Raees 1st Week Box Office Collection

Raees 1st Week Box Office Collection: Raees has reached the end of its first week’s run. The collections have shown a continuous drop on weekdays and now the hold in the second week will be crucial. Below is the complete Raees collection report for Thursday.

Raees 1st Week Box Office Collection

The film has another big drop on Thursday. According to the trade estimates, Raees 9th day collection will be around 4.20 crore.

Despite the fact that film was for masses, it was being driven by plexes on weekdays as the former had a big drop after the weekend. That was the main hurdle for the film as the content was not friendly in areas where Shahrukh Khan has a strong hold. North India has underperformed with markets like East Punjab and Delhi were way below the mark. Normally these circuits tend to hold better after the weekend.

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Raees box office collection in 9 days will be around 119.71 crore. The extended 1st week box office collection is higher than Dilwale and Fan. Now the second weekend has become all important as it will determine that whether this film will land. The good start has ensured that it is a box office success but clean hit tag is still pending. The trend is average and on 2nd Friday, Raees collection needs to have a minimal drop from Thursday.

Raees 1st Week Collection

119.71 Crore



Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Day 8
Day 9
4.20 (Trade)
119.71 Cr


Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Raees 1st week box office collection in the comments section.

68 comments on “Raees 1st Week Box Office Collection”

  1. With screens increasing for Kaabil from tomorrow, the collections would only fall further. The onus is with Red chillies manipulations to cover it up.

    Within NCR, Kaabil is certainly leading over Raees. This is not a made up story but please go and check the shows and booking on bookmyshows and that gives a clear picture. Most of the websites and portals are over reporting for Raees and under reporting for Kaabil.

    1. dear Vijayan you also have half information...i agree the point Kaabil have increased by 200 screen but they allotted from regional movies not Raees....Raees screens are intact...even In kolkatta screens are increasing for Raees...got the answer....

      now chup rahu or Raees ko kaisee roko ge woska socho....Raees 170cr karne ja rah hai...blockbuster world wide and Super hit in India...

      1. @ Dr. Janghir khan - Dear, I need not stop it..it is already in stand still mode :-).

        Neverthless, aap jaise fans ko sochna hai ki usko kaise push Karen so that it somehow crawls and cross the 150 Cr.

        What really makes me laugh is that his fans are still living in the past or in self denial mode that he is still amongst the top star. The harsh reality is Aamir and Salman are ruling now and SRK is struggling with content as well as numbers. Nothing more to say ...have said a lot in just couple of line :) :) :)

        1. Srk cant get a good release date for his movies, thats why his movies are underperfoming.

          Agar clash nahi hota toh raees 150 cross kar chuki hoti

          1. Can't agree more with you but it was SRK himself who decided to clash as the date was booked by Filmkraft first. Now that excuse should not be given.
            FAN was without clash in April 2016. Neverthless, let's wait for his next movie without clash. I think it is in Christmas 2018?

            1. haha...Seriously, u made me laugh.....really u SRK haters have too much time for SRK. U guys search for his next release (with or without clash), checkout the bookings of various theaters throughout the country.....it proves that SRK is popular amongst his HATERS too.

              Go make him more popular....
              We are Indians.....we must appreciate all our films bcoz all films need a hard work 5-6 months minimum by the whole unit......

              Being an SRK fan am saying...I do not have anything against any other actors....I appreciate all films....but SRK is special......he started of as theater actor then TV then bollywood then one of the biggest stars the country has ever seen......thats an inspiring story .....which makes us choose him as a ROLE MODEL...

              If you truly think you wont find another SRK...
              An outsider came to bollywood and became a Star and continue to do so....25 years now....

            2. Good response Vijyen...Very calm and composed.. Not like these idiotic fans who just get hyper at the slightest negative comment..

              The fact is that with clash or without clash SRK has underperformed in recent times..

              His fans reject his content based movies and the rest of his brainless movies are not watched by the general public...

              The only thing in his favour is his huge PR agency.. SRK sirf publicity aur social media presence se chalta hai bus ..

              We go to movies to be entertained without treating audience like idiots....SRK jis din ye samaj jaayega utna hi acha hoga uske liye ...He has done the most crap movies in the recent years , Dilwale, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, RA One, Happy New Year, etc......

        2. It's so easy to miss the point.. aamir and salman's movie (last 2) have been driven by the content of their movies and not so much by their stardom.. this movie has fetched the moolah owing to SRK's stardom.. niether salman, aamir nor any other actor command the same star power by any stretch of imagination.. the international community acknowledges it.. but back home fencesitters and losers have their own reasons to live in a fool's paradise.. go on... you all don't make any difference and would be ignored..

      2. Raees Have made RECORD OF HIGGEST COLLECTION in 9Days with clash of 122 crores as all other sites are showing except bollywood arena .
        I know bollywood arena will not post any time of this Article which shows SRK Stardom.

  2. burnol time...Raees already 120cr.....second weekend atleast 15cr...135 cr....end of second week 150cr....life time 170/175cr....verdict...change hit to super hit...

