Race 3 Monday Box Office Collection

Race 3 Monday Box Office Collection: Salman Khan's Race 3 has a decent hold on Monday by grossing around 14.24 crores. The drop is around 50% from the opening day.

Generally, this is considered a good hold however there is still Eid affect which boosted the business in Mulsim dominated circuits. While the other places have a considerable fall of more than 60%. It shows that film might face more drops after Tuesday.

The total collection of the film now stands at 120.71 crores in 4 days. This is a huge total and in normal cases, it would have been declared a hit. However, it is an Eid release so we have to wait for a couple of days to see the trend.

Day 129.17
Day 238.14
Day 339.16
Day 414.24
Day 59.75
Day 68.25
Day 76.25
Day 83.75
Day 95.60
Day 107.25
Day 112.50
Day 122.20
Day 131.85
Day 141.65
Total169.76 cr

41 comments on “Race 3 Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. HNY collected 13 crore on 1st Monday with extremely negative word of mouth that too on working day .Race 3 collected 14 crore with positive word of mouth on holiday . Ha ha

    1. Saste nashe na kara kar bhai, terko movie bahut acchi lagi hai kya jo positive WOM bol raha hai ? ?

      1. Salman fans no need to worry.

        Me, Salman bhai and Daisy are coming back soon with the dance movie.

    2. Not just partial holiday factor

      Take into factor higher ticket prices and no of screens also

      Salman fans will not accept. Truth is CONTENT now is the only MEGASTAR.

      Negativity kai saath to HNY nai bhi 180 above karlia.

      1. At least let's srk hit 250cr mark.... Then compare him with ranbir. The. With after repeated 300 cr compare him with Salman.....

    3. Leave the man alone, he gave a bad movie thats it, move on!!!

      But bollyarena you call this a decent hold on partial holiday haha its a bad drop, shows Eid is coming to an end and so is the movie soon!!

    4. Kya fayda salman ka eid ka jab salman lgatar 2 saal se republic day vala movie ke collection ko bhi beat nahi kr paa rha .shame shame ..best phase me ye haaob

      Raees 2600 screens + clash in republic days 137cr ..tubelight eid 4700 screens 114cr
      2018 me padmaavat 280cr in 3600 screens. Race 3 175cr expected in 4600 screens ..hahaha

      2019 me bhi shayad yahi hoga agar 2.0 republic ko aaya tob

      Eid 2nd best release date me ye haal aaaak thuuu

  2. Tuesday se collection bahot Kam hoga extremely negative reviews k Karan Tuesday collection 8 crore

    1. I knew when they replaced abbas mustan as director for this..that its going to be a bad film..race was perhaps only mass appealing thrilling franchise in india..
      Bt still action masala will continue to work as long as they are not bad as race 3..
      And also due to this tiger might just become the new superstar and even bigger than other youngsters..if baaghi 3, soty, rambo, yrf film work..

    2. Sanju or race 3 me clash hota to sanju 185cr krta or race 3 105cr hahahaha

      But ab 2 big budget vali movie clash nahi kregi ..jab se padmaavat or bahubali ka collection aaya hai non holiday me tb se aankh khul gaya sb ka

      Sanju eid clash me 180cr krti vahi non holiday 225cr+

      Clash ab usi ka hoga jo ek movie 100cr + budget ho or dusre ka 100 ke neeche

  3. It's about recovery for distributors...the film has to cross 95crore dist. Share for a Hit...Race 3 will maximum be a hit otherewise its a average....

  4. Salman fan and Salman haters always think Salman film will do 300cr 200cr just stupidity.
    Within 6 month Salman given 300cr plus blockbuster and Race3 soon will join hit zone and both film collection 500cr plus with race3 have very bad review still doing well.
    Truth is Salman forth day collection better than most of the film first day collection including akshay kumar most of the film.
    For getting screen more for Salman means distributors have more confident on Salman than other actor.
    Even in cricket sachin and kohli cannot hit century in every match like if Salman fans think every film will do 300cr is totally wrong now days movie is struggle to collect 100Cr with big name and good review it's the power of Salman that with 100% negative review still film collecting good amount of money is always good and appreciable .
    Salman don't care crisis so almost all critics taking revenge on Salman during tubelight release Salman said he don't care cries so all critics decided especially SKF film they always give negative review other than SKF film all Salman movie will get good review especially from taran adarsh.
    Bakwaas film like kick and ready taran adarsh given 4* all are non Salman production .
    Soon Bharat will also get bad review only reason if it is Salman SKF production

