Race 3 trailer to release on 15 May 2018

Salman Khan's Race 3 is one the most awaited films of the year. After releasing the first look posters, the makers are now all set to release the trailer.

The superstar Salman shared a new poster of Race 3 on Twitter. In his tweet, Salman also reveals the release date of the film’s trailer. He writes, “Sach Batau . We were not ready with the #Race3Trailer . Is liye itne posters banaye . But Intezar ka fal meetha hota hai . The #Race3 trailer coming to u on May15. And i promise u the wait will be worth it .”

Check out the new poster.

The third instalment of the Race franchise is directed by Remo D'Souze. Race 3 will hit the theatres on Eid, June 15.

43 comments on “Race 3 trailer to release on 15 May 2018”

    1. Saif ali khan dies and salman his lost brother takes revenge! Ive had enough of this!!!

      If this story is true, why was that brother not mentioned in race and race 2! Bollywood is full of shit now!

      Hope hollywood takes over!!!!

      1. UK fanbase how did you know??? Did you watch the film??? There is no connection of race 3 with first 2 race. All the characters in race 3 are completely new including anil and jacky who were also in previous parts of race. So stop making your own story.

        1. I said IF its true! So if theres no connection that means they are riding on the success of race and race 2!

      2. You are telling the story of fast and furious my friend .. so big Hollywood too does this if this really happens..?

    2. the adjusted system of BOI
      96.17rs is the all around average ticket price for the year 2017 is taken by boi , every movie whose avg ticket price is lower than 96.17rs will be multiplied by 96.17 every movie whose avg ticket price is higher than 96.17 such as dangal and bahubali 2 wont be multiplied by 96.17. they will in the future when their avg ticket price will be lower than all around average ticket price.

      the adjusted system of BOI is nothing but a system that glorifies the footfalls of the movie. it also shows where the site and many trade experts actually believes in that money is good initially but footfall is the main lifeline for movie business. maybe they are right or its just a far simplified way to calculate with the inflation of money lol

  1. Seriously keh rha hoon sb ko ek baar net pe race 1 race 2 race 3ka posters or salman saif ka look dekha
    Race 1 or 2 lag rha hai ki haan swag attitude hotness hai class hai .race 3 bhojpuri jaisa lag rha

    Salman seriously isse jaisa ghatiya actor nahi dekha ..just look at salman's expressions or fir saif ke expression dekh lo

    1. Seriously I can also say that you might be the biggest jerk on this website by creating so many fake ids and commenting idiotic about every articles related to Salman Sir.....Itne haters ke babjud He has most number of blockbusters and 300 crs club movies....(Ab bolo bebkoof haters.....Mostly SRK and AK fans....)

      Do some other work you dumb commentors....

      This website is being ruled by some idiots whose comments are always senseless but bollyarena members are happy to post them....Good for them!!!!????..Lekin kabtak....Not good for its future....

      1. Hes right you moron!

        Race 3 posters look so stupid, and salman is to blamed because he chose the movie but the dirextor and producers are shit!

      2. Salman does not believe in making a good movie je bl8eves in helping his freinds and family, thats the reason why in the past he had a bad career!

        Make yhe right choices salman because your leading the box offixe right now and people wont watch a shit movie!

    2. Haaan bhai but abhi toh hum sab teri bakwaas dekh rahe hai btw tu kyun posters itne dhyaan se dekh raha hai kahin kuch jal toh nahi raha apni pant check kr @honest 2.0 uff liar 2.0?

  2. Salman ka sb cheez tatti rehta hai ..mujhe yakeen nahi ho rha itna ghatiya posters rehga race 3 ka ..salman ka look maha bakwaas
    Bhai mai race 1 ka fan hoon ..race 1race 2 me swag attitude ka baat Hi alag tha but race 3ka posters Hi dekh ke mujhe ultii aa rhi

    Saif is 1000 times better actor than worst salman

  3. Honestly speaking even 1 poster is not looking good. Goodia ka bandook pakda diya hai sabko

    1. Yaar mauka to do kisi ko....All others are working day and night for this movie.... They are doing hard work ......not like you......Tu hi create karde ek poster.....

      Stop whining backstabbers.....All posters are good.... They all may not be excellent but are definitely good..... Neither one is bad....

      Agar movie buri hui...Toh, After that nobody will stop you from commenting....Till then just keep quiet.....

