Race 3 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

Race 3 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update: Salman Khan starrer has a very good start on Sunday with occupancy being better than Friday and Saturday. It is set for another good day and it is a good news for the film considering the reports. Check out Race 3 collection report for Sunday.

Morning Shows Report:

The film has opened to around 55-60% occupancy today which is better. As expected the single screens are still rocking as they are at the same levels as yesterday. But it will be the trend at plexes which is important. They can drop as the day will progress.

Normally family audience comes in big numbers on Sunday so it is a crucial day. So ideally it needs to maintain the same pace as yesterday however that seems tough. Also, tomorrow is a working day so Race 3 collection will be affected in the night shows. Though Muslim audience will still come due to the festive period which will continue for a couple of more days.

Race 3 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update

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So far the film has not behaved like a failure as it has generated huge money not only at the box office but also from the non-theatrical recovery. But the real test will be on Monday and Tuesday as the boost from Eid will be less. One thing is clear that it is not going to be a huge grosser.

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Race 3 3rd Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

As per the early trends, Race 3 3rd day collection is likely to be over 35 crores. Thus it will cross 100 crores in the opening weekend which will be a huge achievement.

Salman Khan starrer has collected over 67 crores in first 2 days. The business has shown huge growth on Saturday. We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Race 3 day 3 box office collection update in the comments section.

63 comments on “Race 3 Day 3 Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Due to favorable genre (which Tubelight did not have), it can still end up doing over 160 cr biz and end up being a hit.

    @bollyarena how much it needs to earn to be a clean hit ?

      1. Theatrical rights - 130 cr (100 cr for India + 30 cr for Overseas)
        Nett Collections and Verdicts (approx.):
        280 cr Blockbuster

        My estimate - Will probably end up as Semi-Hit or Hit

        1. are bewakoof 130cr satellite rights hai... Salman film khud distribute kari hai 75 cr me..aur overseas me yrf ne 30cr me distribute kari hai samjhaaa...150cr called hit...200cr super hit ..250cr blockbuster....and budget is 100cr.

    1. By doing theaterical bussiness double of its investment means if investment is 100 cr. It needs to be done 200 cr. For being Hit, 250 for being super hit and 300 for being blockbuster.

      Race 3 budget is 150 cr.
      300 cr. Hit
      375 cr. Super Hit
      450 cr. Blockbuster

      1. Abe srk fans tum logoo se tu kuch ho Nahi Raha or baat karte kisi or ko 150cr clean hit hai 200cr super hit and 250 blockbuster chutiye haters ho sab

      1. some correction Parshya...150cr hit..200cr superhit...250cr blockbuster... because salman khan is distribute the film at 75cr in India..

    2. If this does anything close to 250cr!

      Then no Superstar in India is even close to Salman Khan in terms of stardom, because look at the reviews, tbh movie should stop at 130-150cr!

  2. hahahaha... this has really shut those who were BARKINGGGGG profusely.
    Haters.. balm lagao.. yeek ho jayega! Free advise

    SalmanIA is unstoppable although it will decline for sure surrounding negative reviews..

    I am still yet to watch.. till then enjoying and loving haters being shut down and out :D

  3. Manipulation to dekho iska
    PRDP or kick ke trade or producer fig me 25cr ka difference hai ..race 3 ke 2 din me Hi 4cr ka fark . pata nahi salman ke vaqt notice q nahi krta ye log

    2 din ne 63cr
    Aaj 32cr. Weekend 95cr
    Week 130cr
    Lifetime 175-180cr

    Even baaghi 2 non holiday me 160cr kia .action masala vo bhi tha or negative reviews v hahahaha

  4. Another blockbuster movie 100cr average 150ce hit 200 blockbuster movie hater jalte raho

  5. Eid 2017 barbaad
    Eid 2018 barbaad

    Local star salman khan ..rakhi sawant se clash haarne vala ..2003-2009 lgatar har saal clash haarne vala

    Diwali 2009 me salman ne 5cr ka collection dia tha hahahaha

    Till 2009 even abhishek bachan is bigger than salman. Salman not in top 10 also hihihi

  6. Salman superstar ke naam pe kalank hai. .sala aukaat kya hai iska .2009 tak maha flop actor ..2010 se ph**u ki tarah lgatar south ki blockbuster movie ka remake kr ke career banaya
    90% action masala kia 2010 ke baad se ..or action masala me to tiger ne bhi 160cr de dia non holiday me ..aaak thuuu

    1. @2.0
      Original script or content orient movies karne k liye guts chahiye.
      Salman himself admitted that he will do only movies which his fans wants like this shit race 3.
      Real actors are who do content orient movies like srk, amir, akshay, ajay, hritik and from young only ranbir kapoor.
      Contend oriented movies sometimes failed coz they go over audience it doesn't mean that leave these type of movies after one failure.
      Real fans must admit that his star make a shit movies like SRK made JHMS and HNY.

      1. Only Ranbir among yougsters?

        You don’t consider Padmaavat, Lootera, Bajirao Mastani, Band Baja Baraat, Ram leela as content oriented movies.

        How many youngsters can claim to play a villain so convincingly played by Ranveer in Padmaavat? Ranveer has delivered it and other youngsters are yet to prove they can deliver it.