    Disaster khan kaha hu...,mujhe bohat rona aa raha hai...sab kuch kar liye par Raees ko ruk nahi paye...

    @bollywood arena can you update the burnol collections also...hahahaha

  3. good collection bollywood arena why are you hate movie raees don't said drop you said good fantastic beautifull collection best wishes king khan of romance.

    1. Rip English. Why would this sites says so? Drop means dropped. Is there any better words than that ? I don't know some people have some serious issues.

  4. @Bollyarena

    In The Last Few Day You were Just Talking about Your Own Tracking on Box Office Bacause You Think Both Trade & Producers are Manipulated................

    Okay I Get that But If You Want my Trust Then First of all you Must Have To Tell Me The Exact Screen Count For Both Raees & Kaabil Not Like 2500 or 2700 but In Exact Number Like 2527 or 2779

    Because Without Knowing Exact Number How could you Post the Collection..........................

    BTW I think Blaming Producers is Very Easy but If You Want Our Trust then Pls Clear all The Exact Details about Films Then Come here Behabe Like A Dhula Hua Tulsi Ka Patta..................

    Pls Ans My Question & Tell Me & I Think Everyone Wants to know the Exact Screen Count for 1st & 2nd week of Kaabil & Raees from You Because you Are The Best Site According to Your Own ?????

    BTW Where Was your Honesty When There Was Around 12-15cr Difference of Shivaay & 5-6cr Of ADHM ????

    1. Hi Balika Bad-hu,

      1. We never claim to be the best as we are still newbie and learning with time.
      2. We only publish the trend and an estimate calculated on the basis of samples that we collect in the entire day.
      3. No one can post the exact numbers as none have the source. Even producers can be 100% sure about collections after a week.

      1. @BollywoodArena, Try to be honest, according to u Kaabil's trade (ur estimate) and producers fig are different hence posting both Trade & Producers fig... but Raees' s estimate and producers figs are different too then why ain't u posting different collection for Raees also, Your estimate was 6.20 crs but they gave 8.25 crs, so why r u posting only for Kaabil.... You should post Producer's & official figs of Raees separately too....

      2. @Bollyarena - You are doing an excellent job.
        1.) Atleast you have been fair to accept the limitations of the work you do.
        2.) You have listened to what users requests and came back with answers.
        3.) I feel that you have been fair to both the movies. It must be a tough time to handle the frustration of trolling fans, specially when their actor do not fulfill the expectations.
        4.) People are still coming back to you even though they have sweared to boycott your website.
        Long way to go. All the best!!

          1. in the last time when i talk to you about banned Disaster Khans you told me that is his last warning !! but now he do the same thing as always !
            you should do something

  5. A big slap on face of bollywood arena team by SRK Raees. Who were predicting 126 life time business. And saying if reach 130 it will be big hit .
    Now already crossed 120 crores . Still saying average trend. Truth is that it will reach 150 to 160 with super hit tag . A big punch on bollywood arena team.

  6. @Bollyarena

    Is The Collection 6.5cr for Wednesday Producers Figure or Just Your Site's So Called Truth Figure ???

  7. According to boi collections it may do maximum 125 to 130 CR's n according to lal mirchi it can do anything 150 or 160 or even 170 .let's see .

    1. Seriously bro, i strongly feel that you have some problem....
      take care before it hurts you big time.

      Cheers and stay positive.

  8. Lal mirchi calculator will show 9 th days collections at around 5.5.mark my words.they desperately will take it over 150 CR's.that's the bare minimum target they are looking for.shame on srk.

  9. 7 to 8 crore difference is not manipulation from raees as its tough to collect data from interiors.. But Over 20 crore manipulation from Roshons is big manipulations and they do this every time even.

    1. @harroon manipulation to manipulation hota hai chahe wo 5 cr ka ho ya 20 cr ka...

  10. @Bollyarena : How much does it need to be a clean hit ? I thought you said 125-130 cr... Because it seems clear that even if it falls it will be a hit.

  11. Raees is a great movie and deserved to go past 150 crores without clash it would have gone past 200 crores easily and that also in January which is not a festival release.

  12. Raees Movie ko 135 Crore business India mein krna hoga tb wo Hit hogi kiun ke Raees ka Budget 92 hai overall dekha jaye tou clash ke bawajud Raees or Kaabil dono movies ka collection fantastic hai kiun ke Airlift movie ka business 127 crore tha jb ke kaabil or Raees dono movies ka business india mein 200 crore se above ho gya hai Mere khayal se Raees or kaabil dono movies ka business india mein 250 crore hoga or yeh 250 Crore dono movies Raees or Kaabil mein devide ho jayega

  13. Pahele pahele toh saare srk fans ne movie dikh ke collection bada li,par ab raees koi nahi dekh raha becoz no one like this movie except srk fans

  14. @bollyarena can you please add trade figure along with producer figures like you did in Kaabil post be honest do same work not biased towards anyone

  15. kaha raja bhoj aur kahan gangu teli....
    Kaha 385cr aur kahan 150 Cr..