  5. Tues 9cr
    We'd 7cr
    Thurs 5cr
    Fir 4cr
    Sat 5.5cr
    Sun 6.5cr
    Total till 2nd weekend .114+37= 151cr (trade fig ) ..producer fig crmnal 160cr tak kr Hi dega )

    2nd weekdays - 3+2.5+2.5+2 = 161cr
    Remaining days 12cr
    Lifetime 170-172cr trade
    180-185cr producer

    Tiger ne to non holiday me 160cr kia tha vo bhi to action masala tha ...moot ta hoon aise 2 kauri stardom pe

  6. So TOH zero padmavaat sanju > race 3
    Shayad top 5 me bhi na reh 2018 me ..hahaha yahi hai best phase ..eid me 4600 screens ke baad v shame shame buhahahahaha

  7. 2017 me salman ne republic day release raees ko beat nahi kr paaya eid ke baad v
    Raees 137cr with clash and 2700 screens
    Tubelight 114cr ..in 4700 screens

    2018 me bhi salman republic day reelase padmaavat ko nahi beat kar paaya
    Padmaavat 3600 screens ne 280cr
    Race 3 4600 screens 175cr hahahahaha shame shame ..eid ke baad v ye haal

  8. This is not decent. This is BIG drop as it was a partial holiday.

    Today it will go below 11 cr

    Crash starts today

    1. ???Haters shocks crying calling it a bad collection first of all even HNY got reviews better than this actually no film has got bad reviews as Race 3 but the collection is still rock steady and for Sanju 200 cr or may be even less will be a fight as its not even a mass circuit film anyway keep doing watever u want to do coz u cant stop SALMAN KHAN

      1. Wake up and open eyes dude. Salman has already been stopped. He stopped himself by giving 2 duds on his favorite Eid festival. Collection of Race 3 rock steady? Haha. Go and check today’s occupancy rates.

  9. Just wait for the big crash on Wednesday... And please Salman fans stop looking for excuses like "critics were not paid so they tried to bring down the film" or "even with negative reviews it's still the biggest opener of the year". Anyone would give a big opening with solo Eid release, big budget film and the boost of ticket prices (and the 3D effect too). The truth is that it's going to be 2nd disappointment on Eid after Tubelight. I just hope that finally someone will dare à clash next year. The fake king has fallen, period.

  10. how many of you know that jhms footfalls are lower than salman's flop film jaan e mann which was same genre like jhms and came in salman's worst phase.

    i seriously thought that srk fans will never dare to say about salman after the 14.69 crore opening of jhms but kya kare they are gangu teli fans. i hope zero does 100 crore weekend like race3 with positive response, srk has never given any 100 crore weekend till date despite of 3 back to back national holidays with films like ce and hny and that too with super positive response. can zero give him his first 100 crore weekend. one thing i can say that with a word of mouth and trailer response like race3 it won't even cross kick weekend( 80 crore), but if the trailer gets a good response and also the films gets good wom then there is a chance of srk's first 100 crore weekend, if he fails this time he should pack his bag as salman has given 100 crore weekend even with disastrous wom.

    1. Ha ha u are comparing Jaanemann footfalls with SRK's Disaster JHMS .but in romance genre his biggest hit is DDLJ whose footfall is 4.8 crore.why don't u compare with it ? So from your comparison gangu teli Salman can only beat SRK's Disaster not his biggest.thanks for staying in your limit .

    2. Btw, your logic of SRK didn't gave 100 crore weekend is baseless .CE and HNY were released in 2013 and 2014 respectively .at that time 100 crore weekend was not happened .it happened in 2015 with Bajrangi bhaijaan .so 1st do your homework before trolling .

