Race 3 Trailer - Salman Khan

Jo dikhta hai woh hamesha sach nahi hota! The Race has begun and the road ahead is full of twists & turns. Gear up for the release & watch the Race 3 trailer now! Race 3, the action-thriller, is directed by Remo D'Souza and produced by Salman Khan Films and Tips Films. The film stars Salman Khan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Anil Kapoor, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Saqib Saleem and Freddy Daruwala. Race 3 releases on 15th June 2018.

69 comments on “Race 3 Trailer - Salman Khan”

  1. Action Scenes looks good...........although CGI could have been better..
    But dialogues are just pathetic to say the least and dialogue delivery is over the top but cant blame the actors as dialogues are really a big let down. Instead of creating any impact, they sound so silly....

    1. I am no Salman hater but seriously this is very average stuff and I am being lenient. You have to give credit to Salman though that his presence and stardom brings a below par stuff look average and acceptable. Cannot find of any reason to watch this movie unless you are a Salman fan or you have absolutely nothing to do on Eid holidays.

      Last time I was un-impressed by a Salman movie trailer was that of Jai Ho. Let’s see how much this oneearns at box office. I am not very confident though after having watched the trailer.

      And seriosuly the dialogues !!! Could have easily been much better. Starting from the posters which mentioned lame words like “The Main Man” and now we have “You don’t need enemies when you have family”.

      JHMS’s marketing campaign was a disaster and Race 3 marketing has been another one.

      1. East or West
        Bhai is the best

        Bhai ka rahega bol baala
        300 crore pakka hai hone wala

        Bhai ka bhale na ho koi bachcha
        Lekin movie blockbuster hona hai pakka

        Is film release kai baad mai deta hoon guarantee
        Jhms,joker, tubelight sab ko lagain gi masterpiece

        Agar meri poetry achi lagi to thoko Like button

        1. Filmfare award of best dialogue for 2018 goes to Race 3 for

          Our business is our business ..... it is none of your business

          Dialogues of the film have very deep meaning. You will have to watch trailer 10 times to understand them. Since no1 has found courage to watch it 10 times therefore no1 has yet understood dialogues. All making fun r idiots

    2. Such a worst trailer ..no story ..typical salman masala movie ..bas action or masala ..vo bhi action parwez kazi kia hai not salman
      Such a worst actor ..Indian audience plzz wake up .

    3. Better than expected!

      As long as it gets good reviews this is another blockbuster!

        1. Aint gotta prove anything to you and even if it was uttarakhand, what are you trying to say that your country dont hold the same value as UK! More than anyome indians like you put your country down!

          And dont be too proud of anything, audience that is neutral will be more excited about TOH and ZERO because its not the usual shit we get from bollywood!


          Btw i am from UK,Birmingham! Cant put my address on here now can i?

  2. the best thing about the trailer is bhai and action than anil than jaq in hot pants , but the rest lol.

  3. For some reason this trailer tries too hard to please people but ends up being a huge let down. Salman bhai and Bobby suit the action scenes but Saqib Saleem fails to impress in the action scenes

  4. Fantastic.....Mindblowing......Amazing Trailer

    This movie is going to break all records......

  5. Really a pathetic trailer nothing good except anil and bobby this film will earn only in 1st weekend if it will otherwise will be a sureshot flop due to high budget and biggest drwaback is the non actor lallu cannot match even 50 percent of saif ali khan agar wo hota to kuch hota but its looking a crap as usual so get ready bhaitards for another wasted eid

    1. @abhijeet jalli naa teri jalli naa bs ab apna muh bandh rakh itna hi shaunq hai toh saif ki movies theatres mein bhi dekha kr piracy wale

  6. Aa gya fir se masala movie actor
    Action hi action lg rha poori movie
    Aur twist jo pichli movies mein the wo to lg bhi nhi raha honge director bhi remo aur dialogue to janaab ne jabardasti bole hein sab bekar
    Ye race saif ki thee hai or hamesha rahegi
    Kyunki wahi eska sabse purana khiladi hai..

      1. Still race 2 trailer and the movie was far better than this shit race 3. Race 3 looks like cheap copy of fast and furious 7 and 8.

  7. scale and look is good, but salman khan looks is very casual, it's very similar to his looks in ready. the story is confused, dialouges are not that great. it seems the team has not put a much effort on the film. the only effort is put in the action scenes and they are good. the trailer starts very well and then looses it's way in the middle and again picks up in the end. if i compare it with tiger zinda hai trailer then tzh trailer was way better, tzh also did not have great dialouges but the storytelling in the trailer was very good, villain was the main highlight but here nothing is working . tzh also had two very good songs and let's see how race 3 songs are. and the biggest problem is salman was not looking at all to play the character, it was looking like he is playing the prem's character of ready. and why they have included this family thing, race brand is not about these things, it's all about thrill which is completely missing here.
    this is my opinion so right now i can't judge it's boxoffice prospect. but one thing i can say for sure that if eid does not fall on friday which is likely to happen then the opening day will be definetly below the 34 crore of tiger zinda hai, how much below only time will tell. but let's see how people gives response to the the trailer and we will know it very soon by it's you tube views, though that is also not everything but that's the only way to judge. i will give the trailer 5 out of 10. and those 5 is because of the action and scale.

