & how much it need to be a hit (clean or dirty whatever)

  8. Raja, make understand to dishonest man .1st he starts to abuse SRK .he without any need mention SRK in his every comment .then I can't control myself and reply in his language .
    Ajaj- Salman fan - SRK also gave non commercial hits that too without festival like Chak de India , MNIK .

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