Race 3 Day 2 Box Office Collection Update

Race 3 Day 2 Box Office Collection Update: Salman Khan's Race 3 released yesterday and opened to excellent collections becoming the highest opener of 2018 from Bollywood. However, the word of mouth seems to be mixed and it needs to do maximum business on weekdays. Today is a national holiday for Eid so the film is expected to get a huge boost. Check out Race 3 collection report for Saturday.

Today Salman Khan starrer had a terrific start in the morning shows. The overall occupancy was around 55% which is slightly higher than yesterday. It might not seem huge but the film will run in full swing from morning onwards. This generally happens on Eid as the Muslim audience is busy in prayers and greeting in the morning but later comes in big numbers.

Race 3 2nd Day Box Office Collection

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There will be big jumps in Race 3 collection in the noon/evening. The majority of the Muslim section remained away from theaters on the first day due to the ongoing Ramadaan. But now these circuits will be back in form and will behave as they do in a festive season.

Noon Shows Report:

As expected, Race 3 has started to pick up big time in the noon shows. The occupancy has reached to 75% and will go further high in the evening. It is simply phenomenal in the mass areas and single screens recording more than 90% occupancy. If the trend continues then it can touch 35 crores mark.






Race 3 Day 2 Box Office Collection Early Estimates:

Race 3 2nd day collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check it out in the link given here => Race 3 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Race 3 has collected 29.17 crore on its opening day. It is the highest opening day of 2018 beating Baaghi 2. It is also the 2nd highest opening day on Eid for a Salman Khan starrer.

We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Tell us what are your views about Race 3 day 2 box office collection update in the comments section.

53 comments on “Race 3 Day 2 Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Manipulation to kr Hi lia besharam ne
    Actual 1st day 27cr or ye 2cr brha ke 29cr kar lia .jhms ka trade or producer fig me bas 30 lakh ka difference tha

      1. Take a screen shot

        Bhains paani mai jaani wali hai .... Monday tak ka wait ki jye

        Kyun ki Baby ko bhains pasand hai woh bhi paani mein

  2. Chalo baat krte hai action masala movie ka 1st day collection :
    Baaghi 2 3400 screens me 25cr
    Race 3 4700 screens me 27cr hahaha
    Dilwale 3100 screens + clash with bajirao mastani ..21cr

    Salman ka manipulate dekho ..prdp kick me 20 cr ka difference hai trade or producer fig me
    Race 3 ka 1st day Hi 2cr ka difference aa gaya

    1. @Honest man-Maan lo manipulate kiya gaya hain from 27cr to 29 cr. Sawaal yeh hain ki
      1. Tum ko kaise maloom hain ki Boxoffice Indiawalo saach hain ki nahin. Boxoofice par itna bharosa kaise kaise bhai batao.Woh bhi toh ek addmi ki hi hogi , ho sakta yoh bhi paise leke kuch bhi likhe ja raha hain.
      2. Agar maan lo 30 cr instead of 29 cr, kya income tax walo chup rahenge, bhai tum ko maloom nahin ke income tax wale kaise danda leke paise nikal wate hain. Phukat mein paisa kyo barbaad karna Tips aur salman ko.
      3. Apne aap ko bollywood critic no 1 samajna bhai nahin chahiye bhai nahi chahiye

      1. Shasi abe boc office India trade collection batata hai smjhaa ..baki site producer fig batata hai ..or income tax vale ko trade fig ka source dikhata hai.

  3. To kodika akshay manipulate karr k b 150cr lifetime me b nahi karega.
    Aur uss k fan to taras rahe hai kab to b 150cr karega......
    Aur sharuk ki halat to kya bolna...
    Salman haters bas ye aisa woh waisa bolte.
    Akshay to kab 150cr karega iss janam me to possible nahi 200cr shayad. Agle janam me salman ki horeon ban k paida hua to akshay. 200cr hosakta....

  4. Ye jo akshay k fan bechare dukh k mare 150cr ko taras rahe hai....
    Kab to karega 150cr.....

  5. 1st 27.5 cr as per BOI your site is very disgusting try to know it first for few movies you give collections as per BOI and few producers figures either follow BOI or producers don't follow according to yo favourite start try to change yo mind just grow up kid otherwise just delete this site

    1. Sri agar ye site pasand nahi hai to ate kio ho BOI per hi raho 3rd class besharam admai apne muu ko kala kar ke bagh yaha se.

