Raees Vs Kaabil: A Clash of Egos

It looks like that instead of the box office battle, Raees vs Kaabil has become a clash of egos. None of the parties seems to be in a mood of backing out.

It all started when Kaabil makers started to give higher figures than the actual in the opening weekend. That was already anticipated by many considering Rakesh Roshan's track record. The figures for Raees were accurate in the first weekend with a difference of 5% margin which is acceptable. But the things got interesting on the first Monday.

Monday trend is very important as the word of mouth comes into play and better film tends to have a good hold. In the whole extended weekend, Kaabil makers were giving collections in the morning which was followed by Raees producers. But on Monday they waited probably for Raees collection so that they can take over. But Raees team was smarter so they did not give any official collections. There was also a leaked audio tape where a PR was instructing her people that Monday's collection should cross a particular number, no matter what happens.

On Tuesday, Kaabil collections were increased. Then Red Chillies Entertainment also starts to give higher collection just to remain ahead in the race. Kaabil was trending better but still, the collections were slightly less than Raees as per trade estimates.

In the second week, screens of both films were reduced and the ticket prices were also normal now. Both films faced a huge drop and the occupancy in the morning shows was 10%. The early trade estimate for Raees and Kaabil were 3-3.5 cr and 3.0 cr. But still, as per the official collections released by Rakesh Roshan and Red Chillies Entertainment, both films have shown growth from Thursday which looks ridiculous. This proves that both parties are trying to remain ahead and are using all unethical tactics.

When Rakesh Roshan announced that 200 shows have been increased for Kaabil, he indirectly hinted that Kaabil will grow on 2nd Friday. On the other side, the only aim for Raees team is to remain ahead of Kaabil on each day. Now the ball is definitely in Rakesh Roshan's court. Even though in terms of trade numbers, Raees is still leading but when Kaabil makers are manipulating, they also have no choice but to give a higher number.

If the race for taking over continues, then it will not be a surprise if Raees goes over 170 cr and Kaabil over 140 cr or even higher. We just hope that both parties are charged up in coming days.

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      1. Bhai mai mar jaunga yeh dekh ke aamir chahta toh dangal ko 400 cr karwa sakta tha but he is genuine yaha dekho yeh log manipulate karke 200 kar lenge

        1. Very well said bro!!
          Aamir is really Genuine!!
          15crs in 400crs was not a big deal.
          just 5% manipulation.
          Yaha par to Raees or Kaabil 100%Manipulation kartey hai daily

  1. Too much manipulation by the both calculator.This proves that nowdays SRK n Ritik has no stardom.
    Only manipulation manipulation.
    Ritik-Krish3,Bang Bang, Kaabil
    How can Every trade estimates goes wrong?
    2nd Friday collection are double from both side.calculators on fire mode.shame on Ritik n Srk for manipulation.From now i will not watch any SRK n Ritik movie.
    Pagal bana diya logonko inke calculators ne.

    1. no bro taklu 27 cr difference but raees 4 cr only difference..raees acceptable but kabil too high ??

  2. Raees makers are saying the same dialogue from Kaabil .. start unhone kiya .. tamasha ap logon ne dekha ..khatam hum karenge :P
    they were accurate in the 5 days weekend ..but takla calculator 2.5cr. jyada karta hi ja rha tha

  3. BO inflation insults the intelligence of boxoffice enthusiasts like us. Takes the fun out of following BO. I used to trust Rakesh Roshan during Krrish 3. I thought he would have reason to push Krrish3 above 200, but he wouldn't have any reason to take it as far as 244cr. But now I have lost trust and respect. Raees is also inflating the figures but at least they did it only after Kaabil played dirty.

  4. As per komal nahta ..5 days extended weekend collection of raees 90 cr kaabil 57 cr. producer fig of raees was very near to that , but prod. fig kaabil was way ahead..

  5. Dilwale released on xmas collected 148 cr and raees released on January dull period still it go higher than Dilwale there is some jhol jhaal How can a big star like srk do this he has reputation why he is trying to decrease his reputation.

    1. Bhai he is Helpless. Rakesh Roshan is giving Higher numbers for his movies, and if he continues this then Kaabil will take the lead. Then many will think Raees isn't as good as Kaabil. Yeh sab Takla Roshan ne Shuru Kiya. Coz look at Raees' 1st Weekend collections, it was pretty much the same as the Trade Collections.

      1. I aggree with u bro...but dont expect this from SRK.He is very big star,no need of such manipulation.every one knows the real image of Rakeshji.

      2. wo takla hai, uss k sar p baal nahi
        n tere sar p dimag nahi
        abhe jhandu, raees to once upon a time s b gayi guzri hai
        beta b grade movie b nahi hoti aise
        dimaag lgaana hai to badmaash company dekh
        jhandu raees p dimaag khaa lagana tha ye tune saabit kar dia
        jo tere paas tha hi nahi

  6. Well said @bollyarena This is ridiculous from both...
    I believe if it is as clear as u stated (and rightly so), trade portals should also boycott dummy figures & should report correct ones... I suggest u to start with yourself & start posting correct ones...
    If the fake figures will not be spread by Media (u r a part of Media), this fake practice will die its own death...

  7. srk did ryt. This taklu started all this. And its not only clash its also ego.srk have full rights to save his image. overall taklu lost this clash iam happy for that.cheers.....

  8. Srk and his produce sud be beaten like bhansali as they started first ....
    And disaster khan thanks god aaj se tere faltu comments nahi padne padenge

  9. It was always going to be a clash of calculators....shame on both
    Yes it was all started by "kaabil" people. .but that doesn't mean srk had to do the same he should have stayed on right path and atleast won the respect...ab khaali respect thaa srk ke liye ab usne woh bi khodiya.... it is a shame shame

  10. Its big shame that big stars like hrithik n srk are manipulating like this.I mean how come itna neeche koi gir sakta hai if he or she is a celebrity.izzat dono ki gayi.these two should learn from amir,salman and akki.these three stars try to be honest irrespective of the collections.

