Raees Day 4 Noon Shows Update

Raees Day 4 Box Office Collection: The early trends suggesting that Raees has shown good growth on Saturday. The occupancy is high as compared to yesterday. The film is all set for another healthy day on its 4th day. Here is the box office report.

Raees Day 4 Box Office Collection Update

Raees Saturday Morning Shows Report:

Shahrukh Khan starrer has a very good start in the morning shows. The film is rocking again in Mumbai and Gujarat belt. The multiplexes were rock solid in morning shows. Single screens were very good to good though more reports are still awaited from SS. The occupancy has grown up to 45% which is 10% higher than yesterday. However, North India continues to underperform which can be a major concern, especially on weekdays.

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Raees will show good growth as the day will progress. The film has a very good advance booking (much better than yesterday). Tomorrow is a holiday so Raees collection will get another boost in the evening. However, it was already on very high levels in first two days and there is a clash with Kaabil which has also picked up the pace. Thus it will be a very interesting battle in the crucial evening/night shows.

Raees has taken a big lead over Kaabil in the first three days. Unless any miraculous turnaround happens in next two days, it will be very tough for Kaabil to take over Raees. Kaabil has less number of screens and there are only two open weeks with no holidays.

Noon Shows Report:

Raees has grown in the noon shows. The occupancy is in the range of 55% and is likely to go higher in the evening as the advance is terrific. For the fourth day in a row, Raees will have a lead over Kaabil.






Raees 4th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

Raees 4th day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link below here => Kaabil 4th Day Box Office Collection

Raees has collected 59 crores in its three days. It is a very good number considering that there is a big clash. Also tell us what are your views about Raees Day 4 box office collection update in the comments section.

121 comments on “Raees Day 4 Noon Shows Update”

    1. Roshans singing
      Mar dala ...mar dala
      Hum pe ye kisne lal rang dala...mar dala...hahaha

      1. SRK is a phattu. 1st wants to release his movie with Salman then thought Salman Meri phad dega. Then with Aamir ....then thought ye meri aukaat nahin. Last idea ... let me bully Hrithik. Hope u chutiyas remember A certain Baji Rao. The movie was 25 crores behind Dilwale after 4 days like Kaabil is now. With both movies for finished Ranbir had crushed SRK by 189 to 147 crores. Beaten by 40 crores. So I have seen this circus before. That time to I saw the victory dance of the SRK fans.
        Nothing too odd

        1. Shayadvtu YouTube NAHI dekhta !! Sally be phle date aagay KRNE ka decide Kia but due to frndship srk ne date skip ki.

        2. There would have been a huge loss to both the movies had it been released with Sultan or Dangal. And about the Phattu comment, he is the second richest actor in the world. He need not be scared of anyone.

        3. O gadhay .pechly saath clashes hoyein hain srk ke sath .saroon ko srk ne dhool chathaya hai...
          Tery salman ko bhe Don se janeman ko disaster kia....
          Mission kashmir ko bhe mohobattein ne flop kia ..oor kia chahta hai tooo
          Oor haan...apna ranbir theek kr..its ranveer


        5. It's not RS but the movie itself that was superior ....
          bhaonani is nobody in front of srk
          Just a mounted showenist

        6. SRK DILON PE RAJ KARTA HAI....DHARM KA DHANDHA NAHI KARTA....tum india me 1 poster pharoge worldwide me new 1000 poster lag jayenge... Raees ko hit honeey se kaisey rookh paogey?

        7. SRK is king of bollywood, evergreen star.. His Raees movie is one of the best movies with best story line , action n best dialogues , moreover it's a realistic movie unlike kaabil , Hrithik jaise hazar aate jaate hain, nobody can beat SRK @Neutral critic

    2. Evryone say this movie remind Amitabh bacchan days and Salim javed story settings...
      One word Raess is classic..

  1. Happy for both movies ( for hrithik not taklu ) as its clear that both films will be hit. And bolly arena is doing gud job by giving exact collections in advance......

  2. If its 15 cr... then its not a good sign for this movie... it needs to collect more than 18cr


  3. Great .... 17 - 18 cr. Easily
    Tomorrow is Holiday
    Sunday will be 20 - 21 cr.
    Weekend 98 - 100 cr.
    Lifetime 160 cr.
    Super Hit in Dull Period with Clash
    Dangal Dangal

  4. Ho gaya bantadhar raees ka
    Srgay raees se bhikari ban gaya
    Day 4-14.5cr
    Only 1cr+from yesterday
    Raess before-aa raha hoon main
    After-bhaag raha hoon main......

