Raees Monday Box Office Collection Update

Raees Monday Box Office Collection: The early trends suggest that Raees has a slow start in morning shows on Monday. The film is pretty much lower as compared to previous days but that was always expected as it had extended first weekend with two holidays. We hope it will improve in the evening shows. The below is Raees 6th day collection update.

Raees Monday Box Office Collection Update

Morning Shows Report:

Raees has considerable drops in the morning shows as compared to last five days. The best hold has come in Gujarat and Mumbai to some extended. The overall India occupancy was 20%. These are samples only from multiplexes and limited single screens where it may have a better hold. The film has a good growth on the weekend so the drop is normal.

Now it has to start picking up in the noon shows. The film was super strong in Mumbai, South India, and West Bengal North India in all five days. The best hold on weekdays always come from traditional Hindi markets in North India however, Raees was average in that region. The ticket prices are lower today and also it is the sixth day of release so there will be more than normal drop in Raees Monday collection from opening day. However, the film can pick up in the evening shows.

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We are comparing today's occupancy to Friday so that you might get a better idea about today's hold.





End of Updates

Raees 6th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Raees 6th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can take a look at it in the below link Raees 6th Day Box Office Collection

Raees has collected 94 crores in its first extended weekend. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Raees Monday box office collection (6th day) update in the comments section.

82 comments on “Raees Monday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. hey haters ki lagi wat....150cr pakka...with clash..

    solo may be 300cr...

    This is power of SRK Power of stardom....

    1. Abey tu pagal hai kya.slow start aur 6-7 cr colln predict ho raha hai aur bol raha hai haters ki watt lag gayi aur ab teri prediction 150 par aa gayi.wah do din 170 bol rahe the.i expected more collns.yeh to almost crash ho rahai hai.dangal mon was 23 cr aur yahan par tum log 7 cr se khush ho.

      1. i feel petty on you and all those who try to make SRK down they are giving fake reviews of KAABIL extra ordinary…

        mark my words…if kaabil releases solo no one damn give more than 2 stars or pathetic

        ok lets see next movie of hrithik how much it will collect the same people who say kaabil is good,awesome will not give one watch to next release.

      2. Both movies are one time watch. But as a movie #kaabil (3.15*) is better than #raees (2.5 *).
        But kaabil is also not a that type of movie that will i recommend to all my friends ki jao dekho dekho.
        But #Hr ki performance bahut achhi hai.

        And #raees is avrage movie with good song and very nice background music.

        And one more thing #kaabil not catch #raees collection in life time run. Because kaabil bi sirf one time watch hai but its Ok-Ok to Good movie and raees is Average to Below avrage movie.
        #True Feelings for raees and kaabil.. Thank you Guys. #Last and final comment on kaabil and raees.

      3. ha bhai bohot khush hai saurabh...teri dangal k jaise 4500 screens nahi mili hai raees ko ....sirf 2700 screens hi mili hai samjha !!
        kuch to dimaag laga kar bola kar

      4. Tu pagal to nahi hai sourabh.dangal solo release hue thi usko usko 10 day full holiday Mila tha.tu usse Kya compare kar raha hai tera dimag ghas charne Gaya hai Kya?

  2. 20% in the morning....later half it collect with 35% to 50% of first day it will go past...7 to 8 crore..

    now give me the logic with same occupancy with less number of screen Kaabil fetch 10.5cr in first day...so how come Raess 7cr only....either EXCEL calculator is normal or Rakesh Roshan calculator is very fast it atomically add one zero...HAHAHA

  3. At last SRK film will collect more than 100 Crore. Good going SRK . Last 4 films combined has crossed Dangal collection with more than 10000 Screens combined.Rejoice for all SRKiaans.

  4. Do u Guys think raaes gonna Pick up the same way as kaabil did on Friday.Cot kaabil showed décent upward trend So it collectés 10 odd cr. Whereas raees won't acheive That.

