Raees Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop

Raees Verdict: Hit or Flop: Shahrukh Khan starrer Raees has fared well at the box office. Though the expectations were higher still it is a decent outcome in a clash.

The film has managed to recover all the costs and is highly profitable for producers. The distributors will also recover their price with some losses here and there. Shahrukh Khan is a producer so he will not take his fees. However, his market value is around 40 cr which is added in the budget.

Production Cost
65 Cr
P & A
20 Cr
SRK's fee
40 Cr
125 Cr
Satellite Rights
50 Cr
Music Rights
15 Cr
5 Cr
30 Cr
100 Cr
Distributing Price
65 Cr
Distributor Share

Raees Verdict: Semi Hit

After a good opening, it was expected to be a clean hit. However, the film faced drops on weekdays and is finding it tough to hold in the second week also. Raees is expected to finish its lifetime run at 130-135 crore. It is super hit in overseas.

Like most of Shahrukh Khan's other films, Raees also took a huge initial and then dropped badly on weekdays. The problem with Raees was the massy genre and theme which does not have much appeal in areas where SRK has strong hold. The actor now badly needs a film with universal appeal and solid content.

Check out Raees day wise box office collection below (Trade number only).



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
Day 10
116.80 Cr

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66 comments on “Raees Box Office Verdict: Hit or Flop”

      1. Rajat bhai! i know that you badly want kabil to beat raees. It is evident from some of your comments below. But the fact is that raees till today has collected around 135 crores(trade figures). While kaabil has collected around 98 crores. Even bollyarena has given verdict as flop

    1. Wrong Verdit by @bollywood arean .
      all sites are showing 128 cores till friday , it will easily cross 160 crores ,
      verdit ---Superhit in India
      Superhit in Overseas .

      SEE KOIMOI Bo collection reports
      see adda today
      all are showing this .
      Only Bollywood arena have make coloums
      producers figures/ trade figures .
      Where were these figures when Dangal Crossed 380 Crores .
      This site Belong to Amir Khan .
      Now Showing Wrong Verdit
      even as per Bollywood arena they are saying 130 crores .{lifetime}
      then also it is Clean Hit In India .
      This completely showing Hatetred Towards SRK Raees .
      Big Shame on @bollyarena1428.

      1. Lol buddy be realistic! Raees n kaabil both r manipulating ! Kaabil manipulation 35+ raees 30+ 160?? Dude r u mad? Raees screens has decreased much more ! From 3400 to 1800 n Kaabil 2200 to 1700!

        1. Amirfan Bhai ! Difference between trade figures and producers figures are allowed in the range of 10-20 crores. It is beacuse they just take an average on the basis of occupancy. The problem with kaabil is that there collections are varying in range of 40 crores. Even during krrish 3 the difference was around 55 crores. Also i must tell you that even including just trade figures the raees collections have crossed 135 crores today. Hence it will end above 140 crores which is awesome. However As far as i think actually the film lifetime collections will be above 150 crores.

  1. Kaabil acc to boi
    85 crore in hindi
    5 to 6 crore in dubbed versions
    Verdict semi hit...
    130 crore in hindi
    Didn't release in dubbed versions
    Verdict semi hit ..
    Acc to producers
    Kaabil 130 plus
    Raees 160 plus
    Kaabil 40 plus manipulation
    Raees 30 plus manipulation
    Both calculator at its peak
    In Jan month collection of both movie will be around 300 crore acc to producers...

    1. Boi has not give verdict on kaabil dinesh and according to boi kaabil life time will be 85cr which is below average I still think raees final verdict will be hit it just needs 135cr to be hit plus jolly llb2 might get delayed aswell

      1. Ya bro, ..boi will give most probably avg status to kaabil nd semi hit staus to raaes I hope hit status mil jaaye.

        1. if kaabil is made of 50 cr and it earn even 80 cr then why it is not hit?

          If Raees made of 85 cr budget and it earn 130 cr still it is hit so baised yaar..srk apni fees add karege toh producer ko kuch b nahi milega..sahame on all sites baised towards srk and sallus

      2. Bro a 50 cr budgeted movie needs 85 cr to be average n a 125 cr movie needs 135 to be called hit ! Waah what a logic dude!

    2. @Bollyarena - Can you please share the footballs of both the movies? Or is it something too early to ask? May be an article on the footballs of big movies released in last 2-3 years.

      Hrithik was never close in comparison to Khans but SRK is losing his charm and sheen. His fan base is eroding as well, specially since he has started providing inflated collections to make records (allegedly). Earlier he was competing with Salman and Aamir but now he seems to be a shadow of his past and competing with Ajay (JTHJ vs SOS), Ranveer singh (Dilwale vs BM), Hrithik (Raees vs BM) and ofcourse Fan which was not a clash but still flopped.

      His fans always find an excuse for him not doing well. Excuses like : it was a clash, It was released on non holiday, It was released in non festive season, there was another Hollywood biggie releasing the same week or another Bollywood movie releasing next week.

      Does it matter? He is choosing the dates himself and not being forced to released on a particular day. But for his hard core fans, I can only say "Dil behlane to Galib, ye khal bhi acha hai'... No offence to his fans but some food for thought..

      Wishing him luck for his next releases.

  2. That's good.Show your estimates only for both movies as producer figures are simply ridiculous.

  3. Verdict
    Producer Figure-Superhit
    Trade Figure-Above Avg/Semihit
    As per SRKs Stardom

  4. @Bollyarena
    Nice Update-Kudos
    The website looks wonderful now.
    Loved Your Modified Version.

