Raees Trailer smashes all viewership records

Raees Trailer smashes all viewership records

Shahrukh Khan's Raees trailer has literally stormed the internet. The promo which was released yesterday has created history by smashed all viewership records on You Tube and social media.

Raees trailer has earned 11.96 million views in just 24 hours. It has become the first Bollywood film who has crossed 10 million views in a single day. Raees has broken Dangal trailer record which earned 9.7 million views on day 1.

Raees trailer has also smashed many other records. It has become the most commented trailer of Bollywood beating Aamir Khan's Dangal. The trailer has also earned 2.42 lac likes under 24 hours which is higher than lifetime likes on Sultan and Kaabil trailer. The like vs dislike ratio is 93:7 which is excellent if we take views into the account.

It has also smashed all records on Facebook by crossing 8.2 million views on Shahrukh Khan's FB page. It has earned 386000 views on Instagram too. So total views on the digital platform are more than 20 million which makes it the most watched Bollywood trailer ever.

Raees trailer also jammed You Tube server as the views were stuck. This happens with most of the trending videos in the world.


Raees Trailer Total Views:

Red Chillies (You Tube) : 11,963,481 Views

242,815 Likes 19,658 Dislikes (93% Likes)

Shahrukh Khan (Facebook) : 8.2 million

Total: 20 Million +



35 comments on “Raees Trailer smashes all viewership records”

  1. Its not surprising maan.....

    He is the Biggest Superstar in The World...

    He proved it again....


  2. Still 2 and half hour is left.. Already Youtube crashed...

    How much views and likes it will get on 24Hrs.. ???

    Welcome Back.... Our Dear King Khan..

  3. More over i am waiting for our Sallu Bhai's tweet...

    Already their Bromance is very cute....

  4. woo hoo!!! so excited to see this movie. A national award winning director is directing this movie

  5. Shivaay also created such records on Youtube... What happened at Box Office?
    Whats new in this Trailer? A Criminal shown as Hero... A Cop chasing all through... In the end, either Criminal will die or will have a change of heart & will Surrender... How many such movies have we seen in the past?
    Raees is a sure shot Flop.

    1. all movies are like this. sultan mein b kia naya tha. wo sb medals jeeta phr magrur hogaya phr wo budha hogaya aur then he got back everything. phr bb mein kia naya tha ek larki india agaye galti se aur usko wapas ponchaya pakistan us k garh. nthing new. dangal mein kia nay hai woh beti ko betay k roop mein dkh kr us pr apni khuwaish puri kryga. idiot stories are always predicted its the scrreenplay that makes a movie hit or flop

  6. kya baat hai raees bhai hazir hai. and plz yaar dont say its same story nothing new, watch the movie first then say anything u want....

  7. Kabil & raees ka combined business be dangal ka business record nhi brk kr paygi. Note my word. Dangal becone india 1 st 400 cr club film.

  8. Srk Is Very Successful In Short Role Either Its ADHM, Dear Zindagi Or In A Trailer ,He Just Failed In Full Role ,He Always Broke Viewership Record With Ra.One ,JTHJ,Don 2,HNY,Dilwale,And With Fan So He Also Get Same Thing With Raees

    1. Baybay if ya beleive in google go search it and write best bollywood actor u.ll find srk on no.1 n if ya dnt beleive it compare it ven searched best bollywood actress depika cms on top best hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio z on d top search nsearch best hoolywood actress angelina on top den check best bollywood actr srk on top
      N I said it jus 2 shut ya mouth otherwuse badshah of bolllywood as atitle says it alll first compare then cmnt

  9. Raees bhai ne fad diya haters KO...burnol moment to haters... Raees bhai rocksss apna time suru

  10. as I told earlier it's not about srk and Aamir it's all about jio effect pehle Kya hota tha ek banda trailer download karta Tha aur Baki Sab xender se le lete they par aa Sab jio wale hai so har koi online dekh lete hai.jai ho Mukesh sir

  11. Parshya kh h beta tu
    teko kya bola th Ki Raees ka trailer Dangal se zyda View krnga isly zyda nh uchla krrr
    sb jio ka h

  12. Abhi Dangal khatm nahi bro...Raees will slow down in coming days...
    Dangal song is releasing today. So sure shot 40M before Dangal get released

  13. Salman air aamir fans se ye news digest nhi ho paa rha hai isliye Jio Ka name de rhe hai.....are Bhai salman jab records banata hai to mujhe bhi accha lagta hai kyuki ek Indian bana rha hai but jab Srk banata hai to sab excuses....
    Sultan like is crossed by raees in just 12 hrs so just imagine how much like it will get in its lifetime....
    Currently YouTube views are 13million+ in just 22hrs.....so see what's first day record will be and I think not a single film will be able to break this in terms of views,comment and like.......
    Kaabil bhaag ja dono ke liye accha hoga.....