  5. @bolly arena with same occupancy rate Kaabil collected 10.40cr in first day with less number of screen but with same occupancy rate you are predicting for Raees 7cr...give me logic....

    either Rakesh roshan figures are fake which hot topic in trade or excell they do not maths?????

    1. Letz see kiski lagegi, Raees k dum pe kama rehi hai kaabil, solo mai 60-65Cr. bhi mushkil tha lifetym mai...

  6. Raees has earned 50cr + from overseas already.... Recovering making budget from overseas

  7. Die hard Srk fan Jahangir Khan predicts 150 crore lifetime for Raees...??

    Dilwale 150cr + Fan 85cr + Raees 150cr = Dangal 385cr....


  8. Srk hny 160 Cr.flop Chennai express 206 Cr.dilwale 140 Cr.flop fan 73 Cr.flop.dear zindagi 67cr flop.Raees budget 135 Cr with srk fee flop.kitne flop dega be.

    1. happy new year hit 185 and channi express 222 blockbuster fan 85 avarage and dilwale 149 avarage world wide badme apko woda kartaho amir ka jo flim a raha hana super secret o flop list ma rahage because is movie ki 5 days late ma rahanuma a raha ha srk to a flim to gaye ore akbat amir aisi 5 movie keya jo hit raha o to srk na thukraha ta to amir sab thukrana movie karta ha o hum jantaha ore akbad 1995 ranggila be pahaly ayethe ore srk ddgl bad ma aythe ore bazi ddgl na mare thi, gaddar and laggan to dakha to kaysi clash huya ore gadar na lagan sa basi kamai kethe so clah karna ka leya kolija chayeya ore o jeggar amir ka nahe ha.

    1. Gaurav, bhai jyada maat bol, bohot maar kha lega kizi king khan k fan se takra gaya to n naa Salman naa Aamir aayega bachane...

  9. Raees life timewill be165cr and kaabil 120cr ttotal285cr max and sultan alone 300cr meanss. Srk+hr are loser

  10. Trade Ki manoge to srk ka ye 4 wa flop h continues.so pahle aapna dekho.phir coment karna.

    1. Bhai zra thk se check kro analysis ....sirf fan flop h ... hny, dilwale, dear zindagi. ...all r hit

      1. @ zaq a normal person will understand not a hater. So leave him.Let him bark everywhere.

  11. abe gaurav nahi to gobaar hai.Raees will emerge winner at end.winner to Av v h by profit %......

  12. Clash kiya to sahi kiya warna tabhi to psta chalega dangal firstday 20c Raees firstday 21c+clash
    all of see srk hater

  13. As per makers of 'Raees' the film has earned Rs 93.24 crore so far while 'Kaabil' has done a business of Rs 67.46 crore.

    According to Box Office India, a trade magazine, 'Raees' has approximately done a business of Rs 92 crore while 'Kaabil' stands at Rs 54 crore so far. Clearly how much manipulated roshans are.. Taran Adarsh have stop given kaabil collection..

  14. Hahahaaaa
    Ye to mere pridiction se bhi kam nikla
    My production for 4thday is 9.5 cr
    And @bollyarena predict 6.5cr(b/w6and7)
    Raees is going to 4th disaster of srk career...
    Lftime coll.-115cr
    #aamir baap of other khan....

  15. Chalo accha srgayians jaane do
    Tum kahoge clash,kam screens,no edx wagarah2.. Tha raees ke time Jo dangal me nahi tha...
    Baat overseas ki kar lo jahan tumhare hisab se srgay bahut famous hai..
    Raees-$7.5mill.(till now)
    Max-$10 mill.
    Dangal-$30 mill.
    Agar asli srgayians ho to reply jaroor karna...