  11. Everyone knows the reason of Manipulation is Rakesh Roshan .... Rakesh Roshan is trying to beat Raees by Fake Collections ....
    Which makes RCE to take some steps ....
    RCE have given accurate collections till Sunday ....
    But on Monday, it's Rakesh Roshan who made RCE to do the same ....
    Both parties r wrong but Rakesh Roshan in at fault not RCE ....
    Think about it before abusing RCE ....

  12. On social media srk n hrithik are mocked n trolled very badly.izzat ki dhazziyan ho gayi hai dono ki.really shameful..

  13. Failure of Raees affecting SRK very badly..from first day the collections of Raees was manipulated and kaabali followed it...

  14. Raees figures are not manipulated,they already anticipated what will happen on Monday so they played smarter by giving fake estimates (6.5 cr) so that kabil makers could not go over 6 cr... Some trade experts were also involved in this.

    And there is always a difference between figures of Box office India and other trade experts but that is only of 15-18 cr in the lifetime run and it's acceptable,but in case of Kaabil there is difference of 28+cr in the first week. So clearly Rakesh roshan has manipulated figures by big margin.

  15. @Bollyarena

    I Think U Also Remember When DILWALE Team Stopped Giving Figures on 2nd week All Sites Started Giving Trade Estimates & After 2nd Week Producers Figure was Below Trade Figure & Then Trade also Adjusted Their Figure & Put Their Figure Below Producers Figure & DILWALE Finished Below 150cr.

    But Here Red Chillies Is Doing Manipulation to Be Higher Than Kaabil Which is Doing Manipulation from the First Day...............

    So,What is Your Thoughts About Rakesh Roshan Because From The Early Times They Put Many Blames on RAEES Makers & also Said industry is Going Backward & Also talk about his Honesty.

    So, What SRK's Red Chillies is Doing is Actually Fair in Terms of CLASH Because Rakesh Roshan always Putting his Figures First & Very Much Higher than Trade & Now in 2nd Week according to Trade Raees is Still Higher than Kaabil but In Low level.

    Shame on Rakesh Roshan & I Think He Become Mad Because Kabbil Is Going to be 1St Film Which will Have around 30-40cr Difference when Lifetime is Below 150cr & RAEES will have around 15-20cr which is actually Okay as Shivaay also Have around 10-15cr Difference & Many films Have around 10-15cr Difference but 30-40cr Difference can do only By our Pujnya Rakesh Roshan ji..........

  16. acc. to BOI -

    raees + kaabil ttl ( 10 days )..
    - 114 + 70 - ( 184 cr. )

    dangal ( frst 7 days ) - 193 cr.

    AAMIR - 1
    raaes + kaabil - 0

  17. So even raees and kaabil had high ticket prices but if aamir does it then it's not fair all srkians are liars and the worst thing about srk is his fans and the people around him giving him advice

  18. Bollyarena pls answer....if raees manages to do 150 by this pathetic manipulation, and jolly will do 135 in coming days then which movie will u consider as highest grosser of the year till feb.
    I think there is something wrong in raees and kabil collections as taran adarsh hasn't posted anything for the last 6 days...

  19. hritik was cheap but srk was some reputation in his fans ...

    but now srk luse his loyal fans value and stardom

    1. Srk has shown always manipulated fig.
      In from happy new year to fan & Raees.
      Srk failed to beat Bajirao in India then they shows fake manipulated fig of overseas .
      srgay is fucking egominded .
      srgay didn't have gutts to clash with khans and Kumar that's why he shifted release date of Raess .
      All knows what happen when fucking battery Raess will clash with Dangal.

  20. Agar airlift me makers manipulate karte to vo 170 ho gayi rehti don't worry jolly llb 2 is coming he doesn't need any manipulate to cross the lifetime collection of these over rated actors film

  21. Both producers were under pressure to get Hit status and more so for Raees due to higher budget. Having said that, "A leopard cannot change its spots". Bolly arena is giving excuse (as if SRK has written this blog) for Red chillies to inflate figure but can they explain why HNY, Chennai express figures were inflated, though it was a single release. How could SRK the king khan stoop to this levels? Too much obsessed with numbers then content.

    Roshans already had a big name in inflating numbers and nothing new for them however King Khan has joined the league now.

  22. Sad but true. But SRK didn't want the clash to go the ADHM, we all know that Shivaay lost with a big margin but acc to producers it was only 10 cr. I can understand why he played it smart. Anyway shame on Rakesh Roshan.

  23. It all started by Roshans who couldn't bear the defeat and kept manipulating. In first week for Raees the difference was only 7 to 8 crores b/w trade and official figs which is very much acceptable.

  24. As a producer Srk knows what are actual collection of his film not others --said by Srk....
    Truely agree with him....

  25. Rakesh Roshan is the master of manipulation and he can stoop to any level. He has been playing these dirty tactics for not years but for decades. When He launched Hrithik in 2000, He was misleading people badly by publishing all bad reports of the leading stars of that time. Hrithik was projected as the biggest super star and else everyone had no significance. He was exposed so badly that his son turned out to be a one film wonder in those days. This time also, he could have avoided clash but he was ready to apply his dirty mind.

  26. Rakesh who started all this...he deserves this failure
    I feel sad for A good person like HR who haves a father like this Motherfucker...

  27. Red chillies srk has not published (producer figure) from friday 11 ... so how can anyone can srk manipulated collection.. even koimoi box office changed raees producer figure now koimoi site are showing trade figure of raees .. but kabil producer figure check it..... don't blame srk

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