Raees makers end speculations on release date

The makers of Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Raees’ have put rumours of the film changing release date to rest.

There were reports earlier that ‘Raees’, which clashes with Salman Khan’s ‘Sultan’ on Eid, was being postponed. However, the makers of ‘Raees’ have uniquely designed t-shirts flashing the release date of the film with a dialogue: ‘Baniye ka dimaag aur Miyabhai ka daring’.

The director Rahul Dholkia and actress Mahira Khan were wearing these t-shirts. Check out the pics here.




Shahrukh Khan also posted on Twitter.

So Raees is all set to release on Eid which will set up the biggest clash of Bollywood history with Sultan. Tell us if you are super excited for Eid in the comments section.

20 comments on “Raees makers end speculations on release date”

  1. Not a good sign for Bollywood.. Both films will eat each other's screens and business. Will potentially lose 50 crores at least individually had they come on different dates. Holiday or no holiday. Looks more like a clash of egos of the two banners rather than actors. SRK and Salman both don't seem to be at any loggerheads but will lose out on good money due to the clash both in domestic and overseas markets.

  2. The Dilwale vs BM clash showed that two big budget highly anticipated movies will lose out on money individually if they come together. Dilwale lost at least 50 crores because of the clash & BM around 20-25 crores. Dilwale had a better trending than PRDP who just cashed in on two open weeks and a solo Diwali release. Dilwale could have had a 150 crore first week easily and BM which could have got 100 crores in the first week and eventually 20-25 crores more in lifetime. Let's see how this clash turns out.

  3. There was never any rumour of raees being shifted. They have released the posters and the teaser long long back. They look extremely confident about the movie

  4. Eid always belongs to Sallu Bhai.
    Undoubtedly SULTAN will take huge opening and will be A BLOCKBUSTER.
    Unnecessarily RAEES makers will lose hefty amount of Investment and will be FLOP.

  5. It seems SRK needs another Punch after DILWALE.
    and RAEES makers didn't learnt any lesson it seems.

  6. This is not a wise decision both Srk and Sk. Domestic collection tough because Srk is a megastar and Opposite side Salman Khan are much popular in last few years. Overseas collection I give guarantee Raees is better collection than Sultan.

  7. If fan will perfrom well, Srk have better chances, yes depend all on the wom.. If we look Raes they have Quality actors like N.siduqi.
    Srk have always good opening.. remember Hnh open 45 crore with negative wom, Chrnnai express 33, Dilwale with clash 21..
    Now if FAN can take a opening like 25-30 that will confirm that srk have more chance than Sallu in the opening.
    My prediction Of Fans is 26 crore.

    1. Not just SRK and N. Siddiqui. There are other quality actors like mahira khan and Zeeshan. Add to that, national awardee director. This movie should easily turn out to be better than Sultan. Opening will be higher than Sultan bcoz of SRK, and lifetime collections too - bcoz of the positive WOM

  8. Opening will be almost equal for both the films but it's the word of mouth that will decide fate of both the films.If FAN does well Raees has an edge over sultan,if it doesn't then sultan will open bigger.
    And can u guys mature and stop fighting over who needs whom to promote their films.The point is both are very big stars they do not need anyone else to promote their films,it's only their fans who fight about this,the superstars are busy in their work and they don't even give a damn.

  9. I think srk and yrf preplanned to project raess and sultan to clash so that they can cash in free publicity. Yrf and srk are like family. Any one movie will shift by 2 weeks thats for sure. I feel sultan will shift.

  10. @Deep I agree Better WOM films wins at box office. And this WOM trend started with Success of Bajirao mastani (dilwale average)
    I am confident about SULTAN Coz it's shaping very well.
    Let's wait for FAN first Coz July is too far away.

  11. @Deep WOM and Reviews are totally different some Chamacha reviewers give MORE FAKE STARS and stress more on appreciable aspects of film in their review. And ignore poor story line poor dialogues poor screen play But when people dislike the film flops.
    And I really feel very BAD with what happened to films like ALIGARH, TITLI, UGLY, MAIN Aur Charles and so many which got Critical Acclaim but people didn't came to theatres to watch.
    That's PATHETIC.

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