    2. Abe 2.0 padman pad pehn kar kaha UDD gya h Jo 2.0 release hi nhi kar raha h btaa Bhai,,,,, 2.0 epic disaster hoga reason uska budget h

    3. 2.0 tiger ko chod be ye bta akshay action masala karke kab 150 cross karega be,,,,,tujhe to comment bhi nhi Karna chahiye akshay deshbhakti ka drama karke 100 cross kar raha h lekin padman to beech me hi leak ho gyi aur gold bhi 100 rangte rangte karegi,,, akshay KO bol dam h to salman se clash kare samjha,,,,thuuuuu

  7. 13th 100 crores in a row....this is achievement....maybe it may not cross 200 crores or it may cross 200 crores still movie is a hit....

  8. Sab sai zyada #HappyFathersDay mujhe wish karna chahye sab ko

    3 dharti kai bhoj ko paal poss kar bara kia hai

  9. @dean idiot agar akki ne salluse clash kiya to phir 5th time harega idiot ajtak sallu ni jeeta akki se or aukat bhi ni h uski akki se clash karneki solo me 200 crore ni de paega race 3 se to lanat hai aak thuuu

    1. Abe abhijeet u idiot sapna dekh raha h kya be presee ki baat kar jab srk raees lekar bhaag sakta h to tera akshay kaun se khet ki mulli h Jo aaj tak 150crs ke liye taras raha h agar deshbhakti ka drama nhi karta to aaj uski halat saif Ali khañ ki tarah ho chuka hota

    2. @abhi o chutiye tm ar 2.0 kaise baat karte ho yahan par......sharm nahi aati
      Extreme negative review ke baad bhi tere akki ke sabse bade hit se bahut jayada kamayegi.....kaha se aate ho tm sab

    3. Plz stop it
      Apne akki sorry makhi Kumar ko kaho 140to cross kre clash krna hai wo b Salman khan se lol on u joke of the day
      Okaaaaaat kiski Kitni hai sabko pta hai

  10. Reporter To CRIMINAL KHAN: Can You Beat Aamir's DANGAL Record?























    Next Birth.


      1. ??

        Salman fans salai apne Salman bhai ko to kuch bolte nahin. Saari gaalian mujhe aur Daisy ko de rahe hain twitter pai. Bhai nai script, music, cast, lyrics sab ka bera gharak kia aur gaalian hume khani par rahi hein

    1. Race begins on Monday?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️ to catch atleast Tiger Shrof.

      Log nalle nahi h jo monday ko bhi jayenge.

      Bhai k fans sunday tak dekh lenge or ricksawale dubara dekhna afford nahi kar sakte.

      Multiplexes me to monday se ulti saaf karne ka kaam shuru ho jayega kyunki jin logo ne race 3 dekhi h sure ulti to ki h. Sanju ki release se pahle safai ka kaam jaruri h.

      1. Srk fan our akki fan ki aukat 2 kodi ki nahi hai our ye salman ko troll karenge ????khud ki aukat dekho pehle fhir salman ko troll karna chutiye hatters

  11. Bhai ne apne pure career ka talent ek hi movie me daal diya....?
    Producer, actor, lyricist, singer, casting director , script editor???

    Acting per dhyan do plz bhai jiski apko jarurat h yeh baki ka kaam amir srk jaise professionals k liye chhor do yeh sab apke liye nahi bane h...?

    1. Hey Friend, you missed 1more i.e Distribution as Bhai himself distributing Race 3.!

  12. @abhi o chutiye tm ar 2.0 kaise baat karte ho yahan par......sharm nahi aati
    Extreme negative review ke baad bhi tere akki ke sabse bade hit se bahut jayada kamayegi.....kaha se aate ho tm sab

  13. When i watched KRK review...Then I gave my advanced booked ticket to my cousins. Dont want to waste time... I consumed my time on preparation for my upcoming SBI exams ..

  14. The biggest irony of race is people are trolling race and saying it is bad things but on the other hand from friday till today it has increased the collections. Ab bol who is winning race 3 ya the so called trollers.
    By the way I watched it and liked the movie it's not bad. But happy that trollers are getting the taste of their own medicine. Sunday is going to be another big number. Trollers are not going to decide the collections and trollers are unable people from seeing this movie. So much fun yaar. Trollers troll karte raho more people will go and watch the movie.


    1. Race 3 would have a slightly better multiplier because the film is enjoyable (genuinely good in some parts, and one can always make fun of it in other parts :D )
      Tubelight was a good effort, but the nothing much happened throughout the film.

  16. Such a weak movie on content, script, direction and also songs .. still the movie will do 150-200 crores .. such is the superstardom of Salman Khan ?? if there was any other actor like Aamir, SRK, Akshay, Ajay etc .. this movie would have folded under 50-60 crores. Amazing to see bhai’s stardom .. never seen before in Bollywood ??
    Jalne waale gadhon ko ye samajh nahi aayega ..

  17. Everyone declare 100cr average 150cr hit 180cr super hot and 200+ blockbuster and if he cross 250 all time blockbuster hater excuse banate raho besharmooo ki tarha or apna moo KO Kala karo

  18. look at haters turning nervous meercats.. hehehehe..
    poor fellows expected a crash on sec day.. lekin race3 is on a rampage.. LOL

  19. Hey Friend, you missed 1more i.e Distribution as Bhai himself distributing Race 3.!

  20. i found salman a lot like Narendra modi..
    haters keep barking and barking and...
    but they just go about doing what they do best...
    Salman = Modi
    SRK = Rahul gandhi
    Tingu bahubali= kejriwal


  21. I like the attitude of Salman fans. Koi na koi excuse jarur late hain.2 saal ka Eid barbaad kar diya Megastar ne. ?

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