Raees Reviews by Critics

Raees Reviews by Critics

Shahrukh Khan and Mahira Khan starrer Raees has received good to decent reviews from critics. The average rating is 2.92 which is pretty good for a massy film.

  • Good: 7
  • Neutral: 4
  • Negative: 2
  • Avg Rating: 2.92/5

Raees Review by Taran Adarsh

Rating: 4/5

On the whole, RAEES is a sure-shot hit. To state that SRK is sensational would be an understatement. The love, adulation and stardom that he attained in his early films will be showered on him yet again in RAEES. A few more factors contribute too: Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s winning act, the aimed-at-masses written material and of course, the gripping finale. As far as the BO is concerned, there’s no stopping this one. An outright winner. Just don’t miss it!

Raees Review by Bollywood Life

Rating: 2.5/5

As a movie, Raees is definitely a letdown especially for those who expect a Deewar-like dhamakedaar masala movie. Fans of Shah Rukh Khan might give the movie its huge initial but don’t expect the road ahead to be a smooth ride. And warning for all superstars – acting with Nawazuddin Siddiqui is injurious to your own dramatic talents – he can steal your glory right from under your nose.

Raees Review by Koimoi

Rating: 3.5/5

Raees is certainly a one-time watch. With Shah Rukh Khan in lead, many may not need me telling them to watch it. Also, Nawaz is a complete show-stealer here!

Raees Review by Indian Express

Rating: 2.5/5

Shah Rukh Khan manages to breaks through in some scenes but this film belongs to Nawazuddin Siddiqui who is having the time of his life. A song in the film reminds us that Raees played by SRK is a ‘single piece ‘ in this world. Yes he is, but maybe we’ll be more aware of that the next time around.

Raees Review by Times of India

Rating: 3.5/5

Shah Rukh Khan has never looked better; he’s full of fury and for once, isn’t spreading his arms, but breaking others’. The film lies entirely on his shoulders and he carries the weight most of the times. The movie can feel a bit long, but if you’re going for a great Shah Rukh performance and some good ol’ popcorn-entertainment, it might just ‘raees’ to the occasion.

Raees Review by Deccan Chronicles

Rating: 2/5

'Raees' is certainly a one time watch but don't expect the unexpected at all. If you are seeking a plot with enough twists then you will be disappointed. It’s just the run-of-the-mill ‘chor-police’ chase, which you must have seen infinite times in the past. Strongly recommended for Shah Rukh Khan fans.

P.S. ‘Raees’ is a slightly better film than ‘Dilwale’ and ‘Fan’.

Raees Review by Firstpost

Rating: 4/5

What a fine, fine performance this is by Shah Rukh Khan — possibly a career best. And what a fine, fine film this is by Rahul Dholakia. Its triumph is that it brings the best of ‘Bollywood’ — the sheer entertainment and glamour and scale of it — to a gripping story. Watch Raees for Shah Rukh Khan. Watch Raees for Nawazuddin Siddiqui. Watch Raees for Rahul Dholakia. But most of all, watch Raees for Raees.

Raees Review by Filmfare

Rating: 3/5

Raees serves up every thrill and spill you’d expect from a commercial masala movie. While the story and ideas aren’t all new or refreshing, Raees’ big play comes from its nostalgic treatment. This is a film for SRK fans and those who’ve grown up on a staple fare of Hindi pot boilers. Heroes, action, dialogue, romance and music this one has the whole jingbang.

Raees Review by India Today

Rating: 3.5/5

Lastly, the small moments... like the one where Shah Rukh's Raees is happy with the news of a new family member gracing his life very soon and the very next minute, he gets a call to kill someone. Or the one scene where Raees and his men are shipping alcohol, which gives a new meaning altogether to the phrase "Naak ke niche se"; this is intelligent filmmaking in the service of a been-there-seen-that story with risky overtones.

Raees Review by Hindustan Times

Rating: 2/5

Yet, the problem is fundamental: the writing is shoddy and unoriginal. And by the time it wades into certain true events, it is left with too little time and meaning. Raees perhaps works only as an SRK showcase. But we’ve seen many of those already.

