Raees craze takes the nation by storm

Shahrukh Khan is one of the biggest superstars of the Indian cinema. His last two releases Dilwale and Fan underperformed at the box office but still, they took very good openings. Yet some thought that SRK's era has ended.

But as we reported a few months back that SRK has built his stardom after working for more than 20 years and one cannot lose it after a couple of flops or underperformers. The same has been proved with his latest release Raees.

Raees was postponed from Eid 2017 to avoid the clash with Salman Khan's Sultan and ended up finding a new clash with Hrithik Roshan starrer Kaabil. There were boycott calls of the film due to the presence of Pakistani actress Mahira Khan. It was also a mid-week release.

Yet Raees had a terrific opening day of 20.42 crore. The number is huge on non-holiday and with clash. It is even higher than the highest openers of some biggest stars of Bollywood. It has comfortably beaten the other release Kaabil by a good margin of 10 crore. This clearly proves that SRK stands way ahead in terms of stardom.

The craze and hysteria that Shahrukh Khan enjoys even after 20 years, is unimaginable. His star power has not been faded away at all. Even in his so called bad phase, he can give tough competition to other megastars. Raees opening was better than Dangal despite the clash and it was even better than Sultan at some places. It was a masala film yet it opened to 60% occupancy at plexes only due to the presence of SRK.

Raees release was a festival for all Shahrukh Khan fans. In many theaters, fans are going crazy over Shahrukh Khan's entry and Sunny Leone’s song Laila Main Laila from Raees. People are seen dancing and throwing money on SRK.


Shahrukh Khan also replied to us on Twitter handle.

41 comments on “Raees craze takes the nation by storm”

    1. Parshaya rani CHODO tingu khan AMitabh bacchan also did not touch this kind of stardom with avg script..

      unless Script Khan ....SAKSAHI TANWAR.starer...

      isko bolte hai stardom....Festival declare karo 25th JAN RAEES DAY....hai aukat tingu khan ki non holiday pe release krne ki...TAX FREEE karo india me

      Monday hu ya Sunday ...ROz Khaw SRK ke dande....LOL

      1. monday ko to tu apana clinic band karke ronewala hein beta...
        stardom ki waaat lagne wali hein....385cr kaha aur 155cr kaha.

  1. and Bhakts also protesting...Some shows has been cancelled due to fake DeshBhakti..

    Bhakts and hunger for 2min fame is better love story than DDLJ..

  2. Isko bolte h stardom...hats off..
    Srk ka bad phase bhii sabke best phase se acha h..aur abhi to overseas bakki h mere dost..

  3. Think if Srk can do this storm in his so called bad phase then if he was having a good phase then no one can matching his level.....still now not a single actor can do 20cr opening day on non holiday with a clash with other big film.....this is called Srk....

  4. Srk is the best actor. I am akshay fan but I love srk very very much. I don't know why some stupids like roric and disaster khans say bad about srk not only for srk and also for salman and amir. Srk is truly Indian. His dialogues are best and amazing killing voice. Hatts off to all three khansfor giving us entertainment. best wishes for raees and kabil. some people say raess will not collect 100 crore but reality is it will collect 125 crore in weekend. love you srk.

  5. This is all fake. Srgay and makers all are trying to save it from being disaster

  6. Kya bakwaas hai.2 kodi ki film nahi hai yeh.na story na kuch.bakwaas banai jaa rahe hai aur log bewkoof ban rahe hai.

    1. Joh dhande ke liye sahi woh sahi ... joh dhande ke liye galat woh galat ... isse zyada kabhi socha nahi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,♥♥♥♥♥SRK♥♥♥

  7. Jab Bakwash movie bana rhe hai to yeh haal hai box office per agar Accha movie bann gaye like Dangal or Bajrangi Bhaijaan, to I sure his movie will earn 1000 crores in all over the world.

    All the SRK fans, if you agree Like it

    1. Saukat Khan he made one of the best movies of his life should have won all awards including national award this film is on same level as dangal and bb but didn't make 1000cr didn't even make 30cr that film wasSWADES if srk makes a good film it gets rejected when he makes masala film it gets accepted.

  8. what is this nonsens .....kuch bhi .....aise bakwas fan rahenge to end of SRK for sure.
    because of this neutral people skip his movies.if this will continue then no one can save bollywood.
    overseas people laughing on these blind fans..
    mark my word..monday-7cr

    1. burnol tujhe aacha rehega ya Nivea kounsa brand pasand hai..
      for your information RAees half the shows sold out for SUNDAY..

      parshay rani jaw bhakto ko le ke Raees ko roko.....Raees ko roko

      Raees car parking collection more than Dangal first day.

      1. Abey beta tu maths padha hai ya nahi

        Anpadh saale kaha se aa jaate hai.