      1. Tbh ive created posters like these as a kid and scraped them because 10 years ago when i was kid yhey were still shit!

      2. Haha then why take out the posters, the posters are there for us to judge and if we dont like them we will critisize them, you can praise them all you like but we dont like them and we will point out the reasons!

        You shouldnt have a provlem with our opinions because it cant be proven wrong!

  4. Posters KO goli maaro frndss.... Trailer pe bhi bharosa nhi Karna ab mujhe ,,,tubelight ka trailer acha tha film ekdum ghatia,,, dhoom3 ka trailer acha tha film super ghatia,,, kick ka trailer acha tha film superb disaster,,,,,,film achi h ya buri h ab 1st weekend ke baad pata chal jata h,,,,actors koi bhi ho,,,,,

  5. Dil se bolu to I like salman sir but poster ekdum ghatia hhhh,,,,,,only bobby sir is looking good,,,,,,pta nhi in dono ghatia actress KO kyu liya h

  6. Sab cartoons lag rahe h,,,,hahahaha,,,,, pehli baar do actress KO ek saath dekhne KO milega jinko acting ka ab bhi nhi ata h,,,,

  7. I will watch these film only for bobby sir and anil sir,,,,both are excellent actors,,,,,,

  8. Jab daisy aur Jacqueline KO le liya to sunny Leone KO bhi le lete uski bhi acting inse kam h kya??? Remo d suza worst director

  9. For all those trolling Race 3, let us remember even Salmans so called ghatya movies were blockbusters in the past. Even in worst case scenario I expect it to earn 200 cr and be a clean hit.

    P.S. I have zero interest in Race 3 but its box office potential is still huge.

  10. Aab ayega maza..
    Sallu fans aab no excuses

    TOH vs Race3

    Jo Jita wo hi sikandar

    Dono masala movies hai...
    Dekhte hai kisiki star power jyada hai

    1. Jiska bhi Life Time collection jyada hoga wo jitega

      Plz no excuses like ye nahi tha wo tha
      Acchi script nahi thi

      Aab Tak Diwali and Xmas sabse bade festivals hai collection ke liye

      TOH ke baad Diwali sabse bada festival ban jayega kyunki Aamir hamesha Naya trend set karta hai...

      Waiting for 500cr club this Diwali

      1. I can bet you this AK movie will not even collect 250 crs...Max... 240 crs....It will be an average or flop because of its super high budget (approx 215 crs)....Because these type of movies require huge budget....It's a fact.....

        Who watches Pirates of Carribean type movies in India beside some hollywood fans including me??....Recent one was an ultimate disaster....So be ready for one more that being in India.....

        Main Reason..I have trust in AK but if Race 3 director is worst then TOH director is worser than him......

        Please save my comment for your future upcoming TOH.....

        Yes movie will open big with 115-145cr weekend(4days) but then it will gradually shrink in its collections....Also Christmas has 3-4 open weeks but here it is not the case.....So be happy by posting your foolish comments Crying Parshya Aunty....

        1. @mk
          abey Victor jaisa director ke sath bhi Aamir ne ATHG diya hai..
          aab ye mat bol D3 bahot bada brand hai..
          agar bada brand hoti toh d1 and d2 ATBB Banti..

          Aamir ke karan hi D3 jaisi movie ATBB and ATHG bani..
          Par sallu ne kya ukhada ETT blockbuster uska sequel bhi blockbuster

          aab race3 bhi jyada se jyada blockbuster hogi par TOH ATBB and ATHG banegi agar bb2 chod de toh aur acchi rahi toh bb2(Hindi) ka bhi game over

          chal meri bhi comment save karle
          TOH ww = 2*Race3 ww


          1. We all will see Race 3(budget 150-200 crs) and TOH(many theatres Imax Print) in Eid and Diwali respectively....Yes TOH is releasing in IMax Print so budget will be more than 215 crs....It's a fact.....

            But but I can guaranteed you that TOH will not be a profitable venture for YRF as its budget would be super high....It might need a controversy for getting 300 crs on Diwali which I am sure Aamir will create with its poster only......Like Padmavaat....Movie was average but controversy helped it big way for collecting 290 cr+ in India and 30 million$ overseas......