Raees Review by DNA

Rating: 2.5/5

Far better films have been made on crime in the 80s. There is nothing special about Raees. But if you're a Shah Rukh fan, go for it.

Raees Review by Zee News

Rating: 3/5

'Raees' is an entertainer which is driven by powerhouse performances. From dialogue delivery to slow motion sequences, the movie will give you goosebumps at times. If you want to witness high-octane actions, intense emotions and sincere filmmaking, then go for 'Raees'. It amalgamates Shah Rukh's charm and Rahul's intelligence.

Raees Review by Pinkvilla

Rating: 2.5/5

To point out that the film is unoriginal is futile. Besides blaming the convoluted writing of the film, its forgettable songs at regular intervals hardly makes a strong case for it. Its fabulous dialogues are a handful in number and doesn't have the punch, one may have hoped for. To be fair, Dholakia is more to be blamed for the fiasco. It isn't terrible but paying homage to the baddies has been done frequently in Bollywood. If you are bringing back a lost genre, at least get it right or attempt to give it a fresh spin. Rahul does neither! By DNA, Raees is far from falling under Dholakia's skill set. Then, who is the right man to blame? Maybe it is kohl-eyed, too-good-to-be-bad superstar who wouldn't stop doing indulgent ham fests despite knowing he is made for better. Mr Khan, when will you make us doff our hats next?

28 comments on “Raees Reviews by Critics”

  1. KOIMOI rating on Latest movies

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    Dilwale 2/5
    Fan 2.5/5
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    Raees 3.5/5

    Decide yourself

    1. Even if the reviews are outstanding(paid reviews), it will be disaster. WOM is totally negative. Ab toh Raees banega Bhikhari.
      We don't want smuggler movies.

        1. ghar leja khans ko aur kisne kaha bollywood duniya me famous he pehle tere khans ko to famous hone do sirf chillar he khans isiliye sirf india me chalte he.
          baki raees dekhi kya badi ghatia movie he na

  2. The only review matters for both movies kaabil and raees is of taran adarsh and he has given 4 to each of them and both are very good movies......

  3. For deccan....
    How you can say that raaes is better tan fan and dilwale if verdict of both movies are same....

  4. 12.5k people trend #khooniSRK on twitter today..
    I am in the shock..
    Who these people are ??
    May be from another planet.

  5. yani Raees bhi achi movie hai taran adarsh or komal nahta or anupama chopra inke reviews zaida ehmiyat rakhte hai kiun ke yeh tinno critics bollywood ke sath bohat attach rahe hai

  6. massy movies ko itne ache reviews nahi milte magr overall Raees ko ache reviews mile hai

  7. Raees has taken an outstanding advance of 16.5cr while kabil has taken advance of 3cr raees can have highest day for non holiday report from boxofficeindia.com

  8. koi moi was the one who was spreading negativity at the time of FAN.
    taran adarsh gave 4stars...enough reason to watch in theatre...

    1. Broo, tere naam se hi lag raha hai, tu raees ko support nahi karenga. Btw, tum jaise haters burnol kaa dabba le lo

    2. Beta reviews dekh ke to tu shock ho gya hoga .....ooo sayad taran adarsh dusre planet Ka hai Jo raees ko 4/5 diya....
      Raees rocks...

  9. MATLAB eh film vi Gaya pani me . Sach kahu srk ab dubta huwa suraj ho Gaya hai

  10. I dont think flimfare review will matter to anyone... specially after the recent fallouts

  11. Public response is negative to decent . Not lying check anywhere . Some critics are comparing it with Once upon a time in mumbai . Was expecting good but again same thing . Choose good script mr khan .

  12. Raees and kaabil are the best movies of srk and hr in recent times. Plz dont spread negativity.
    Enjoy both movies. Best of luck to kaabil and raees

  13. Taran adarsh,komal nahta both best critic of India has given a huge thumbs up to the massy movie which generally doesn't get even 3 stars but raees has suppressed all the expectations.....
    I think raaes will do 20cr+ in all day of opening weekend....

  14. Raees is definitely a 4/5 star movie and 0.5 additional for srk performance as he is at his best.

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