Raid 1st Day Box Office Collection

Raid 1st Day Box Office Collection: Ajay Devgn's Raid collected approx 10.04 crores on its opening day. The film had a slow start in the morning shows but managed to pick up the pace after that.

The opening day is reasonable if we consider the genre and response to promos and songs. It is same as Akshay Kumar's Padman though that film was released in less number of screens and dealt with a taboo subject. It is also in the same range as Ajay Devgn's Baadshaho which had an ensemble cast with superhit music.

The film is likely to show good growth on Saturday as the word of mouth seems to be on the positive side. However, it will be the Sunday trend that will decide the fate of the film. In recent past, we have seen that content-oriented films show growth on Saturday but fails to do so on Sunday due to the rejection from the family audience. It will be interesting to see how Raid will fare.

34 comments on “Raid 1st Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Superb start !!

    It is an awesome movie guys. Thoroughly gripping from start to end. Awesome movie/script, superb performances (by both Ajay and Shukla) clap worthy dialogues, enjoyable dialogues and enjoyable BGM.

    Outstanding performances by Ajay and Shukla and their face off is a sheer treat to watch. Ajay as Amay Patnaik will be remembered as one of his iconic roles. A powerful villainous performance was required to lift the movie up and Shukla as Tauji does just that. Watch him in that scene when he is threatening his own family members while having lunch with them ??

    Today 23 years of Naajayaz also get completed. Remember watching and get awed by a brooding, intense, powerful performer in movies like Naajayaz, Zakhm, Company long time back and have been a Ajay fan since. Could have been no better way to celebrate 23 years of Naajayaz than watching Ajay sir as Amay Patnaik.

    1. I HV also watched raid today and apart from acting of actors there is nothing special I found
      The whole movie is based on how raid is conducted and it becomes boring though climax is good
      And also ileana was wasted
      My rating 2 and that's too for acting

      1. Without Rohit, this blackgun is yet to rise above 10 cr opening...
        Some idiots say he has 30cr + opening day whereas his aukaat is not even 10 Cr.. Shame on such people....
        It's like saying Tushar Kapoor gave 30cr opening with GA..
        Shahid Kapoor entered 300 Cr club with padmavat
        Aakkk thuuu..

        1. Raid opening again prove Ajay >> Akki. Everyone knew it before already. Ajay reminded it again.

  2. #Raid opens with a BANG ? today, multiplex cinemas performing solid growth when single screens are on fire ?. HOUSEFULL boards on duty at many centers ?

  3. FAN - 3450 screens, non commercial film ,no actress - 19.2 crore opening
    RAID - 3300 screens, commercial film, number 1 actress Ileana , still 9.75 crore
    SRK is baap of flop Ajay.

    1. Agar Ilena number 1 actress hai tau SRK to bhi number 1 maan lete hein ?

      Seriously dude stop smoking weed

    2. Fan was a masala movie..first c fan movie..its actions n all..paid media always supports srk n karan...

      1. Who to learn acting?! Shah Rukh Khan haha if srk can’t act 90% of the industry can’t act too!

        And tell Salman to visit red Chillies to get some vfx done on his acting!

        Fan was a masala movie lol like what rowdy Rathore or Dabangg! Stop lying to yourself, Fan was a smaller movie, even if it worked it would’ve prob only crossed 150cr!

        Atleast the album wasn’t recreated with old Pakistani songs by the team of raid!

        They’ve banned talent from Pakistan but don’t mind taking thier music and putting it into thier movies lmao!

  4. And some morons call him 3rd biggest star .he can't give 10 crore opening .from many years he stuck in 10 crore opening .so he is 10 crore opening actor.

    1. For many years SRK has not given a clean hit. Why do you cal him no. 3 if he cannot deliver clean hit let alone block busters. Sirf achi opening kaafi hai kia no. 3 star hone kai lye

        1. Lagta hai meri kick ka acha asar para hai ? itna bura time nahin aya kai tujh sai koi deal karoon

          1. Beta now deal is completed tiger now see how much I will gv kick to u
            Mai Accha banane ki kosis Kitna toh meri kamzori samjh li

            1. Kia ukhaar lai ga bai. Tu jisse trolling samajhta hai woh yahan sab kai lye comedy hai. Jaise akki ka villain comical hai teri bhi trolling comical gai