    1. @akki fake collection nahi todta aamir
      Real coll.todta hai vo
      Ye to Farah khan ke fake coll. Hai-
      Hny 1 day -44.5cr
      Trade coll.-34.5cr
      Aur ye to 2nd day hi pata chal gaya-
      Hny2 day-31.5cr
      15+cr ka drop vo bhi weekend mein
      Hahahaaa srgay ka bas naam ka strardom
      Aur dhoom 3 day 1-36.5cr(trade coll.)
      Google that fig.@akki....

  16. I already gave Monday figures of Raees in earlier posts, it will be an collosal flop as usual. 3rd consecutive disasters for Haklu dilwale, fan and Raees. Ab The Ring ki baari Disaster hone ki

  17. jo kh rhe ,ki bina clash k double hota collection....to occupancy etni km kyo h...??

    kya Ritik k fan...raees dekhne jate...jo double ho jate .. ??

    bina clash k or jyada screens me 25-30 crore start k day me jyada jrur kmati....par weekend k baad 5% occupancy ho jati

    or hny ne 10 crore jyada btaye h...oopning day pr...

    Or raees 10000 crore b kma le na....to b Raees gatiya movie thi...or h..or rahegi....CE ki tarah..

    ydi Srk dangal ,3idots or pk,gulam ,RDB ...jesi movie de de to...

    srk Fan pagal ho jayenge...or khenge....biggest star of the galexy...

  18. Gawd, how lame can people get.. Guys whoever has some sense of what a movie is all about, will know that Raees is definitely a better movie than Kaabil. No doubt Hritik has done a good job, but story screenplay and performance wise Raees is far better.. so please stop saying rude things just because you dont like a particular actor.

  19. aakhir Raees release ho hi gyi...

    jinke liye bnayi thi..

    pakisthan me..

    srk ne socha hoga pak actress ko leke...pak ,uae me record todenge...

  20. ab toh bollyarena ke monday prediction se sab srgay fans ko pata chal gaya hoga ki raees ki kya aukaad hai. my prediction came true,raees is a disaster
    budhhe ka kaam khatam

    1. I think u donk know who is the king of Bollywood okay na if not then plz write in Google who is the king of Bollywood
      Who is the global super star in world then ur idea is clear
      Google say akki baadshah of Bollywood hahahahahha
      Google say ajay baadshah of Bollywood hahahahha what the joke
      Google say hrithik global super star hahahaha sorry its not aprai fool day haha

      Google say shah rukh khan is only king of Bollywood

  21. reading all the comments above I couldn't resist typing one.. because basics have to be understood first.
    firstly, a movie is to be called hit if it earns more than what distributers and exhibitors have paid for it..
    example if the budget of movie is 50 crore, and it is sold to distributers at 60 crore, then the producer is earning a profit of 10 crores. also he will get a hafty amount by selling satellite rights and music of the movie.
    now when movie earns a certain amount, then half of the money goes to cinema owners and the other half to distributors.
    so if the movie has been purchased for 60 crores, then it need to earn more than 120 crores to be called profitable to distributors. the distribution of movie differs for domestic and overseas..
    now giving example of dilwale.. it was profitable for producers Bt distributers went into loss..
    same might happen with raees.
    kaabil is low budget movie and has good chance to recover its cost and become a profitable film for both producers and distributers.

  22. Good advance booking for evening and night shows at mumbai,bangalore,kolkatta,hyderabad,delhi. 8crs minimum.

  23. I think u donk know who is the king of Bollywood okay na if not then plz write in Google who is the king of Bollywood
    Who is the global super star in world then ur idea is clear
    Google say akki baadshah of Bollywood hahahahahha
    Google say ajay baadshah of Bollywood hahahahha what the joke
    Google say hrithik global super star hahahaha sorry its not aprai fool day haha

    Google say shah rukh khan is only king of Bollywood

  24. I think u also don't know who is the 2nd rechist actor in the world
    Chakki is the 2nd rechest actor in the world hahaha
    Kajjay is the 2nd rechest actor in the word hahaha
    Hrithik is the 2nd rechest actor in the world what the joke sir sorry its not 1st aprai hahahahahaha
    2nd rechest actor in the word only on don sharukh khan baadshah of bollywood