  5. Srgay ki utni fan following overseas me hai toh kyun saale ko airport me rok te hai khan ke naam par

    1. Oye bina chasma Ka nhi Sikh rha hai to chasma laga le raees has 45% opening today and kaabil aslo has 45% opening but raees has more screens....

  6. Saala shakal se hi terrorist lagta hai aur use koi pehchanta hai
    Aise ka koi kaise fan ho sakta hai

    1. Do not spread negativity against any person.. U want to criticise his work, den do dat.. But don't just speak shit.. And just bcs he is muslim dont target him.. Religion and terrorism are different things.. But i noe u l never be able to understand the diff. Bcs u r such a shithead.. Love SRK

    2. Tumne aaj tak kya kiya hai desh k liye........SRK celebrates Republic day with Indian Army.......you are frustrated guy

    3. In the republic day...SRK celebrates with indian Army...by dancing on Chaiyya chaiyya dumbass....and you say he is terrorist ? i'am muslim so i'am an terrorist ? wow this is a new information for me...LMAO

  7. Kal haters bade fudak rahe the. Aaj kya hogaya.

    @disasterkhans @parshya aap log burnol lelo 1kg wala

  8. It's a fantastic film, i think best srk movie in last 10 years, if u miss rarest, u will miss manything........

  9. today kaabil morning 5% better then raees....raees 40% , kaabil 45%............................. 20% jada srn hai raees ke pass bas ... raees to gayo

    1. Bhai padh le acche se nhi to kisi se padhwa le raees Ka occupancy today morning mein.....45% likha hua hai 40% nhi loll....both movie 45% with raees having more screens....

  10. Kaas accha hota ki shiv shena wale as dil hai muskil aur raees release hi na hone dete

    1. Shiv sena shahrukh khan Ka kuch kabad nhi sakte....unlogo mein etni aukaat hi nhi ki WO Srk ki movie ban krne ki aukaat rakhte hai.....
      Waise bhi raees ki collection se tumhari phat chuki hai kyuki with clash agar WO Etna accha Kr sakti hai to without clash kya kya Kr sakti thi souch le ghochu....

    2. Foolish person hater of srk .srk Jo kamata hai uska tax India ko ata hai .srk charity chalata hai. Tum kitna tax dete ho

  11. raees and dangal are no comparison. because dangal release in 23 rd December which is festival time and release above 4500 screen. but raees release with a big clash and release just 2700 screen in india ..... so there are no comparison between this flims .... if raees release above 4000 screen it surely beet all box office records.

  12. Collections are very good in mumbai,bangalore,hyderabad,gujarat but underperforming in pune, punjab, u p. Hopefully will pick up later in the day.My prediction 18 -18.5 crores.

  13. Advance booking in hyderabad is phenomenal ,most shows are fully booked. Culcutta and delhi are picking up after noon.I wish north india collections pick up today and tomorrow.

  14. I am from up
    And here only content movie are liked
    Which have some sense not like srgay aur lallu movie...
    I think in north kaabil collection better than bhikari.....
    Nett collection of kaabil also 20+cr than bhikari....
    #aamir real king and perfectionist of Bollywood...

  15. कमजोर कड़िया

    ंफिल्म का बजट काफी तगड़ा था लेकिन देखते वक्त कहीं ना कहीं कुछ कमी रह जाती है. ऐसा कुछ भी नहीं था जो नया हो.

    माहिरा खान पूरी तरह से एक्सप्रेशनलेस थीं और रोमांस का एंगलजीरो था. इसकी वजह से कई साॅन्ग्स और सीक्वेंस निराश करते हैं.

    फिल्म का फर्स्ट हाफ अच्छा है, लेकिन सेकंड हाफ कहीं-कहीं खिंचा हुआ लगता है. जिसे और भी बेहतर किया जाता तो फिल्म और ज्यादा दिलचस्प हो जाती.

  16. Comment:Many people compare raees with dilwale and Kaabil with Bajirao...And those stupid people say that Kaabil will beat Raees, like bajirao beat dilwale..
    Bt one minute silence for those people bcz raees is not dilwale and kaabil not Bajirao..

