Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: This Friday there were no big releases from Bollywood and only some small films from Hollywood. However, Kaabil seems to have witnessed a drop on its second Friday. Here is Raees collection update.

Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update

Screen Count:

Raees has lost a lot number of screens in the second week. This was expected due to the clash and average performance of the film on weekdays. The screen count will be in the range of 1800. The number is slightly higher than the other release Kaabil.

Box Office Report:

Raees has a low start on its second Friday. The occupancy in the morning shows was around 10%. The screen count has been reduced which means that Raees 2nd Friday collection will be affected now. In the noon shows, the film showed improvement mainly at multiplexes.

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It is decent going for Raees but the main target will be the jump in the evening/night. Because if that happens then there can be a big growth on Saturday and Sunday. The new release has no effect on Raees collection as they themselves opened to very poor occupancy.

As per early trade trends, Raees 10th day collection will be in the range of 3 crore. The number can change depending on the performance of evening/night shows.



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
122.36 Cr


As per the official figures, Raees has collected 122 crores in the first extended week. The film is set to become the highest grosser of January tomorrow. Tell us what are your views about Raees 2nd Friday box office collection update in the comments section.

55 comments on “Raees 2nd Friday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Aaj 4-4.5 kal 7 tak aur sunday ko 9 cr...lo 150+ to aaram se hoga lifetime..mtlb india me superhit aur overseas me blockbuster??

    1. Raees 150 means hit
      Kaabil 110 hit
      First Superhit jolly llb 130
      First all time tubelight 340

    2. Certainly possible with lal mirchi calculator know. Even 200 CR. Your wish will be granted for sure.
      SRK and Roshans have reached a deal to use their respective calculators. Even Taran Adarsh has stopped tweeting on the collections now.
      Seems everybody lost interest in the total collections :( :(

      1. Despite Red chilli gives fake figures. Rees will be flop. Rees had to cross 160 cores for clean HIT.

  2. It is good to see both the movies making a good show in a lackluster time when rarely any film works. Inflated, deflated, producer, trade, estimates have all in the end gone in one way and that is the lead Raees took but, I rarely see a mention of that but instead that Kaabil will cross in second week. Over 30 Crores of lead to cross isn't easy keeping in mind Jolly LLB2 hitting theatres next Friday.
    Again, two movies crossing 100 crores in a clash in January and one heading for 150, that itself is an achievement in January.

  3. Raees 2nd Friday manipulated figures - 3.5 cr
    Raees verdict (red chilli calculator) - hit
    Raees public verdict - utter flop

    1. Disaster u r right...in red chilly it is Hit...
      official Blockbuster...actually srk busy in interviews so dont have time to change verdict..Hit to Blockbuster...but thanks to you..soon will change to Blockbuster...Roko Raees ko Roko...175cr pakka...

    2. Raees solo release hoti toh 250cr pakka tha abhi bhi worldwide 200 cr se zyadah hy while Competition par release howi hy ..

  4. @Bollyarena

    You Dont Have the Exact Screen Count & Show Numbers But You Peple are So So Intelligent that you Are Giving Occupancy persentage & Also will Give An Estimate But I Cant Understand How Could you Do That even Dont Knowing the Screen Numbers & Show Numbers.

    You Are Saying that Kaabil & Raees Both Producers are Manupulated but your Tracking or Trade Is Actual but You People dont Have The Knowledge About Their Screens which Producers Have
    I want To Know Why Are You Then Targeting only These 2 Films Because in India Every Film Has Difference in Estimates & Actual then Why These 2 films........& I want that answer ke Sapne me Koi Mata Ayi thi kya aap logo Ke Ye 2 Film Release ke Baad ?????

    1. 1. It is nowhere mentioned in the entire article that Raees collection are manipulated.
      2. We post early estimates for all major films which are accurate in 80% of the cases.
      3. No one has the source to track the numbers with 100% accuracy then why to follow us or any other website. Why don't you ask producers then directly?

      1. If we directly start asking producers what will u and other guys who is making money with different websites do?

  5. If Pakistan has opened its arms to Kaabil, we should also: Rakesh Roshan
    if SRK says this all the haters will insulted him and called him terrorist
    but when this motherfucker says it no one cares…
    Rakesh money dog

  6. dangal - 371 cr.
    sultan - 301 cr.

    fan (84) + dear zindagi (68) +
    raees (130-135) = 282-287 cr.

    AAMIR - 1 .... SALMAN - 1
    SRK - 0

      1. Beta..... Aamir bhai asli king hai...... Jab Aamir bhai ki movie release hoti hai toh kisiki himmat nahi hoti apni movie release karne ki....Agar SRK main dum tha toh DANGAL k waqt Raees release kuyn nahi ki.

      2. srk ne kiya tha naa ghajini me aas pass rab ne bana di jodi. kya haal hua ye pata he naa bro aagar srk me dam hota to dangal me sath release kar deta. 50 cr bhi nahi kar pati raees do don't say this solo release.

  7. in reality raees is flop
    but because if manipulation
    raees is hit
    jai ho red chilli calculator flop film ko hit bna diya

    1. No without manipulation raees is hit on the other hand without manipulation kaabil is flop.go and check BOI site verdict.

      1. no one check BOI as it runs from USA, you will never find any authentic source over there. They always targets few actors. It is an unauthorized box office related website which doesn't have any value ..