  25. It has been performing very well in the evening so over 8 crore is very much expected which will be good.

  26. Hny 10 Cr manipulation one day.hny is hit by producer fig..not trade fig.dilwale 140 Cr collection.but budget 150 Cr.gmfan flop.hny flop..dear zindagi average.nd why srk is not charging fee in raees...bcz then it will be another flop for srk

  27. SRK starrers will open good.. if not big due to his hard earned fans.. but will struggle aftr 3 days because neutral audiences will not watch his films

  28. This time Roshan srk ki maar raha hain.Last time SLB maar raha tha.King khan ki...........

  29. Any actor in Bollywood which has 400 million cross hahaha what a joke all actors is bhikhari and our baadshah khan 800 million dollor haha what a joke then u called srk not king haha

  30. Its all about single release of a commercial movie in Eid or Christmas.
    SRK, Aamir, Salman gave the biggest blockbusters only in these formulas in last few years like Dangal, Sultan, PK, Dhoom 3, Chennai Express. You if you think Salman & Aamir can blockbusters by their starpower then what happened to Talaash & Jai Ho ?
    And one more thing nobody is getting that is two big films clash means 2 trouble for each of the films 1 is much lesser screens and 2 is audiences have two options. Thats what Jab Tak Hain Jaan, Dilwale, Raees, Kaabil suffered. And talking about films PK, Bajrangi Bhaijan was exceptional and Dilwale was Rubbish. Raees is a damn good film but destroyed by very bad releasing.

  31. Raees will earn between 160-180 cr.... which is brilliant considering a big clash with Kaabil & january being the month for exams of schools,,upcoming board exams & on goingcollege semester exams....so its a blockbuster considering all these if its collected more than 150 cr in domestic with just 2700 screens...

    mrk my words RAHNUMA (upcoming SRK-ANUSHKA film) will be a bigger blockbuster coming in Independence weekend 2017...but DWARF (2018 CHRISTMAS ) WILL BREAK EVERY RECORDS OF BOLLYWOOD & WILL CREATE HISTORY ....

  32. agar srk salman amir ne unke movie may 7000 crore kamaye tum indian fan ko kitne crore milega ????choda tumeri bas ki nai 3 khan apne jaga ma prathivawan hey rahangey all of them r super and best in their role.tum apne career may focous dho tumiari yai thik hoga i m guy from nepal

  33. Raees with the same occupancy of Kaabil in the first day has : 7cr ''OK FOR NOW EVERYTHING IS LOGICAL ?''
    But Kaabil 1st day collection is (same occupancy- less screen) : 10.3 cr ...:3 ????
    I think now i'm in farah khan's movie...NO LOGIC....?
    *mr.rakesh uses a calculator who doesn't works correctly* That is everything...

  34. Comment:i know in collections srk is way behind than other two khans and that is due to the directors he is choosing, his stardom has no effect yet. Worldwide bollywood is known because of him. And what yu all are comparing of collections that is due to story and well direction and want to compare acting than for that no words needed to be described. LOL in caption dont hate or ignore him.

  35. Pehale raees dangal k saath release horahi thi.,prepone kiya sultan k saath, baadme 25jan. Srk is waste person. Hr k saath competition nahi kar sakta to kya Aamir Khan k saath kya khakh karegi. Fan flop dear zindagi flop. Aur Raees k budget me Srk ki fees add karoge to Raees bhi flop. Dilwale flop. 100cr ka zamana gaya. Abhi more than 250cr ka zamana hai. Maloom

    1. Jao jakar dekh tere baap amir ne zyada clash kiya hai ya Srk ne or soon le amir or Srk ka clash ho Chuka hai or amir haar bhi gaya hai Srk se

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