  6. Common fact between Salman fan and Salman haters both want every Salman gigolo will do 300cr.
    If it fails Salman fan start defending Salman and Salman haters start abusing Salman but both why they don't understand it's not possible every film of Salman will do huge business he is a star not magic man even rajnikant film also do bad business in south Kala is best example.
    But one thing is clear even very bad review still race3 doing good business instead of Salman if this film have akshay or sharuk it impossible to do 90cr also.

    Only two star crowed puller 1 amir khan.
    Two Salman khan they atleast get some audience to theater even film is worst.
    Guys within 6 month two action film one is blockbuster and another is soon join atleat hit starus.
    For Salman fan don't worry Salman company itself is distributed Races3 it need 150cr to be called clean hit.
    Salman is 100% distributed race3...

    1. Abe jahil gawaar ke kahi ke ..tubelight eid ne 4700 screens ne 114cr sirf kyu kia .?
      Agar tubelight jhms ki tarah 3100 screens non holiday or next week toilet katha se clash hota to 60cr bhi nahi krta

    2. Or happy me year kharab movie fir v 200cr in 2014
      Dilwale bekaar movie clash me bhi 148cr

  7. 1st day 27cr hai. Sallu manipulate karke 29cr dikha raha. Lifetime toh 200cr bhi nahi hoga.

  8. some salman fans claim that with negative reviews race three did great collection and no other star do this but they forget about screen count hike tickets rate and franchise even fukrey return did great bussiness due to franchise

    and i want to remember them that srk did this with Ra.one way before when it was collected 25cr on third day with lots of negativity despite lesser screen count and low tickets price so what a big deal in it its only eid and franchise which will give a respectable total to this movie think what happened if it realise during normal weekend oh sorry salman have zero guts to realise his movie during normal weekend he like recipes first south action masala recipe now festive date booking reciepe lol

  9. Franchise + star power + Eid still working in its favor...the real test begins from Monday onwards. Let's wait for the big crash !

  10. Race 3 is getting very bad reviews from everywhere. It will earn money only on weekends. Post that it will crash like anything. It has been proved again that stardom will work for 2-3 days to pull crowd but later on only content will work to sustain. These big stars makes fool us to make movie like bodyguard, kick, ready, Happy new year, dilwale, Dabang 2 & now Race 3. They encash their stardom only by making such kind of movie. Actually these movie disverve to be disaster.

  11. @shasi. Because producers manipulate. If I don't follow boi then I have to follow 44.97 crore opening of hny which I won't because I know that was manipulated. Boi.com always gives correct collection, sometimes producers manipulatse and sometime they don't. See the boxoffice figures of films like sultan and tiger zinda hai they are similar to boi. But still that 27.5 crore of boi.com is approx so still it's not final.

    @fanpk. There is no comparison between Salman and srk when it comes to initial, Salman is far ahead. Jhms opened to a poor 14.69 crore net despite having a top heroine while tubelight 20 plus without no heroine. And don't give excuse of genre because tubelight wasn't an action Masala film, imtiaz Ali gave bumper opening with Saif in love aaj Kal while srk gave a poor opening with jhms. Yes jhms was a poor film and you can blame imtiaz for that but you have to blame srk only for its poor opening because imtiaz has given bigger opening with Saif.

    1. imtiaz gave bumper opening? ???? are you ok na?? his movies are totally depends on wom before jhms imtiaz gave us movie like tamasha you can't compare jhms with tubelight tubelight was a festive realised with double screen and hike tickets price kabir khan salman pairing after superb bajarangi bhaijan success plus movie look like same gern of bajarangi bhaijan emotional comedy drama which work big time for film like pk, bb etc

      jhms also didn't have any catchy song movie look like totally for a section of audience unlike tubelight

    2. can you ever imagine if salman's movie like tubelight and race 3 etc... came with clash epic movie like bajirao he didn't even collect 100cr and same thing if he is so called megastar than tell him plz came on normal weekend than everything became clear but he doesn't even dare to came without festive date how can i say that he is megastar