        1. ok. don't believe BOI and this site and koimoi and red chilies but raees is not flop. Raees's budget is 90cr. how in reality this movie is flop?

  8. Its no use for u bollyarena to give ur expected figures.lal mirchi calculator will come up with 5 plus or nearer to 6 CR's.mark my words.they will come up with 20 CR's second weekend as per my belief.let's see.

  9. According to BOI
    Producer's fig-122.36
    Difference- Approx 11cr

    Kabil- 67cr
    Producer's fig- 90 cr
    Difference- 23 cr

    Now u urself decide who is manipulating figure.Bollyarena this is also for u

  10. Now leave it raees and kaabil
    Our first blockbuster movie of the year aa rahi hai- jolly llb2

  11. If its close to 3.50 thn it means it's having gud hold bcoz Raees Lost approximately 35% screens in 2nd Week ... It will have a very gud Saturday & sunday week end 17-19 crores & 2nd week collections will be around 26-28 crores.. which means 122 + 28= 150 super hit ?! World wide gross will be 325-340 ! It will surely earn more thn 100 crores in overseas..

  12. Many people are compairing the box office collection of RAEES with that of the SULTAN nd DANGAL movie....but pls remmbr both SULTAN and DANGAL came on screen widout clash....i would like 2 see collections of TUBELIGHT or any other AAMIR khan movie wid clash....nd if that so happens i think both SALMAN nd AAMIR will really struggle 2 mng even 200 crores...so d comparison btwn RAEES wid SULTAN/DANGAL is nt appropiate

    1. Sujyadas srk had opportunity to clash with both films lekin phat gai aamir and bhai didn't budge srk lost his nerve ab injury ka bahana bana raha hai.

        1. Greeny it's simple deduction raees teaser released in 2015 remember you are the srk fan so from that we knew film was more than ready for eid okay srk got injury but he was shooting for dear zindagi and ring from jan onwArds so ask yourself was he really injured then again his injury might have been gas as uski salman se phat Rahi thi when it comes to movies main greeny tumhe Ashok kumar se leke sushant singh rajput ke baare mein bata donga that's my film knowledge you know I'm not lying he was scared of sultan but I think raees was superb would have been hit no matter clashed with whatever film only srk and excel didn't believe in there product

  13. Rakesh Roshan can do anything for money.Just for money,he insulted his son's one of the oldest mate Srk......Recently,he made a tweet in favour of Pakistan just to earn a good amount for Pakistan...
    Lastly, kaabil and Raees both were fantastic films...Both of the movies were a treat to watch.As a common audience,you shouldn't waste time in debating on film's collection,its a job of the producers and trade analysts...So, relax and dont wasting your valuable time

    1. Srk duniya ka 2nd richest actor hein,bollywood kisi hero ushka competition hi nehi, aree yaar tom cruse bhi usse pichhe hein

  14. who told u srk at no 2 he iz not even top 5 in all time best actor in India amir at 2 and amitab at 1 go and search don't tell simply

  15. So end of 2nd week-end will be between 135-140 cr depending on the growth. Lifetime 150-160 cr, will depend on how Jolly LLB 2 fares. Super-hit for Raees. Wonderful !

  16. srk second richest actor h puri world me ye acting too alg h bhai aur srk ka acting ko foreigners v jante h ki kitna kamal ka h ye kisi site ka verdict se nhi decide hoga ,as a poor boy he started movie bt nw see as a superstar thats srk ,nt he is like amir ya salman all r have backbones of fathers bt srk sher h akele jita h life all stupid haters

  17. srk 2nd richest actor h ,acting me too sbke baap h ,ek poor boy hokr carrier start kiya ab duniya me hi 2nd richest h aur india me numbr 1, kv eid aur christmas k fayda lekr bht kamana nhi aise kv v aakr kamane de tb pata chlta sallu aur amir ko ,aur ye dono apne papa log k support se aaye film industry bt srk too kisi backgroune nhi h v kitni bdi superstar h ab kitni hit % h dekh lo bloody haters awrds v sbse jada overseas v fans jada h ise aur kya chaiye

  18. best actor in Hollywood currently Daniel day Lewis but is he the richest actor in the world. I think not. That's irrelevant.

  19. Even Bollywood arena has agreed that only producers can give the accurate collection of their movies then why few people are barking that kaabil and raees figures are manipulated....you so called stupid why producer will show more figures and pay more tax...yes this may he possible that they can show less collection to pay less tax instead of showing more.....so you morons who are saying about manipulation stop saying this bakwaas......

  20. Raees
    Total collection-125cr(trade coll.and also my prediction)
    Total collection-140cr(acc. To red chilli calculator)....
    Raees verdict remains same-flop
    #dangal dangal

  21. Too much manipulation by the both calculator.This proves that nowdays SRK n Ritik has no stardom.
    Only manipulation manipulation.
    Ritik-Krish3,Bang Bang, Kaabil
    How can Every trade estimates goes wrong?
    2nd Friday collection are double from both side.calculators on fire mode.shame on Ritik n Srk for manipulation.From now i will not watch any SRK n Ritik movie.
    Pagal bana diya logonko inke calculators ne.

  22. Bhai log property srk 4000 cr.
    Salman 1500 cr.
    Amir 1300 cr.

    So dono ko kam main rakh sekta hai.

  23. सुनने में आ रहा है कि ....

    SRK खुद ही अपनी मूवी के टिकट खरीद रहा है ...

    150 करोड़ पार करने के लिए....

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