Raees 10th Day Box Office Collection

According to the figures released by Red Chillies Entertainment, Raees 10th day box office collection is 6.60. The film is very much stable as it has even shown growth from the second Friday.

Raees total collection now stands at 128.96 crore. The trend is suggesting that it will easily go over 150 crore and might even cross 160 crore as per the producer figures.

Day 120.42
Day 226.30
Day 313.11
Day 415.61
Day 517.80
Day 66.20
Day 75.70
Day 85.30
Day 94.20
Day 103.0
Day 114.20
Day 125.25
Day 131.50
Day 141.35
Day 151.20
Day 161.0
Day 170.30
Day 180.60
Day 190.85
Day 20-230.85
4th Week0.17
5th Week0.05
6th Week0.02
Total134.04 Cr

41 comments on “Raees 10th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. No one will believe in u, reason is ur Name, ur name is srk hater, so everyone knows that u will never praise him and his hardwork.

      Grow up bacha, be mature

  1. And Bollywood arena was saying the trend is average......if s then how it shows growth....BTW best of luck raees to declare as superhit and declared as highest grosser of January....

  2. Kaabil daily sixer de raha hai aur raees single runs toh woh sixer nazar nahi arahe kisi ko singles nazar arahe hain. Zyada screens se bhi kya ghanta ukhad liya kaabil ne......

  3. good collection raees will be super hit all hater shut your mouth and listen ENU NAAM CHE RAEES ENU NAAM CHE KING KHAN SALAM HATER GO THE HELL

  4. Raees lifetime will be 165+
    Kaabil 130+
    Both arr heading for superhit tag!!
    Happy for both!

  5. everyone is becoming trade expert in comment box without knowing the facts... producers are the actual knower of their film collections and why they will manipulate it just for the sake of 2 to 4 crores. I don't understand why so much of hatred is going on against the people who work hard to make a film. All the comment box critics and trade experts please just watch movies and enjoy without calculation.

    1. you don't know what flop means.do you?budget is 90cr.how it's an utter flop?you just hate khans that's why you always write stupid comments.use your brain and try to think.

  6. Maha mass manipulation is going on.infact difference between trade n official figures is so huge with each passing day.this is shameful on part of both srk n hrithik.

    1. raees collection difference 4 cr only and kabil collection difference 27 cr ..check all site ..grow up

  7. Raees producers also manipulating collections ... dont u see the difference between producer figure n trade from monday onwards... srk needs manipulation to make his film a hit.. same as kabil... both playing a dirty game... it means they both are not confident of their stardom

  8. I seriously don't understand what's the need of doing heavy manipulation when in reality Rae's won't cross even 130 CR's as per boi.130 CR's in Jan with big clash is indeed a great achievement but the kind of manipulation srk is doing it don't suit his maturity levels n [email protected] bollyarena u are wrong even 180 CR's can be possible now as per lal mirchi calculator.

  9. salman aamir ki movie 300 cr + karti hai tab manipulation nahi hai baki hritik aur srk ki movie 150 cr bhi kare to wo galat hai
    waa re waa haters dont be so jealeous

  10. ha ha ha abe in logo ka collection dekhna hi bura Hai Bollywood sabse bara 2 chitingbaz ha ha ...1 ... bara chingbaz srk2.... 6ota rakesh..Koun biswas karega inlogoka collectiondonohi super flop fake collection dub maro srk fans film hit to honahi raha ab chiting karke hit karega ha ha ha kiya hansi aarahi yaar

  11. taran adarsh bichara vi aur collection post Nahi karraha raees ka sarm se ovi sochraha film hit karneka liye kitna chiting karke barayega ... ha ha ha not king khan ... srk is vikhari khan ha ha ha

  12. aur kuch bolna Hai vikhari khan ke fan ko agar bolna Hai to boi cheak karke bolna 2.75cr ha ha ha 6.60cr kiya hansi aarahi , Hans Hans ke pet dard hojaraha

  13. Are bahut bhadiya calculator liye hain ye Lal mirchi wale..
    2nd Friday kam hone ki vajay bhad gaya
    Jabki acc. To bollyarena screen kam ho gyi hai raees ki(1800)
    Bahut bhadiya...
    I request u bollyarena please give both ur pridiction and producer figure in table manner same as kaabil...
    Thank u very much..

  14. According to boi and bollymovei reviews site-
    Raees manipulation cross 15cr+
    And they also pridict that in lifetime collection raees manipulation cross 25cr+
    Agar kabhi sabse jayadaa manipulated
    Collection movei ki list bani
    To without any debate
    1 no. Par raees ki hogi
    Aur manipulation krne wala none other than
    1no.Lal mirchi calculator

  15. Raees is the Clear Winner..... Kaabil is manipulating it's Collections By huge margin... Not good for Them... Hrithik, After Mohenjo daro He don't wanna lose again... Over confidence Le duba.... and one more thing some idiots r Saying that trade Declared Raees flop... Hahaha.... KUCH B HA... Pagla Gaye he sab King Khan k Comeback Se

  16. How ????????

    Trade :

    Raees - 2.75 cr

    Kabil : 2.55 cr

    Producer :

    Raees - 6.6 cr

    Kabil - 6.4 cr

    Look at the figure..gap is same both of the figure that is 20 lac.

    Means actually producers got it and both add 4 cr.

    Now you can find actual number and that is :

    Raees - 2.60 cr

    Kabil - 2.40 cr

    15 lac less than trade as trade always tried to keep 5 % error factor.

  17. According to boi raes has done 2.75 n as per lal mirchi its 6.5. Shame on haklu.u are not king khan u are indeed a manipulation khan..

  18. In past I have seen that films drop on Friday from Thursday but here Story is different, no other film in history of bollywood did like this, Grow from Thursday on Friday Lol... even BB, PK, Dangal and other failed to Grow like that but this crap grew lol. Inflation and Manipulation is on sky high

  19. Daywise Breakup

    Day 1:
    20.42 Crore
    Producer Figure
    20.4 Crore Trade Figure

    Day 2:2
    6.25 Crore Trade Figure
    26.3 Crore producer Figure

    Day 3 Collection:
    13.11 Crore Producer Figure
    13.1 Crore Trade Figure

    Day 4 Collection:
    15.61 Crore producer Figure
    15.6 Crore Trade Figure

    Day 5 Collection:
    17.75 Crore Trade Figure
    17.8 Crore producer Figure

    Day 6 Collection:
    6 Crore Trade Figure
    8.25 Crore Producer Figure

    Day 7 Collection:
    5.25 Crore Trade Figure
    7.52 Crore Producer Figure

    Day 8 Collection:
    4.5 Crore Trade Figure
    7.1 Crore Producer Figure

    Day 9 Collection:
    4 Crore Trade Figure
    6.25 Crore Producer Figure

  20. After getting 50 50 screens still Raees is ahead. So Raees is having better trend after getting huge number from 1st extended weekend.

  21. Finally raees become highest grosser of January and 160cr+ is on the cards......well done raees...

  22. Raees has broken the record of Airlift

    Raees original collection : 123+crores
    Kaabil original collection : 79+ crores

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