Raees is a work of fiction and not based on anyone: Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan has gone all out for his upcoming film Raees to avoid any kinds of political controversies.

Yesterday he visited MNS chief Raj Thackeray at his house and assuring that Mahira Khan won't be flown down to India and he will not be working with a Pakistani artiste in the future. The actor has now sent out a joint statement with the film's makers, clarifiying that the film is not based on anyone, but a work of fiction.

The film is allegedly based on the life of the 80's Gujarat-based bootlegger Abdul Latif, who also supposedly was great associate of Dawood Ibrahim.

However, SRK came out rubbishing all rumours.

"In view of certain media reports that claim that the film 'Raees' is based on a real-life story and rumours to that effect being circulated, we take this opportunity to clarify that the Story of the film 'Raees' is a pure work of fiction, not based on any person; living or dead. All those making such claims, will realise it themselves, once they see the film. It is an imagined crime thriller set against the backdrop of Gujarat," the makers said in a statement.

'Raees' is set to release alongside 'Kaabil,' on January 25, 2017.

11 comments on “Raees is a work of fiction and not based on anyone: Shahrukh Khan”

  1. people who say srk did wrong thing to visit mns was wrong, he want his fans to watch his movie peacefully, and want to be away from controversy, and at least he is fare to everybody what he is doing or will do in future, people who thinking he is afraid or what should know that all other film makers or actors will not cast pakistani actors or singers in the future, only the difference is he said others not saying.......

  2. Good move srk... as per my observation controversies dont help main line cinema rather they hamper them. Example is Shivaay which was surrounded with many controversies but trust me end up making damage only. So its good to keep yourself away from these stupid publicity tactics.
    Its really important to pitch any product rightly.
    You may counter me with example of udata punjab but comeon it was not suppose to make more than 60 cr anyhow.

    1. SRK doesn't need publicity... He replies to those like u who are claiming that Raees is based on latif... idiots like u shud stop spreading rumours then no actor wont make contro

  3. SRK Haters.... what if this movie flops...??? i have a suggestion for u guys... please don't waste your money and time on anything related to this movie instead you can spend that money on your loved ones and spend your time with your families... if u hate someone... it speaks a lot about your character.

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