  17. Credit must goes to srk if kaabil earns more than raees bcoz srk is hrittik's mentor and hr is his student... Though it seems impossible

  18. Raees does not have any script but itis only SRK who have taken the film alone with nawazuddin . It is great achievements.... With great script any actor could pass 300 crore mark at box office.

  19. Hritik roshan ke
    Ka haal bhout bura hai bichara
    Papa roshan release date one week badeleto
    Ya haal nai rehta tha
    Kaabil will flop

  20. Raees
    Day 4-16.5cr
    Day 5-19.5cr
    Day 6-10.5cr
    Day 7-9.5cr
    1 week-114cr(max)
    Day 8-7.5cr
    Day 9-5.5cr
    Day 11-4.5cr
    Day 12-6.5cr
    Day 13-2.5cr
    Day 14-1.5cr
    Week 2-146cr(>>max)
    Nett colection-150 cr
    Raees = dilwale=flop

    1. I don't know why you are posting such a stupid comment.....raees has 9 days extended week not 7 days....so 130cr is guaranteed for 1st week and 170cr till 2nd week so lifetime will be min 180cr which will declare it as superhit in India.....

  21. Raees is being loved by everyone around the world. Its definitely the best movie of srk in this decade.

  22. Raees is good movie ...bu raees and kabil both r very different movie .. both movie running run ..hope both r hit ..All the best @RAEES @KABIL

  23. Did you know..Today whatever Shah Rukh Khan is, is because of his hard work. He had no God Father. Starting from Delhi with just Rs. 20 in his pocket he reached Mumbai with a dream to rule the city. His father was one of the youngest freedom fighter of India, who always used to help the needy. I am telling you all this because now a days some people are there who not only defame Shah Rukh by calling him traitor but also insulting his father who was one of the youngest freedom fighter. 

  24.  In year 2012, he adopted 12 villages during NDTV’s show Greenathon, and even no Indian politician has ever dared to do this. He is the one who is providing electricity, water, education, medicines and all other basic needs at his own expenditures. There is one organization, called Make A Wish foundation, which works for physically disabled kids. Shah Rukh not only provides huge funds to this organization but also meets these kids whenever he could. These kids visit him at his home Mannat and SRK only arranges all this. He has donated India’s one of the most technically advanced Cancer ward to Leelawati hospital where poor are being served.

  25. Bat karoo srif amir ki
    Amir ka record tor sakta han tu srif ek
    Hi han.
    Wo kud Amir khan hi han
    792. 735 .ya hota han collection
    Great Amir khan fantastic

  26. The above message was for all those ass...ho.les who call him deshdrohi and terrrorist read before you comment on anyone...have you guys done anything for your country...Maa baap se seedhe baat nahi karte doosro par ungliyan utthate raho.

  27. Both SRK and Hrithik are Fantastic actors and both the movies are equally good...thats why both are doing well...you haters keep sulking...

  28. RAEES movie bouthhi accha flim hei.John addmi abhi tok nehi dheka to j kar dhak lo....Patha chal jayega....2017 ka one of best flim.....

  29. Advance booking of raees for Saturday evening and night is terrific which means occupancy will be higher than kaabil.....
    Best of luck raees and kaabil....

  30. Amir khan is best
    Only amir khan.
    Amir khan ka record srif amir khan hi
    Break krsakta han
    Baqi actor k liya ek sadi aur chahiyan
    Amir is great fantastic

  31. Rocky Handsome

    mhan aatma ...ye sari baate hzaar baar srk ne khud hi bol bol k felaayi h ...

    har show har interview me oosne apni love story or success story btayi h...

    media k support se khud ko khub mhaan dikhaya h...apne muh khub miya mitthoo bna h...

    or ooska God-father yash raj benner h...jiske sath srk ki 80% movie hit hui h....yash raaj ne aamir ,smitabh ,ritik k sath bhi superhit di h...

    jabki Aamir bna dikhawe k kaam krta h...

    apne cariar ki oochayi par...oosne saty mev jayte ...k liye 3 saal diye...

    kya srk 3 saal de skta h..??

    mharastra k 30 tahsil me ....jal-abhiyan kiya...

    narmda visthapito k liye....gujraat sarkar se lda...

    bhuj -bhukamp me pidito k 6 mhine tk kaam kiya...

    saty mev jayte ...jese show se esa kaam kiya desh k liye..

    jo aaj tk ki govt b nhi kr payi...

    srk to sirf dikhane k liye kaam krta h...