  11. I think it will cross 200 by a small margin:

    120.7 + 12.3 + 10 + 8 = 151 week 1
    6 + 7.7 + 10 + 4.5 + 4.0 + 3.6 + 3.2 = 39 week 2
    10 week 3
    3.5 week 4
    1 week 5
    0.5 week 6/7

    151 + 39 + 10 + 3.5 + 1 + 0.5 = 205

  12. Salman within 6 month 300cr TZH and 200cr Race3......great no one achieve these feet within 6 month with same genre film.
    500cr both film sum.
    Great akshay need 7 to 9 movies to do 500cr.
    Sharuk need 5 to 6 film to do 500cr.
    Only amir khan achieve if he comes two film within 6 month period that's is also big question he can achieve this feet or not.

  13. @ prashant saste nashe mat kiya kar tere ddlj se jyada footfalls hahk hai... jabss bollywood mai movie bani tabse lekar aajtak k footfalls check kr le boi par... tab baat kario.... even adjusted net or gross collection mai bhi hahk no. 1 hai... ab ye mat bolio ki boi fake site.... band karde saste nashe ...

    1. Tu comment thik se padha kar .yaha romance genre ki baat ho rahi hai .it is your friend honest man who started to compare Jaanemann and JHMS footfall as both films are romance genre .so i am just correcting him in romance genre SRK's biggest hit is DDLJ .so totally illogical comparison .

  14. Do you know JHMS first day is more than the adjusted nett of rom coms Marigold, Shaadi karke phas gaya yaar?Do you know that even Tiger Shroff can give bumper opening in Action masala film so big opening in this is no big deal? Do you know Bhaitards are expecting a drama to open as big as a franchise action film? Do you know Bhaitards are retarded?

  15. @ james007 kisi bhi star k bas baat nahi 6 months mai 2 movie release kr k 500cr kar le... salman did it twice.. in 2015 with bb and prdp and 2017 dec (tzh) and june 2018 race 3..

  16. @ prashant confirm hai tu saste hi nashe krta hai.. tu comment sahi padh or samjh agr tu srk ki top movie ki baat kr raha ddlj to salman ki bhi top movie ki baat kar hahk.. samjha ..wrna sab smjh jayege ki tu sasta nasha krta hai...hahahahaa

    1. Nasha tu karta hai .tu anpadh v hai lagta hai .here matter of discussion is about romance films .HAHK was romance ? It was family drama .

  17. Race 3 Lifetime(Rough Prediction): 215cr
    Verdict: SuperHit/Blockbuster
    Tomorrow we'll get to know the lifetime box office properly.

  18. Who saved Sallu's Drowned Career:

    1. Soorjat Barjatya
    2. AAMIR/SRK
    3. Side Role
    4. Mahesh Babu
    5. South Remake
    6. Eid
    7. Masala

  19. I thing haters not see YouTube and internet it's film leak that's reason race 3 huge drop 5 minute before I check online movie it's cinema scoop leak really bullshit haters and people who leak the movie online sale chutiye sale Randi MAA ki aulad hai jisne movie leak ki hai

    1. Salman facs kai excuses shuru

      Kis ki kismat phuti hai jo youtube pai race 3 dekhe ga


  20. As per BOI Tuesday collection will be in the range of 8 - 9 cr. Big drop in collection have started now. This is the end of Race 3. Hahaha hahaha ha. Now difficult to touch even 180 cr

    1. Brother the issue is not abt touching 180 cr... That it will cross for sure.. The issue is abt entering the 200cr club...
      If you take tue 9 wed 8 thur 7 then week 1 collection 144cr then week 2 since there is no competition it will be as follows fri 4 sat 6.5 sun 10 mon 3 tue. 2.75 wed 2.5 thur 2.3 =31cr
      Week 2 total 175
      Week 3 sanju is releasing so
      Fri 1.25 sat 2 sun 2.75 mon 0.8 tue 0.7 wed 0.6 thur 0.5 = 8.6cr
      Week 3 total 183.6cr
      Remaig weeks 3 cr
      Total 186cr approx
      It needs 14 crores more to reach 200cr.. Which will only happen if it stabilises it self in week 1 and earn atleast 2 digit numbers on 2nd sat and sun which is not impossible

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