    1. I used to think you are one of those bhai's deluded lunatics but this time you have prooved yourself. Though you are salman fan but you have credibility left on youself, good job.

  8. I am no Salman hater but seriously this is very average stuff and I am being lenient. You have to give credit to Salman though that his presence and stardom brings a below par stuff look average and acceptable. Cannot find of any reason to watch this movie unless you are a Salman fan or you have absolutely nothing to do on Eid holidays.

    Last time I was un-impressed by a Salman movie trailer was that of Jai Ho. Let’s see how much this oneearns at box office. I am not very confident though after having watched the trailer.

    And seriosuly the dialogues !!! Could have easily been much better. Starting from the posters which mentioned lame words like “The Main Man” and now we have “You don’t need enemies when you have family”.

    JHMS’s marketing campaign was a disaster and Race 3 marketing has been another one.

  9. abey bandar @honest man
    apne aap ko Salman fan batata hai aur harr article mai negativity karta hai.....Aamir khan ka fan hai to aamir khan ka hi fan bann na, salman fan bante kyu firta hai?
    As for the trailer

    1. @sallu tiger hai. Look I am not a person who will praise first and after the film underperforms I will put up excuses. Truth is truth and that has to be said. When I said tzh won't cross 40 crore on day 1 every Salman fan was highly confident it will do that and when it failed to do that they started giving excuses, I won't do that. You can be anyone's fan but you have to know the truth. In a action film cars will be blown and punches will be thrown, but you need dialogues, different characterisation of the hero, a strong villain, good storytelling, and grand look to impress. This trailer have nothing apart from Grand scale and action.
      Today it's 15 th may and I am saying this mark it. If Friday is not eid day then this film will open lower than 34 crore of tzh, and it will also not cross the 45.5 crore single day of tzh on it's eid day or Sunday. And if it does better than those numbers then hats off to Salman, because for me tzh has far better trailer.

      1. @honest man

        i have full confidence in salman's character
        sikander will make this movie work
        mark it

  10. First of all watching this trailer I had mixed feelings, it was reminding me of "Fate of the Furious" when Salman was talking about the FAMILY(F&F series all time fav subject). Though I was expecting the trailer to be good(if not fabulous) but sadly it's not upto my expectation and not just for me but I guess for a lot of people(going by the reactions on YouTube). Remo puts in creativity only in his Dance movies as this is his area of expertise but in other subjects he literally goes with 'cliches'. Storyline looks simple(much less thriller), specially dialogues aren't that impressive. When you've a larger than life character on such big scale you must have some really good dialogues(specially for masses). Most of the characters don't impress, they just fill the screen space. In previous Race movies Anil Kapoor was a funny character and audience will miss that too, there isn't much of a comic angle to this now. CGI is just okay. In my opinion Explosions don't necessarily mean a good action movie, there must be good stunts & practical effects to make those stunts real and crysp CGI for high scale action. Acting wise it's just okay because everyone is going to try to be all high & mighty in this movie and focus on acting becomes less in such action-oriented movies but a little more effort would have been nice. Overall the trailer is OKAY. Good trailer is important for the opening weekend as we saw this in TZH. This one isn't matching TZH standards so opening won't be like TZH. I hope trailer doesn't create any kind of negativity for the movie and it does well at the box office. Good luck!

    1. @Genuine;
      your comment shows that how fake you are.....You are trying to be a neutral but you are nothing but another blind hater.......So according to you story reminds you F&F, why? because in this Salman talks about family.....LOL.......Idiot before commenting atleast watch trailer properly, and then also if you don't understand then go and ask your father to explain it to you........In F&F there is no fight in family.....while here in Race3 there is enemy in family......Read the Tag Line of movie.......

  11. Frankly with due respect to salman he looks like a midget in the trailer. With his short stature and those bulky muscles hes actually looking like a clown. A role like this needs charisma and salmab lacks it, hes looking too studied and trying to look cool but hes clearly shit in front of Saif ali khan. As he and ramesh taurani will pull out all stops to make this movie work, it will gross in the range of 170-185 crores. IT WONT CROSS 200 cr. Ramesh taurani shud have cast saif again or perhaps aamir or srk wud have been better as he has the charm and physique to pull it off.

  12. Those Idiots who are saying that the trailer is average or crap and they are believing that movie will not work now......so please stick to your words and don't give lame excuses when movie will become Blockbuster.....

    Now some will say that money is not everything......then to those duffers when audience come to watch movie then only money will come......For you Idiots I will say only one thing, wait and check the Footfall of Race3, which I am 100% sure will cross 3.5cr.......And this Footfall is only dream for most of the actors......So stick to your stupid comment, because at the end again you have to eat your own words just like you did at the time of TZH.........