  32. SRK Salman & Aamir Overseas Market King top 10 movie me 3 Tino ki movie h aur worldwide krish ko chor de to inhi ka bolbala he isliye lado mat
    Sultan dekhi hero Salman film achi thi
    Dangal dekhi hero Aamir film achi thi
    Raees dekhi hero Shahrukh film achi thi to kis bat ka war enjoy all movie srk sallu and amir

  33. Atikur Rahman...Aamir is a good actor but that does not mean he is greater than Srk or Salman...Amir ki film Dangal Christmas mein aayi thhi vacation ka time samjhe aur uske opposite koi film release nahi hui thhi...Dangal 5200 screen par release hui aur movie ka genre Sports based thha jo bachhe se buddhe tak sab dekh sakte hai...Raees uske aadhe theatre mein release hui 2700 aur Vacation mein nahi aur uske opposite mein kaabil release hui...toh khud samajh jaa

  34. Raees 4th day : Morning - 45%
    Noon - 55%
    Evening - 80%
    Expected collection :- 18.5-19.5cr
    4days collection :- 78.3-79.3cr
    Kaabil 4th day : Morning - 45%
    Noon - 55%
    Evening - 75%
    Expected collection :- 13.5-15cr
    4days collection :- 51.8-53.3
    Raees 5th day : Morning - 60%
    Noon - 78%
    Evening - 87%
    Expected collection :- 22.5-25cr
    Extended weakens :- 100.8-104.3cr
    Kaabil 5th day : Morning - 60%
    Noon - 70%
    Evening - 85%
    Expected collection :- 17-18.5cr
    Extended weakens :- 68.8-71.8cr
    Around 30cr gap which is healthy one for raees at the end of of the weakend

    Raees - 170-185cr (Super hit)
    Kaabil - 125-140cr (Super hit)

    Imdb rating:
    Raees 8/10 (around 15500 votes)
    Kaabil 7.6/10 ( around 7600 votes)

  35. Shahrukh ka 1st day collection of Happy new year was 45.36 crore ek din ka...Picture dabba thhi par Aamir agle 10 saal bhi 1 day collection Nahi tod sakta..

  36. Abe roshan kaabil hone keliye pehle rona band kar...bollywood ke badsha ke samne tum tho chua ho..pehle acting sikawo apne pappu ko baadme rona...
    King is back...love u rahees khan.

  37. Only one bad thing, please don't take any pakistani actor or actress in bollywood movie, please please --------------

    1. The fact that Mahira wasn't Good in RAEES...forget that she is pakistani actress...really i don't know what happened to her...

  38. al india.. clash total box.office !!
    rustom + mohenjo daro -
    55 + 125 = 180 cr. TOTAL

    shivaay + ae dil hai -
    85 + 105 = 190 cr. TOTAL

    bang bang + haider -
    140 + 45 = 185 cr. TOTAL

    son of sardar + jab tak hai -
    90 + 105 = 195 cr. TOTAL
    kaabil + raees -
    70 + 120 = 190 cr. ( approx )

  39. Day1 collection 21crores
    Day2 collection 27 crores
    Day3 collection 14 crores
    This is confirmed
    But for Saturday it should be near 20crore+
    And for Sunday 25-30crore
    And after that from Monday to Friday it should be 45-50crore
    Then again Sat and Sun earning should be 30crore+ including both
    And after that god knows
    But 300 crore pakka! INSHALLAH:)

  40. SRK The Baaaaappppp
    Jalna Chhordo SRK Clash karky bhe Jeetjata hy ....
    Bazzzegarrrrr LOVE you ...

  41. raees will become super hit and kabil will flop or average hariyana ke shah chor meri jan apna to ha shahrukh kahn

  42. SRK is a phattu. 1st wants to release his movie with Salman then thought Salman Meri phad dega. Then with Aamir ....then thought ye meri aukaat nahin. Last idea ... let me bully Hrithik. Hope u chutiyas remember A certain Baji Rao. The movie was 25 crores behind Dilwale after 4 days like Kaabil is now. With both movies for finished Ranbir had crushed SRK by 189 to 147 crores. Beaten by 40 crores. So I have seen this circus before. That time to I saw the victory dance of the SRK fans.
    Nothing too odd

  43. i'm from pakistan... or pakistan me sirf srk k chahne wale hain because srk the king of kings srk jesa koi nh haters tmhari gand jalti hai tu jale par sach tu ye hai srk sirf actor nh wo real life king hai..