            Also, I can bet you that Dangal will remain highest grosser bollywood film for next 1 year till Bharat releases....
            My predictions without seeing trailer :-
            Race3..... 250 to 350 cr (Due to Eid and Action Genre)
            TOH.....220 to 300 cr (Due to Diwali and Action Genre)(if it was Christmas release it might have earned more than 300 crs)....Don't expect it to be on Dangal level...it will never.....

          2. Dhoom 3( budget 175 crs ,collections-282 crs Hindi+Tamil+Telugu)...Verdict ATB

            TZH (budget 150 crs, collections- 339 crs only Hindi)....Verdict BB.....

            Even Footfalls are more than 15-20 lakhs for TZH than Dhoom 3....

            You just wait for Tiger 3 .....Whenever it will come .....You will soon get the value of Brand just like Dhoom....

            Also Dhoom1 and Dhoom2 are BB at their release time....Plus it had great TV ratings and blockbuster songs....So stop whining fake ids creator Parshya/Sunil/or many more.....

            1. @mk
              2013 aur 2018 mein Fark samj mein ata hai Kya?

              BZh-gst+highest screen+htp+sequel
              Still just collected 1.2cr more than D3 that too in 2018

              D3 producer-36.5cr.....2013
              Tzh producer-33.4cr..2018 hahaha

              Ye hai Aamir and masala films ki power

              1. Fake Id ki dukaan ko samjhaana waise hi jaise kisi gadhe ko laat maar kar bhagana......

                Abe Parshya Rani, Dhoom brand is/will always greater than every other brand except Bahubali sequels....You duffer......Because it is made popular through various actors working in its various sequels plus high budget whereas Dabangg and Tiger sequels are Only Salman khan films having less budget compare to Dhoom series.....

                Uneducated Fifthy Prani.....

  11. Itne dislikes karne ke baad bhi Salman Khan has 3 300 crs movies....Itni hi jalti hai toh Salman khan ki movies aur news se door raho....Sare haters ke liye acchha hoga....

  12. Dean Ambrose
    U jerk
    OK tubelight flopped at the box-office
    But you moron
    Dhoom 3
    All time blockbuster
    Kick blockbuster
    Keep your logic in your ass lol on u

  13. Too early to predict anything for this movie, it can go either way- up or down. No doubt it'll enjoy a very good opening weekend but the real test will come on first Monday onwards(or may be WOM will come into play on opening weekend itself just like in case of Kaabil). Budget is high and the only promising factor here is presence of Salman Khan. No other factor excites at all about this movie. If trailer is not good then for sure this movie is going down from the opening weekend itself. So trailer has to be really good because as of now only hardcore Salman fans are excited about this and neutral public is feeling like well let's say 'Neutral'. I hope for the best for this movie. Sanju trailer has shaken the internet so far so let's see what Race3 trailer has to offer. All the very best to both.

  14. some burnol for king SK haters.. :D

    After Tiger Zinda Hai emerged a blockbuster, Salman Khan has now accumulated 3200 crore in terms of adjusted ticket price nett gross for his top ten grossers since 1994. This gives an average of 320 crore nett per film as compared to 276 crore nett for Shahrukh Khan and 263 crore nett for Aamir Khan

  15. Race 3 's hype is much lesser than tzh if we compare the anticipation of both the films before trailer release. Tzh had a very good trailer and then it was backed by 2 hit songs.specially swag se swagat which crossed 400 million views in you tube. Plus tiger brand is also bigger.most probably races will release one day before eid, so it would be affected a little by pre-eid. The kind of posters they have released till now I don't think the trailer and the songs of race3 would be better then tzh.
    So all in all both the hype and release date of tzh was better than race3. So according to me if race 3 directly does not release on the day of eid which would be a holiday the opening day would be lesser than the 34 crore net of tzh.and because the hype would be also lesser and wom is also looking unlikely to match tzh it won't cross the 45.5 crore single day record of tzh. The release date is similar to bajrangi bhaijaan which opened approx 27 crore before 1 day of eid so as race 3 is coming 3 years after bb I expect it to open above the 27 crore of bb.

    Though as of now race3 does not have any advantage over tzh but if it releases in 3d it can be an advantage because tzh was not a 3d release.

  16. Salman haters jolne ki hosbo ha ha..
    Flop king ki uwkat 200cr...makki ki owkat 130cr. ..bhai ka pass 300cr
    So kaha bhai,,,kaha makki,,,,flop king,,,

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