        29.5 cr(dangal) bada hota hai ya 21 cr(raees)

        primary school mein bharti ho jaake.

        dangal cruahed raees+kaabil.
        dono milkar bhi dangal ko beat nahi kar payi.isko bolte hai stardom.

  9. Bollyareana earlier you seems to be unbiased site for all star but just 1 retweet by Srk and you suddenly change....
    why comparing a movie like dangal with less commercial element(4100 screens occupancy 55%) with a massy film Raees (3400 screens, occupancy 55%)...
    FYI in last 10 years aamir only have done 2 massy movies ghajini and dhoom 3 and result is in front of everyone (opening day/weekend/week/lifetime records)...

    1. sab history me so rahe hai ...chato un record ko...HAHAHAHA

      THE LAASH actor made this record bcz SRK in bad phase....samjhe
      even he went to nude tu get good opening...Bhikari sala...

      or jis ghajini ghajini ki tum log bat karte hu na ...wo south ki copy hai smajah..bheje me kuch aaya..

      or Dhomm3 brand tha....PK raju papa...or Dangal...PHogat ji ki bio...Amir SRK ka thuka hua pan hai...

    2. I agree deepak dangal and fan are offbeat films if any other actor in dangal max 125cr. Like I've always said aamir and srk don't need to prove themselves srk king of 90's aamir ruled 00's with pathbreaking cinema salman need hits in this era to make up for 00's flops.

  10. Raees has been enjoying great wom from audience.Overseas collections are also excellent considering midweek release and clash.

  11. BA's srk fans u HV admitted that ki movie stardom par chal rahi hai,is movie mai bakwas ke alawa kuch nahi hai
    Support kaabil if u HV heart

  12. well not the opening but occupancy is better than Dangal and that too because the no. of screens are almost half....also because its a more massy looking film than Dangal!

    Come on..... no doubt that SRK is one of the biggest stars in the country......but ultimately its films that compete, not our stars. They're not in a rat race really!

    A commercial film of Aamir will open as well......yes, some states some stars have a bigger pull.......

    But ultimately SRK's next with Imtiaz Ali will not have the same opening occupancy levels because of two reasons - No. of screens will be almost double plus it won't be as commercial massy looking as what Raees is....!!!

  13. SRK ka raees ka character kafi muddaton tak yaad rakha jayega SRk ne Raees mein jo clothes pehne wo bhi popular ho rahe hai so khaas kr ke glasses or pathani suit

  14. Srk beta tu ab Akshay kumar se compete karle.

    Salman aur Aamir ke collection ke aaspas bhi nahi pohchega tu....

    Srk need to wait many more years to enter 300 crore club.

    Also Raees wont get the critical acclaim which is achieved by Dangal.

    Aur Dangal ke collection ke bare mein soch na bhi mat.

    Box office aur movie rating dono mein Aamir khan rule karta hai...

  15. Hahaha haterz... Srk sir u were the best,,u r the best and u will be the best..
    King khan born to rule.

  16. @bollyarena u never show Akshay Kumar mass hysteria .....go on Google and search about the same on him u will see same type of pics
    srk is bigger I know but it is partiality @bollyarena guyz.....

  17. @bollyarena u never show Akshay Kumar mass hysteria .....go on Google and search about the same on him u will see same type of pics
    srk is bigger I know but it is partiality @bollyarena guyz.....

  18. Raees is full entertainer... Everyone knows it then why some spreading unnecessary negativity...

  19. there is so much craze abt kaabil as well check out twitter youtube kaabil tshirt and all but you wont show that

  20. A lot of things are said about Rasses and king khan and I want to clear one point and want from every one to focus on it .
    Do you guys really see king khan was acting in the movie ?
    If you really have passion of movies and can really focus of everything in movies, then you all agree that mr khan was not acting .
    Yes off curse it is a movie but king khan was presenting himself like in reality.
    His body language enough to judge and even his voice .
    Now I want to add a small thing,
    For me , I didn't see in any cinema hall that the people are so excite and dancing for a song or clapping for every scene of any movie since a long time .
    You guys always ready to compare,
    I liked dangal and sultan as well but I have my own point of view that Raees has every thing that people want to watch in a movie.
    Nowadays we very rare watch a movie of good script or songs or action or even good acting.
    If one comedy movie comes and make success, then 10 others on same way or even action or romantic.
    But king khan always try some thing different. I agree that romantic suits him but he always says that I want to make movie for entertainment of people.
    A lot of other actor do so but the mentality is not same .
    Any way , to be honest I big and more than big fan of king khan and I say it that his last three films was not very good , that to be honest but you have to be fare three Khan doing fantastic movies and pls don't always compare, just enjoy watching them movies to appreciate the quality and the fun or entertaining that they giving to us .
    Pardon me if I say anything wrong .
    I wish him best luck for Raees and hope he get an award for his performance.

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