  44. SRK had always given hits with luv stories, all movies with 2 heroines, and shahrukh is after the girl who is engaged, (DDLJ, KKHH, VEER Zara, Dil to pagal hai and many more) becoz of which he got awards and became popular and got lot of fan following. And now his movies making money only coz of FAN following and not becoz of story. Just few movies which were good on his career the rest are Hit only coz of fan following, Happy New Year was almost a sequel of Tees Mar Khan but crossed 300 crore, for such a stupid movie, similarly Dilwale first time I saw gangster with soft heart and love story total crap story made 300+ crore. Agur log number ki baat kertay hain , to hur fake beauty product in market sells but it does not means they work well.

  45. raees is a totally bakwas movie...hrithik is always rock....kaabil day 4 total collection in india -16.47 cr & total 4 days worldeide collection of kaabil-108.79 cr....kaabil is super hit...... lol srk....?

  46. i saw the movie yesterday.... is awsome...
    full paisa vasool movie...
    srk and nawaz are super
    zeeshan ayub is also gud.....

  47. Raees is a must watch movie ,and if we talk abt box office collection, it is very low because due to leak of the film raees,which is so early,and is reducing the box office collection,what ever happens ,SRK is the best,I love you SRK...please enrtertain us with more films ,and all the best,..........

  48. Some of you must have seen the video of the heroine of ‘Raees’ doing the rounds….now before you decide to go and see the movie ‘Raees’; pls know and verify certain details :

    - The movie is based on the real life of a gangster from Amdavad, Gujarat – Abul Latif. He is being glorified !!

    - He was born in Kalupur and had six siblings – nothing surprising – and was very poor.

    - For money, he started bootlegging in the ‘Dry’ Gujarat. The spectacular “River Front” that you see in our “Karnavati” used to be Abdul Latif’s adda and base.

    - Not happy and satiated with these illegal activities; he met Dawood Ibrahim and planned terrorism in India.

    - He was into extortion, kidnapping, drug-sale…he even partially funded 1993 Mumbai blasts.

    - As the next step he collaborated with Congress and won 5 seats in Municipality in the Muslim majority slum areas.

    - In 1995 the harassed population, voted and brought BJP to power and in 1997 Latif was shot dead in an encounter in todays’ “River Front” area.

    Now that I have jogged your memory; some questions :

    1. Why is Sharukh glorifying Dawood’s friend ?

    2. Do you understand, why Sharukh is always stopped by US Immigration ?

    3. Who is funding the movie, Dawood ?

    4. Was that the reason for the Pakistani heroine ?

    5. Why depict an fourth rate gangster as a “Robinhood”

    6. Should India tolerate such movies as ‘Artistic Freedom’ or ‘Freedom of Expression’ ?

    7. Are you aware, till last week Pakistan had banned all Bollywood movies – after our Army’s surgical strike.


    By seeing & supporting this movie you are converting some anti-national’s Black Money into white !!

    *JAI HIND*

  49. Srk is a evergreen star , people love him , he need not be scared of any other actors , srk ki tarakki par Teri phat rahi hogi @ neutralcritic

  50. Bhai Ajay and Akshay has already played Dawood Ibrahim .... Kaha tha tab tu?? Ab Woh movie keya Dawood paisa lagayatha??? Lol

  51. Rocky Handsome

    are mhan aatma

    ...srk ki raees ki occupancy 3000 screens pr 40% hi h......jabki dangal ki 80%thi...to fir 4500 screens me kya ookhad leta....

    or abhi chal rhi h....

    raees or kabil se clash k bavjood 70-80 lakh roj kma rhi h...

    or Fan ne kitne kma liye the....solo release me with 4200 screens me...??

    or hny me 44 crore opning k the ...ve sab fake h....asli income 36 crore thi....hny ne 200crore b nhi kmaye h........pr srk ne juthe aakde diye h...

    or srk b ....diwaali par release krta h...

    jo desh ka sabse bda Nation festival h....5din lgatar holiday hota h...jabki crismas desh ka sabse bda holiday nhi h...

    or don2 b to crismus par release hui thi fir kya hua...??

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