            2. Yaad rakhna Sultan kissi se deal nahin karta ? Sultan Mirza ho ya Sallu bhai ka Sultan. Akki trolling ki wajah tere, 2.0 kai waahiyat comments hein warna apne paas itna faltu time nahin kai tujh par zayi karun

  5. @Roric and previously @2.0 ensure Akki is trolled and ridiculed daily

    @Prashant ensures SRK is trolled and ridiculed daily

    @Honestman ensures Salman is trolled and ridiculed daily

    Till the time they dont see any one trolling their star I dont think their food gets digested

  6. Bollywood Mafia...many sites are always against ajay sir... always they will compare n give reason..but ajay sir slaps them always..

  7. I HV also watched raid today and apart from acting of actors there is nothing special I found
    The whole movie is based on how raid is conducted and it becomes boring though climax is good
    And also ileana was wasted
    My rating 2 and that's too for acting

  8. @ tiger, u guys can call Mahira as big actress then why I can't call ileana as big actress.and some also thinks there was any actress in FAN.1st make understand to whom who does these meaningless comments .

  9. Breaking news - FAN is a masala film.
    Go to mental hospital and get checked yourself.

  10. @Prashant
    @tiger is right
    Seriously dude, stop spewing out your frustration and dragging SRK in every article.
    Sad fact is that SRK doesn't have a chance to bounce back. As fans, we will watch his films but now he joins the league of Amitabh, Sunny Deol etc. JHMS was the last nail in the coffin..He ruled for 15 years, and did very good for next 6 years......Once in a lifetime megastar...but he had to go down...downfall started from Dilwale and ended with JHMS
    I defend srk for his pre-2015 days only.I stand by the fact that he had the biggest fan following in 90's and most part of 2000s But Accept it, Dilwale marked the end of his box office career...

    Salman, Aamir and all are way ahead of him now

    call me fake fan but truth is this!!!

  11. arena, what's your problem.u adjust comment who replies me but why u don't adjust my comment to whom I reply.it creates confusion.

  12. SRK is not completely finished.He is not doing good universal appealing films .but Zero and Rakesh Sharma biopic (if he does) are huge potential grosser.if Zero fails then I can accept he can't bounce back.1st wait till Zero.

    1. Seriously?
      He won't be able to join the big league
      It will clash with Accidental PM and hype for Manmohan Singh biopic will be huge....And one week later there is simba which is a potential 200cr+

      And Rakesh Roshan Biopic is not at all appealing.....it will be a niche film...mahesh matahi is the director....
      Don-3....you know very well that it too is not appealing

  13. The accidental PM is not a big film.it won't need more than 1000 screens.and who cares about Simba.it will be nonsensical crap like Rowdy rathore or Dabangg which audience used to watch .as per SRK and Anand Rai Zero is very advance film.according to some reports it have also some Sci fiction .so it is going to be very interesting film.but What SRK do if our audience is only interested in nonsensical entertainers Simmba and Dabangg 3.

    1. Audience is also interested in Classics like CDI, Dangal Bajrangi Bhaaijan...Stop blaming them

  14. WTF are you talking?
    Accidental PM's hype is gonna be real...in every news channel...from BJP to congress to controversies

    And Simba will be crap, I know...but Golmaal 4 was also crap, Judwaa 2 was also crap...

    SRK had even said that JHMS is a classic story and will run for weeks.

    BTW your twitter handle?

  15. @tiger idiot it has opened lower than padman with more screens positive word of mouth more commercial film so how is he bigger than akki this shows your aukat u are a typical bhaitard with no brain akki >>>ajay as padman >>> raid hence proved now apply burnol idiot

    1. Akki class C actor hai. 150 cr karega to class B mein daakhla milega. 200 cr Ajay class A sai comparison abhi buht door hai

      1. Yeh classes ka tujhe us waqt samajh ayega agar kabhi school gaya ho tau jo tere comment dekh kar lagta nahin kai kabhi gaya hau

        Doosra chalti train pai charnai sai pehlai pooch lia kar train jaa kahan rahi hai. Mera comment @Roric kai is ? 6 cr kai reference mein tha

        03/14/2018 at 10:27 PM
        6 crore ki opening lagi toh do baat proof ho jaayega
        1)Akki>>>>> ajay
        2)ajay is nothing without rohit

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