Raees Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Raees Budget, Screen Count, Economics

One of the most awaited films Raees is releasing this Wednesday. The film features one of India’s biggest superstar Shahrukh Khan in the lead role. It has been directed by Rahul Dholakia and produced by Riteish Sidhwani along with SRK.


Raees Budget:

Raees has been made on a budget of approximately 92 crore including P&A. It does not include Shahrukh Khan's remuneration who is the co-producer and will share profits from theatrical revenue. The official announcement regarding budget has not been made.


Raees Screen Count:

The makers are targeting a 2500 screens release for Raees. Though at some places the final screen count has not been decided due to some issues. In overseas, it will be a big release in approximately 900-1000 screens. The film is also expected to release in Pakistan.


Raees Economics:

SRK has a deal with Sony TV for satellite rights and Raees is a part of that. As a result of the deal, he will get 55 crore for satellite rights. The music rights have been sold in approximately 15 crore and there will be a further recovery of around 5 crore from other rights.

So for producers, it will only need only around 45 cr from theatrical revenue for recovery and the rest will be profits. However, it should collect over 120 crore to recover the distribution price and to be a box office hit.

  • Satellite Rights: 55 Cr
  • Music: 15 Cr
  • Others: 5 Cr
  • Overseas: 30 Cr
  • Distributor Price: 65 Cr
  • Hit: 125 Cr
  • Super Hit: 165 Cr



Like most of the other films of SRK, Raees is carrying excellent buzz. The film will have an excellent opening on the first day and will gain momentum in the evening as tomorrow is a holiday. But the important factor will be whether the neutral audience will come to watch the film in the theaters or not.

Round Up:



Shahrukh Khan, Mahira Khan
Rahul Dholakia
Excell Entertainment
Release Date
25 January 2017
Run Time
144 min
92 Cr
Early Reports


Also, tell us what do you think about Raees budget and screen count in the comments section.

37 comments on “Raees Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

  1. #RAEES is releasing on 2700 - 2800 Screens in India ....
    #Raees will open around 21 - 22 cr. in India & 20+ cr. in Overseas ....
    Lifetime will be 150+ cr. b0th in India & Overseas ....
    #Raees will be Super Hit in India & Blockbuster in Overseas even in clash ....

  2. raees jarur hit hoga kyunki srk or #Raeeswale toh aaj kal train me bhik mang rhe hai koi to film dekh lo srk k ?
    kaise bhi kark 100 cr pahuchana hai
    chahe calculater hi kyun na chalana pade

  3. Raees budget is 92 cr. It's is too foolish. He can't even guarantee 50 cr now.
    Hakle ki film 50 cr se zyaada nahi kar paaye.
    All time flop.

  4. Raees collected 120 cr and The Ring Will collect 180 cr till Christmas 2018 srk movies won't cross 200 cr and Salman aamir definitely go to 400 cr till thugs of hindostan may be it will achieved by this year

  5. Wow Bollyarena Team, now this is called Biased site:

    For Sultan:
    Budget: 90cr (Without Salman Fee)
    Hit: 145cr
    Superhit: 190cr
    Blockbuster: 230cr

    But with Raees
    Budget: 92cr (Without Srk Fee)
    Hit: 125cr
    Superhit: 165cr

    Why this partiality, with more budget Raees need to collect less to achieve Hit status....WOW and you give only Blockbuster Verdict for Sultan, while it collects more than 300cr (According to you 230 for Blockbuster), it should be ATBB.....Every other site has given it ATBB status....This is 2nd time you guys are messing with Salman's movie verdict 1st with ETT and now with Sultan.....Hope you reply...

    1. It's not bollyarena that officially classifies films it's boxoffice india and salman charges more than srk that's why sultan needed 145cr hit obviously sallu is no.1 and srk is very very distant no.3

  6. sab 100 150 cr bol rahe hai even sharukh fan bhi koi 200 cr nahi bol raha sabko pata hai iss movie mein dum nahi agar salman ya aamir ki movie hoti sab 300 400 cr bolte yahan 100 cr mein hi hawa tight ho gayi

      1. Be it sallu aamir no actor can make 300cr on republic day week coz its in Jan and by then Diwali Christmas are gone and eid is around the corner so people don't have enough money to go to theatres.

  7. ( Bollyareena predictions for big movies r turning to be failure )

    for dangal - u predicted - 300 to 305 , which was not practical -- 340 to 350 was looking to be more practical as 1) it was aamirs film 2) had great buzz 3) reports were excellent ...so how can predict 300 ...agreed 300 cr also is huge and all holidays were on Sunday -- but having said that - 3 weeks were open. and 4th also not big compitition

    similarly :
    for Raees & kabil they predicting --- 120 and 90 cr
    which seems to go wrong .

    1) Both movies r hyped - so opening 2-3 days should do very good business .
    2) reports and trailers r excellent.
    3) Huge stars
    agreed 3Rd week getting huge competition to slow down. still...practical figures should be

    Raees - 140 to 150 cr
    kaabil - 100 to 110 cr.

  8. Jis holiday ke liye dono movie me clash hua us din Ind vs Eng T 20 Match hai......hahahaha

        1. You just pray that u don't meet me at all.If that happens the way I hit u, u won't see another day.

  9. Going by solo release agneepath and airlift that had good wom my prediction raees 115cr and kaabil 95cr as both films will struggle after the first 5 days on weekdays.

  10. People out there.... as Raees and kaabil will be releasing on the same day so the collection will be divided that's why none of the film will collect more than 150 cr If they had been released solo then the scenario would be something different

  11. My final prediction raees 120 crores and kaabil 105 crores srk fans tumhari bolti to 10 feb ki band hogi just wait and watch public karegi insaf rum sab hoge saf

  12. If u ask me,

    Raees will go over 130cr,
    Nd Kaabil, I doubt it, will definiatly reach 100 CR club, caz its trailer looks more promising than Raees ..

  13. raees is the best movie front of kaabil..srk is the king of bollywood..srk full dimand in the hollywood from india.. 1.srk 2.aamir3.salman top most actor in the bollywood..from-Rgs

  14. Srk is selfmade man .and 2nd rechest acter in the world.and there was no godfather like father rakesh Roshan. Like Amir father like Salman father.....jo banaya hai usnay woh apnay dam pr......our good-looking bhi nahi hai phie bhi sab martay hai usper

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