Raees Monday Box Office Collection

Raees has dropped on Monday by around 55%. The film has grossed around 6.20 crore which has taken its total close to 100 crore.

Such kind of drop was expected on Monday due to the higher extended weekend. However it should have held better. Raees was doing its business mainly in Mumbai circuit which tends to drop more on weekdays. Instead it is traditional North Indian markets which hold better after the weekend. But Raees was average there in the weekend so it was expected.

On Monday, Raees has dropped badly in North India as the occupancy has fallen to very low levels. The same trend continues on Tuesday also with even higher drops. It is unlikely to collect much in the second week in the region.

Day 120.42
Day 226.30
Day 313.11
Day 415.61
Day 517.80
Day 66.20
Day 75.70
Day 85.30
Day 94.20
Day 103.0
Day 114.20
Day 125.25
Day 131.50
Day 141.35
Day 151.20
Day 161.0
Day 170.30
Day 180.60
Day 190.85
Day 20-230.85
4th Week0.17
5th Week0.05
6th Week0.02
Total134.04 Cr

43 comments on “Raees Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Bodyguard collected 100 cr in 7 days in 2011 and last year sultan collected double in 7 days and our global king's movie collected in 7 days

    1. Do you know Bodyguard was released on 3600 screens and sultan on 5400 screens...
      Where as Raees is released on 2600 & Kabbil on 2200 screens ... Their collections are good.. facts always needs to be checked before making a blunt comment...

  2. Raees completely crashed now where are the srgays hiding now.
    As I already said even before it's release,
    It will be Biggest Disaster of the year, became true now.

  3. Raees to gya
    Shows of kaabil increased in Jaipur multiplexes
    Advance booking in Jaipur is terrific for Tuesday
    Check book my show
    Visible doesn't need any certificates from crap boi

  4. honesty January is dull period, jai ho did 105cr on solo where Raees cross it with clash with in 7days, growth in 2nd weekend is crucial for Raees

  5. Hahaha.....raaes will collect around 130 crores acc to boi .....nd they are showing 140 crore budget means another flop by srk...jyaada se jyaada avg status it will get by boi.

  6. Hehehe kya bola tha.monday aa gaya aur wohi hua to sab sane minded logo ne bola tha.raees crashed 6cr colln hahahaha.look at commentatory by bollyarena. mazza aa gaya.

    On Monday, Raees has dropped badly in North India as the occupancy has fallen to very low levels. The same trend continues on Tuesday also with even higher drops. It is unlikely to collect much in the second week in the region.

  7. srk fans sirf twitter facebook pe hi dikhte hai
    theatre mein sirf aamir aur salman ke hi loyal fans hote hai

  8. Acc to boi
    1. Raees lifetime collection would be around 130 crores -status flop /average
    2. Kaabil 80 to 90 crores -status flop /avg..
    Acc to boi raees budget around 140
    Nd Kaabil budget around 90 crores...

  9. @romance, ..don't worry my friend raees will be also flop if u r following that site (boi)...ar ha @srk fans, hny 45 crores opening day ab galti se bhi mat bol dena kahin bhi ...b'coz of acc to boi it is 36 crores...

  10. SRK loyalist BOI report has also come.Rees dropped even as per them.


    Raees Drops On First Monday
    Tuesday 31 January 2016 12.30 IST
    Box Office India Trade Network
    Google+ Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Addthis

    Raees had a drop in collections on Monday as it grossed 6 crore nett to take its total to 98.25 crore nett. The drop is 55% from Friday which is on the higher side and the film really needed to clock up a 7 crore nett plus Monday. It has won the clash with Kaabil as that film is unlikely to reach the five day weekend total of Raees but that is not really the objective for the film. The fact that the film was best in where Shahrukh Khan films outperform rather than where mass films do best was a problem over the five days and on Monday the better circuits came down also as these mass types don't sustain there. The reports in the multiplexes especially North were not there and that told on Monday as the holds in single screens were much better. The weekend ensures its a safe film but that will be about it. The first six day business of Raees is as follows.

    Wednesday - 20,25,00,000
    Thursday - 26,25,00,000
    Friday - 13,00,00,000
    Saturday - 15,50,00,000
    Sunday - 17,25,00,000
    Monday - 6,00,00,000

    TOTAL - 98,25,00,000

    The extended first week of the film is set to be around 112-113 crore nett but the Monday drop makes it tough in the second week even though no major releases. The second week will also be close in terms of the clash with Kaabil but the lead is already too big for that film to making any big inroads into it.

  11. Both raees and kaabil are going like sultan.very high 5days extended weekend and then dropping badly.
    Thats the reason Aamir is very very big star as compare to sallu and srk.their films could not sustain on weekdays.
    Only 3-5 days dhamaka.but in case Of Aamir there is 3-5 days dhamaka and also life time dhamaka.
    Mr.Perfectionist kiskike haat nahi anewala.

    1. Dangal did not get much holiday advantage because Christmas was on Sunday also New year was on Sunday....

      Still PK ka record break karke all time blockbusters bana... Thats called star power...


  12. Raees Monday figures(actual) are much below Kaabil Monday figures.
    Budhha film inflated figures stand 6.20 cr clearly shows it's a disaster.

  13. Aaj se iss forum mein Srk fans ko dikhayi nahi dga....

    They fed up with giving excuses for the poor performance of Raees....

  14. BOI figure-
    Raees-6cr on monday so final total will be 125cr
    Kaabil-4 cr on monday worse and final total 75 cr

    1. @3 khan's in ur dreams.140 cr bhi mushkil hai.it wld be an average fare as per BOI.

      @parshya yaar tumne raees ko overestimate kar liya.u were predicting 155 cr but it looks like 140-145 cr.bechare SRK ki starpower ko samjho.woh 140 cr mein hi bahut khush hai.

      1. sorry bro....i thought that it would do 7cr on monday..but still it has a chance in 2nd weekend.chalo itna to karne do bechare ko...sallu ki bhi halat iss cristmas pe aisi hi honewali hein.Raj kumar Hirani sallu ka band bajayega agar clash hua to.
        aab koi bhi sallu aur srk ke sath clash kar sakta hein par Aamir ki movie ane par sab 3 weeks bad apni movie release karte hein clash karna to bahot doooor ki bat hein.

  15. Kaabil is far better a movie than raees srk left with no gud movies guy is just doing the movies once rejected by he himself other two khans have raised their bars to other level.
    Srk nothing new just playing old wines in new bottles again n again........

  16. one of the best movie i have ever seen..brilliant story, melodious songs, catching dialogue, good background story and superb acting by all making it a masterpiece.

  17. the lesson learned from this clash :
    -Don't release any other movie in this shitty month and specially with a clash-

  18. According to boi raess budget 127cr and kaabil budget 89cr so verdict of both movies will average

  19. It is not because of clash brothers... If Raees was a good movie its occupancy should above 40% on weekdays...

    Today's occupancy is in between 20-25%
    There are lots of seats available in all the shows... People had no interest in watching Raees....

  20. As we all know, same happened with Raees also neutral audiences missing only SRK's fan base..Coming throughout weekend after that neutral audiences have to pick the film but dey r not interested in SRK any more dats it..

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