    1. Tzh ki baat kar raha hai na tu

      Itna confidence hai to laga bet 300 cr ki jo tzh nai kia

      Agar confidence hai salman aur trailer par to 300 ki bet laga. Apna prediction bata. Us sai teri confidence ka poll khulega

      Agar tu nai 300 sai kam ki bet lagayi to prove hoga tu bhi confident nahin movie par

      Laga bet warna teri saza hoga marigold 3 times dekhni paregi within 1 day

  13. Good trailer

    The same locations of tzh made it look like tiger 3
    also not happy with salman's clean shave luk

  14. Fun of race franchise
    Don't believe that u have served on-screen
    there is more to come
    Let the music release

  15. Don't get into any conclusion "idiots"

    race is all about twists they cnt show it here
    so wait for the movie
    dnt believe watt u see

  16. Bhai yaha SB upar comment krne walo na race 3 ka koi aur trailer dekha ha Kya?????? Kyuki Jo mene dekha vo to ek dm wahiyat trailer tha Sala aise lg RHA the kick part 2 bna diya......sch me Salman ka fans great hi ha

    1. Defending shitty stuff of own fav star is typically what many hardcore fans of all popular stars do. It’s not just Salman fans. I have seen SRKians trending on twitter for movies like HNY and Dilwale. And same way many other fans do that too.

  17. After reading stupid haters comments reminds me the time when TZH trailer was release, same way haters were talking shit about that trailer, but what happen we all know, same is going to happen with Race3......Idiots will always bark, but then that's all they can do......HaHaHa

    Ok let see to all Salman haters please don't watch Race3 in theater (though I know that they all watch it when it release), and I am sure that Race3 will lose 3000-4000Rs at max......so please do atleast this much dent in Race3 collection......LOL

  18. Kya bakwas trailer h dekh ke aisa lg rha h video game khel rha hu so funny..
    salman se aisi umeed nhi thi

  19. Superb trailer!!
    I really liked it!!

    Sallu fans aab ayega maza!!
    Aab no excuses!!

    TOH vs Race3

    Jo Jita wo hi sikandar!!

    Let's see who will win d race between Aamir and Salman!!

    Aab ek bhi excuses nahi chalega Jo bhi Life Time mein jyada kamayega wo hi Bollywood ka sikandar kah layega

    Too much fun!!

    1. Salman sirf race movie ka sikandar hai lekin bollywood ka asli sikandar to sirf Aamir hi hai. Box office ki race ka asli sikandar Aamir hai aur TOH race 3 ko pachadegi.

    2. Thats only domestic isnt it? Parshya?

      Because TOH might be releasing in china at the same time, which will mean its impossible for salman to beat aamir!

      So just keep it to domestic collections!

  20. Disappointed with the trailer. Special effects are really bad. Only Anil Kapoor is the saviour others looks blunt. Expected more from Race 3.

  21. Jo saif Saif kar rahe ho wo loge jake saif ki kalakandi dekhe ya Phir pogo dekho. Iss Race ka sinkander srif Salman hai. Bhai rocks pogo people shocks

    KUCH NAYA KARO ......


  23. Those who say that there is only action in this trailer and nothing else, to those idiots 1st learn about film making and genre......Its a suspense thriller action movie, so obviously they will only show action in trailer and give you some hint about problem, and here problem is in family (someone betrayed family).....Now some duffer think that they should reveal everything in trailer......LOL

  24. To all Salman haters here in Bollyarena, please don't watch Race3 in theater, I am sure that producer will lose 3000-4000Rs in lifetime collection......HaHaHa


  26. I am a huge salman fan.. but found this strictly average.. perhaps new faces instead of jaq, daisy.. would have worked.. only salman, bobby and anil are good.. but y family in a thriller???
    may b to attract audiences from all genre as race 1&2 had sexual appeal too..
    Hope this film dont go the Jai Ho way..

  27. worst tralior,hawabaazi sirf hawabaaj log ki hawabaaj movies or stars ko pasand karte hai like salman or srk legends log social movies or actors ko pasand karte hai like aamir and akshay kumar...

  28. Race 3 trailer has got around 18.5 million views in you tube on day 1 counting Salman khan films and tips together. It has beaten tiger zinda hai trailer views of day1 but has fallen short of sanju teaser views but if you count only trailer views then it is the most watched trailer in you tube in 24 hours. But more than the first day trending is more important. Let's see how it holds in the next few days. I personally have not liked the trailer much as I missed the Salman of last few years. In last few years in most of films Salman was trying to play the character like sultan, tiger zinda hai, prdp etc. But in this film's trailer I missed that. It is the same Salman of the period when films like ready,dabangg 2, jai ho etc came where he used to come on screen and played himself.

  29. Good Trailer --

    EI'd entertainer ....

    My projection for 1st if on Eid day then 50 cr +

    If movie - Good then 400 cr.+
    If movie - Average - 325 cr +
    If movie - Bad - 250 Cr..+

    So from trialor it's done movie will be at least super Hit ...as Trailer has that dhamaka and salmon is shown in agry mood , which does the best...

  30. Tips and Salman films milake only 18m
    Jisne tips ki trailer Dekhi usine hi Salman films ki trailer Dekhi

    Yane 10m ka hi views Mila hai aab Tak..

    Lagta hai another tubelight on d way

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