  5. Srk this decade
    MNIK - Hit
    Ra. One - Hit
    Don 2 - Hit
    JTHJ - Hit
    CE - Blockbuster
    HNY - Super Hit
    Dilwale - Semi Hit
    Fan - Flop
    Raees - Semi Hit

    Only 1 BB Akshay too has

    1. Okay now let's talk about the previous two decades. SRK ruled bro. Salman n amir were nowhere near him. Pls check

  6. It seems that Manipulation ki century lagegi...real collection should be around (130+90=220)...but according to produces it will cross I think 325 plus..

  7. hi bollywood arena shahrukh khan king of romance without manipulation with manipulation is good super collection but kaabil first show first day manipulation and manipulation and manipulation and manipulation what joke

    1. Says another flopbuster who has no idea what he is doing in this world except hating SRK.

  8. @Bolly arena...... When it comes to deciding Hit or Flop you included Srk fee in the budget of Raees...... Why?????

    Bcz in Shivaay case you didnt included Ajay fee in its budget and you gave it Avg verdict on the base of Producer figure...

    So do you think its fair?????

  9. Srk is a completely finished he inflates figures but truth is there great bollyarena fraud king jolly llb 2 will surely go past raees that shows akshay is a biggie more than this fraud

  10. Bollyarena can u tell if Raees Trade fig for lifetime is 130cr
    what will be its verdict???

  11. Now list of top five actors of Bollywood stardom wise including only domestic verdict
    Ammir ( now no one compete with Ammir)
    Salman( stardom wise no one compete with salman)
    Akki -( Rustom and Airlift collects approx 130 crore despite having clash and these films are released on less screens as compared to raees and kabill still got superhit tag)
    Srk - ( he is most popular actor in overseas and now one compete with his stardom in overseas but his couple of films are not working as his stardom dilwale , raees, couldn't get a tag of clean hit in domestic both are semi hit and fan is flop so now a days people want quality films by srk like chak de India , Swadesh etc)
    Hritik - he has to do more quality films and never dare to clash with any one)

  12. Great analysis bro it is absolutely bang on airlift was also with a clash otherwise it would have easily touched 160 crores and rustom 175 atleast without any calculator of red chilly and jadu

  13. how can be Raees declared hit in domestic box office when the distributors of NCR region and Rajasthan region will suffer huge losses

  14. Raees first weekend actual collections are less than 45 crores
    because SRK solved Raees tickets to corporates in less than half prices
    so what's the actual benefit of showing 90 crores when you're in real you got only 45 crores
    that's the dirty game played by SRK

  15. I disagree with Mr. Utsav Kumar on his remark that Kaabil clashed with Raees... Kaabil didn't dare to clash with Raees... It was SRK n Co who crash landed on Kaabil date which was announced months in advance.. This was done fearing a certain failure clashing with Sultan after the much hyped film FAN failed so badly @ Boxoffice... Now it seems the makers of Raees along with a major junk of untrustworthy Media look so desperate to have a Semi Hit tag for their film.

    Only people who can put some light on to it will be the Distributors, most of whom have got their hands burned investing in this 'Hit' as claimed by makers...Let anyone dare bring out Area wise Distributors investment as well as revenue so that we all can decide who is the real winner...

    Nowadays almost all Films with A grade Actors do tend to recover their investment by way of Satellite Rights, Music Rights and many other such hings while the fact remains end of the day most of the Distributors do loose heavily...


  16. kaabil budget is 58 crore...as it is his fathers production... hrithik has not taken his Fees which is approx..30 crore

    so 58 30=88 crore...
    actual budget is 88 crore of kaabil...
    kaabil should around 130 crore to be called hit....

  17. Shchuge ...

    3...dil h ki manta nhi
    4...Hm h rahi pyar k
    5...Akele hm, akele tum
    6...jo jita wohi Sikander
    7 ...Raja hindusthani.. 1st ATBB...non holyday
    11...Earth 1947
    12....dil chahta h...
    16...Mangal pandey
    17...Rang de basanti

    2005 se b phle Aamir ne bollywood par raaj kiya....or

    ...2005 k baad se to kar hi rha h....

    aamir ki sari movie me quality h....or...srk ki sari movie me....OverActing

    1. Watch mela.. andaz apna apna..
      Srk is legend
      In whole world no one can match the acting level of shahrukh khan
      Bollywood me to koi comparison hi nahi h uska
      Srk.ruled indstry 1990-2000-2009 for two decades he is on no.1 position 2000-2007 he is on no.1 position..

  18. Where are you bollywood arena fake site raees has already crossed 160 crs in 15 days ok and 320 crs worldwide in 15 days hence abhi tak superhit hai agar 180 crs pauchi toh blockbuster aur 200 crs kamaye toh atbb ok srk is king despite clash it made 160+crs and still counting

  19. I was so expecting from raess. After watched I feel it was big big faltu movie from Shah Rukh Khan.big dispoint me. I waste my time and money. By the way if you r discuss about box office collection then I want to tell One thing if you Plus both raess and kabil collection after that also it will be half of dongle. Shah Rukh Khan ka stardam power gayya. Kabil much much better then raess.

  20. Both the Raees and kaabil are very good and has received a good movies word of mouth from the critics and support the audiences. Raees has collected 160 crore approx and Kaabil has collected 131 crore approx till now in the domestic market. Both the movies have performed well despite of the clash. Yes I definitely agree both the movies script could have been a little better. But other than that the performance from Shahrukh khan and Nawaz uddin siddique in Raees and Hrithik roshan and Ronit roy in kaabil are just outstanding.

  21. Abe baap baap hota hai yaar q itna behes ho rha clash me v king h yaar utha ke dekhlo itihaas srk is the best samjha be bewkoofo srk haters jake youtube pr dekh kase public hi promotion kr rhi thee movie ka ticket counter pr kase ticket bikk rhi theee bina sara movie me dekh lo clash ka history sab ke sab muh ke bal gira hai

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