  16. india don't hate srk king khan because is indian too and is not manipulation he give collection correct don't listen any website hate srk we love you king khan

  17. Raees team created the most stupid publicity stunt to promote Raees, 'Raees by rail' which took one man's life at Vadodara.... It is the height of stupidity...

    Itna bhi akal nahi hai kya Srk ko...

    Raees team will face legal action very soon...

  18. Rehan lagta hai tu dimag se pedal hai dangal ke samee vacation + no big movie release+no clash + big gap period for next movie release like ok jaanu soo dimag challo nahi to or jada kachre honge tumare or uss faltu ke

    1. @Deepak... Screen count, holidays, these are not the factors which affects box office collection....

      The film shoul be good enough (WOM should be positive) to get good collection...
      80% of seats are empty for Raees in all screens bcz people dont want to watch the movie...

      On the other hand Aamir Khan movies are well appreciated by the critics as well as the audience... That is the reason why his movies getting earth shattering collection.

      There is something called quality which Srk movies does not have...
      If he continue to make such crappy movies the fate will be similar to Raees...

  19. Demonitization TEST... who stood, who fell !
    rock on 2 - 15 cr - disaster

    chaar sahibzaade - 05 cr. - disaster

    tum bin 2 - 05 cr. - disaster

    dear zindagi - 65 cr. - flop

    kahaani 2 - 35 cr. - flop

    befikre - 55 cr. - flop

    wajah tum ho - 15 cr. - disaster

    (( DANGAL - 371 CR. )) - super hit

    haramkhor - 05 cr. - disaster

    ok jaanu - 20 cr. - disaster

    xxx. xander cage - 30 cr - flop

    kaabil - 85 cr. ( approx ) - flop

    (( raees - 130 cr.)) apprx . - HIT

  20. Aamir dangal 385 crores / salman sultan 300 crores / the King of bollywood 119 crores hhhhhhhhhh King? ?????
    Fan = 80 crores
    Dilwale = 120 crores
    Raees = 150 crores
    Total = 350 crores below one film of Aamir khan

    1. Can ur Salman and Aamir get 100cr with clash?One more thing King was is will always be king whether u like it or not.He is not born after 2000 like ur Salman and Aamir.

      1. If Aamir khan try to clash with another movie... Producers of other movie will change their release date.... That is his star power...

        No one will dare to clash with Aamir even Srk wont dare...

        Bcz Aamir Khan movies ensure certain quality... Which is loved by the audience as well as the critics... Thats why Aamir Khan movies getting extremely positive WOM.

        Nowadays Srk's star power is so weak that even Ranveer Singh wont mind to clash with him and beat him badly...
        Grow up srk to avoid clashes...

  21. Bollyarena,

    First of all, thank you for all the updates. You tend to be unbiased unlike other site which have their favourite stars and they push their agenda. So far you have not done that. Please keep it up.

    I have a small request. Can you please add two columns for all movies from now on? One producer's figure and one trade figure, especially if you see clear discrepancy like here. Thanks!

  22. Even with trade figures raees will cross 145 to 150 cr. So accept u all idiots that raees a hit. And 150 with clash means 300 without clash in jan......

  23. Raees Day8 collection 7.10cr and Day9 collection 6.25cr .......Bollyarena doesn't know anything it just collect the information from other site & post . so friends go to other site like Koimoi.com it will give u original collection.....

  24. srk ne Fan ko bina clash release kiya tha....kya hua...flop...??

    aamir ki Dangal ...abhi bhi chal rhi h....with clash...by..

    1 wajah tum ho..8crore

    2 ok janu ...22crore

    3 hollywiod.... xxx...34crore

    4 raees...

    5 kabil...

    or geeny

    .. aamir 1990 se raaj kr rha h...bollywood pr..

    1 qsqt
    2 dil
    3 andaj apna apna
    4 akele hm akele tum
    5 hm h rahi pyar k
    6 mann
    7 bazi
    8 gulaam
    9 Raja hindusthani (atbb)
    10 sarfarosh
    11 dil chahta h
    12 dil h ki manta nhi
    13 Jo jita vhi Sikander
    14 Rangila
    15 Lagaan
    16 mangal pandey
    17 Rang de basanti.....

    Fir jo Aamir ne kiya vo sab jaante h....

    srk media support...khud ki tarife kr ...star bna h....

    bollywood me esa koi star nhi h....jiski 20 se jyada classics ho...

    2000 se phle b Aamir tha...2000 k baad bhi....

  25. Raees has collected 120cr+ in its first extended weekend but bollywood arena is posting that figures of producer are fake......first of all the original collection cant be traked by the traders or any other site in the country ex koimoi,indicine,boi or bollywood arena.....its the producer who will know the actual collection of the film as they get collection from theatres directly......
    secondly why producers will show more collection as no one in this world want to pay taxes for which they have not collected even....so they are posting their original figures and paying tax....
    even indicine accepted this fact but bollywood arena is showing trend and producer figures differently because they want their prediction to remain corrrect...this is not called honesty....hate this bad thing from you as i was not expecting from this beautiful website.....

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