Raees makers are thinking that I am scared: Rakesh Roshan

Rakesh Roshan is all over the news since yesterday. He has been giving many interviews to different entertainment portals regarding the clash between Raees and Kaabil.

In the latest chat with Indian express, Rakesh Roshan said that he tried his best to make SRK and the team of Raees understand why the two big ticket films clashing on the same day is not a good business proposition but in vain.

“This February I planned the release of Kaabil. My film was getting over in August. I had October, November and December to release the film. But when I saw all the films which were releasing on these dates, I said I will not want to clash and so I looked into January then. In January, we had a clean slate. So we announced the film in January.

Now all of a sudden in the last month or so, I also learnt that they were also planning to come on the same date. So I met SRK and explained it to him that there is a well and we both are jumping into it. Because there is a box-office limitation of not crossing Rs 300 crore, either you will be at Rs 170 crore and I at Rs 130 crore or vice versa. I also told him Hrithik is not your contemporary. Your contemporaries are Salman Khan and Aamir Khan who have already crossed Rs 300 crore. So it is better that we don’t clash and you choose some other date.

He understood and then he again announced it to clash with our film. I met him again and tried to tell him but again and again when I met him, I got the impression that they were thinking that I am scared and that is why I am telling all these things. On the contrary, I was as a businessman trying to tell them that two big films should not come together.”

The filmmaker also lashed at SRK and the makers of Raees not heeding to his advice. “You can guide and tell a blind person that there is a well and he will change his route. But if your eyes are open and you are seeing and still jumping in the well, I can’t do anything about it. And it is not just affecting us. As a filmmaker from the last 50 years in this industry, you have to see the growth of the industry. This is not affecting just us. The clash will affect all the working crew members, the exhibitors, distributors and it will also affect the audience because they will be divided. So you are not clashing with me. You are clashing with the whole world. So how do we go then?”

Calling this clash unethical, Rakesh said, “It is unethical (to clash). I could have come with Befikre. I could have come with Dangal. But I didn’t do that because that is not ethical. So I went to January but if they don’t understand the business part, I have no idea what they are thinking right now. Maybe they must have seen something intelligent which I am not able to see. I can’t say anything else because I am clean. I am all clean. God is with me. Let’s see what happens. And even for SRK, I know how much the business will be. So if his film is better, it will do Rs 170 or 180 crore and I will do Rs 120 or 130 crore or vice versa. But in no way, we will cross Rs 300 crore.”

“I didn’t request. I am just trying to explain the business aspect but if they are not understanding what else can I do? You can only tell a child that this is right and this wrong. You can’t go beyond that.”

18 comments on “Raees makers are thinking that I am scared: Rakesh Roshan”

    1. Woh to waqt bataayga...his last movie is only a non performer in India were as its overseas collection ins 3rd highest of the year. Dear zindgi is not his movie still it's a clear hit..we're as dilwale earned 148crs in india and $ 26.3 million ...go check out facts before commenting....

  1. @bollyarena

    Thank you for allowing me again to comment on articles. Nice gesture bollyarena. And also one more think though from last 2 months I was unable to comment on any page of bollyarena I regularly use to visit here for boxoffice updates...you guys are doing excellent work...

  2. for all srk fan
    rakesh roshan give the chance to srk in
    king uncle

    but the fact is that
    raees will get positive response
    because they already reshoot bad portion
    in recent time
    but I will watch kaabil first because of their blind concept
    and after I will watch raees on latter day

  3. Earlier it has been told srk met roashan and every one was telling srk dar gya hai islye roshan k paas bhiik mangne gaya hai now roshan is telling he met vd srk , pehle decide karlo sach kya hai... now raees is not telling anything bur Roshan baukhla gaye hain, apne har interview mein clash ko lekar raees team per blaim karrahe hain...

    1. Tumhare salman khan ne hi confirm kiya tha ke raees movie ab tak complete shoot nahi huvi isliye raees ki date shift kar di.

      Kuch bhi mat bhoko plzz?

  4. It's really sad that when 2 films are crashing - Roshan uncle is crying like a kid.. this is not 1st time it has happened...

    Why so much drama...this roshans and devgans r real culprits...apke film me Damm hai thoo daloo film or else withdraw since last 25 years we r seing classes on holidays and this situations will grow in future..

    Ghayal and DIL were release on same day
    Lagaan and Gadar
    And many such success and failoure stories r their.

    Why roshans r politising this situation. He is saying SRK should take some other holiday and can Roshan say which date is available as whole 2017 chart is full with release dates and some r already classing...

    So he is just saying SRK should see other date....can uncle note one single date...in 2017...and 2nd point SRK is been delaying to release since 2016 just because of dates as sultan captured their date and they politely got off..as they sultan was strong to put them down.

    This is business....hope devgans and roshans understand this and not play politics...SRK, Karan Johar or yash banner r safe guard to pull...this roshans do they have daring to talk to Akshay or salman or aamir...

  5. ye taklu jhut bolta hai, isne nahi balki srk ne iske ghar per visit ki aur request ki per yeh nahi mana. waise bhi agar loss hoga dono ka toh yehi zimmedar hai srk nahi.......

  6. He is completely telling a lie.not he , its SRK who met him several times but he didn't change kaabil release date.and now he is proving himself very innocent.

  7. I lost all my respect for Rakeshji.Why he is crying like this?If Kabil is good as he claims then why is he worried?Tried of hearing his sad story about the clash all the time.

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