  14. record toh FAN ke trailer ne bhi tode the. aur jab film theatre mein lagi thi tab kya hua tha sab jaante hain.
    Hakle ke adhe se jyada jabre fans toh free ke
    WiFi aur Jio SIM pe jinda hai. ye log saara din free ke internet pe trailer dekhte hain, internet se hi Hakle ki pirated movie dekh lete hain aur itne berozgar hain ki sara din social media pe salman fans ko rickshaw-wala bolte rehte hain. tum jaise bhikhario se toh rickshaw-wala hi thik hai jo imandari se kaam dhandha karke apne peso se ticket kharid ke movie toh dekh aata hai. tum jaise bhikhario aur berozgaro ki toh aukat hi rickshaw mein bethne ki.

  15. 1st day status will be 20million+ both from fb and YouTube for sure.....
    Let's do destruction at the box office Srk.....

  16. It's good that it is doing great in youtube and Srkians congrats for that.....But I don't think it is an achievement and please don't take it on head and don't give stupid comments like he is the world's biggest star....Blah..Blah.......In todays time breaking youtube record is not an achievement 1st Sultan break it, then MSD break Sultan record, then Shivaay break MSD record, then Dangal break Shivaay & Sultan records and now Raees is breaking Dangal record.....I am sure very soon another movie will break Raees record.....

    Raees is a delayed movie, once it was schedule to clash with Sultan, since that time everyone is eager to know about this movie so it bound to happen when trailer came.....Also don't forget that Ra-one, HNY, Dilwale, FAN all have broke internet at the time of trailer launch, but what happen to all these movies, I think we all know that......So my advice don't get over-excited with this and don't give stupid comments and prediction.....stay on earth, and wait for movie......From last 8-9 years Srk is disappointing his fans and neutral audience, but with every new movie his fans start calling it Masterpiece and predicting that it will break all records......Don't you guys tiered with same comments with every new release, and only because of your such comment srk get bashed more.....Let him 1st give big grosser and good movie (atleast 1 or 2) then come with such comments.....till then stay calm....

    Don't take my comment as negative, it's a genuine advice from one of Salman Fans........Rest is upto you...

    1. Go to hell together with Salman. Don't teach us how to react. What are you doing in SRK articles.

      1. Relax Dumbo, I am not teaching anything to you, and even if I want to I cannot, because no one can teach anything to a Donkey......So Donkey listen, that was an advice take it or leave it.....Rest upto you "DONKEY"......

        And what I am doing here.....I am here to kick the A*S of DONKEY like you.....

  17. Fan, dilwale, hny ke time kha gya tha Yeh strdom.anthor overacting & flop by hakla khan.

  18. kala chashma crossed 130M views so it means bar bar Dekho is should be a big hit but what happened? And idiots of srkian says salman fan unable to digest Sucees of srk.lol. raees will collect 70cr

  19. salman ke fan sun lo jab salman ne gareebo pe car chadai thi to wo yad nhi h kya. are salman ke fans jaker tum bhi salman ki car ke niche aa jao fir tumhe pata chlega un gareebo ki kasi halat thi samje . or wo deer ka kya use bhi to salman ne hi mara tha.
    fokat salman salman krte rhte ho.
    raees will cross domestic collection 350 cr and worldwide 600 cr .
    ab se apna time shuru
    jo comment ke liye sahi wo sahi
    jo comment ke liye galat wo galat
    isse jyada kabhi socha nhi
    love you srk and his fans

  20. Thank you for sharing this artical .. SRK’s Raaes
    I came across a similar informative article on SRK’s Raaes Will Be A Sure Shot Hit Movie
    Will it conflict with Kaabil on 26th Jan 2017? Or will it instead launch on a different date and appear solo? While suspense around this would be let out in a few days from now, one just hopes that a choice is taken soon.

    It would be terrible if the conflict indeed occurs because the type of prominence that Shahrukh Khan loves as a celebrity, he should get nothing but the best.

    Why? Well, here are the Top 5 reasons!

    1. As per associates, Raees is an amazing entertainer in the providing. The ultimate item has come out really well and as an action drama, the movie has a lot to provide to the listeners. When it hits the displays, it should get complete interest from the listeners with very little else as a distraction

    2. It’s about time that Shahrukh Khan hits an enormous six now. He has obtained couple of hits of years already (Chennai Express, Happy New Year) and when a celebrity like him scores millennium and a half (Dilwale), it gets marked as an under entertainer. Yes, Fan has been an aberration and hence can be ignored from professional viewpoint but now with Raees, he should get to hit it out of the aspect. He has to!

  21. First of all I want to say that please don't argue both of u about Records..
    I jst want to say that I m a big fan of SRK and Raees will be a blockbuster...And don't think that I m saying this cause I m a die hard fan of SRK.. It's hundred percent confirm that #RAEES will be Blockbuster.....And guys agar koi stardom Ki baat krega to Mai bata du...That "The biggest Star on Earth" SRK..
    SEARCH IT IN GOOGLE AND COME BACK TO THIS PAGE AND THEN ARGUE WITH SRKIANS...Till then hold ur breath and wait for the true result Of Blockbuster #RAEES...
    HAPPY RAEES Day....(Republic Day )

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