    1. Tu homa baji ghar main raho na kis ne kaha movie Dekhne ka . Hum hai na Salman fans movie ke liye 3rd class homa bibi

      1. Nikal salman eid disaster king yahan sai

        Huma theek kehwat hai. Eid pai flop kaun deta hai woh bhi 2 time

  12. @Honest man
    Salman is ahead but not 'way ahead' at all.
    With this same kind of marketing, trailer and rest of the cast SRK would have perhaps given 25cr opening to Race-3 instead of 27cr. But Salman would never give 20cr to JHMS. If Salman was in JHMS with same marketing(Trailer came 14 days ago, disastrous mini trails, sex dialogues etc) opening would not be more than 15/16cr I bet.

    1. Salman would have changed the script of JHMS to make it family-friendly and ensured some patronage from the mass / family audience, leading to better collections overall.

      1. Egjactly like Salman changed the script of Race 3 to make an action genre film a family oriented one. He has introduced a new genre : Family oriented action masala. Is sai bara naam kissi genre ka ho nahin sakta

  13. Tarun adrass ne bhi 29.17
    Bollyarena bhi 29.17
    Only box office india ne 27.15 approx likh kar dala hai

  14. Suddenly some idiot now following boi so as per boi hny collection on 1st day is 34cr. Aur akki fan pehle 150cr to touch karo

  15. Race 3 is a 300 crore movie . Whoever seen TZH will also see race 3 . Bhai ki fans hi kaafi hai 300 crore ke liye . Blockbuster movie ..

  16. Fantastic dont listen to negative comments they are bunch of jealouse people very very nice sallu movie mist watch

    1. Tum kaho gi to mein yeh movie theater mein dekh loonga

      Yaad rakhna watching race 3 in theater is more difficult task then bringing stars from sky

  17. Today 35 cr hoga Matlab 2 days 65 cr then Sunday again 35 cr. So 100 cr weekend with extreme negativity.

  18. @fan pk i don't say baseless things, i always have datas to prove my point. yes imtiaz ali has given bumper opening. he made love aaj kal with saif. love aaj kal at it's time was the second highest opener of all time after ghajini . love aaj kal released on working day and ghajini directly on the national holiday of xmas. if love aaj kal would have released on national holiday it could have challenged ghajini. it's a fact. even rockstar opened very well at it's time considering ranbir kapoor was a few film older . tamasha opened 11 crore net with ranbir 2 years before jhms. in 2017 with ticket prices in range of jhms it would have opened 15 crore net like or even better than jhms. and we all know that in lifetime jhms failed to cross both rockstar and tamasha with same director and genre. tell me one thing honestly if with same director and genre ranbir and saif will give better opening and lifetime than srk then what is the advantage of taking srk in a film. he is called as a superstar by people and is paid way more than saif and ranbir , so he should justify that unless pay him lesser than ranbir if he can't prove his worth.

    @ srkian sayar srk has a very good pr team. it does not matter how bad or average his films are taran adarsh don't gives dissapointing reviews to his films. whether it is fan, dilwale, happy new year , ra one his films always gets very good review but for salman's tubelight and race 3 he gives poor reviews . and infact it is the case with most reviewers . indicine gives 3.5 stars to bajrangi bhaijaan but 4 stars to hny and dilwale, this is definetly intentional. so srk gets support still underperforms. now look at zero. salman has done special appearance in that song teaser which has got 19 million views in 2 days in youtube but the first teaser which stars only him has got 18 million views released 5 months ago. this is the support system he has got. and don't be surprised if many other stars also does cameo in zero like oso( just think now if he announces deepika is doing cameo in zero where the hype will reach) but still i believe in fair comparison. now zero is a superstrong film releasing solo in xmas . i won't say he has to do 300 crore because zero has not got free weeks but if he does 200 crore in 1 week( because atleast he has 1 open week) like tzh and sultan i will accept he is still a great competition to salman and neck to neck with him. and also he has to beat the non holiday opening record weekend record and single day record of tzh because release date is same. and boi.com also expects it to beat advance of bahubali.

    1. When Zero releases target will be to beat Race 3 opening and weekend collection as Race 3 is last Salman film when Zero arrives .comparison should be very previous film not 2nd last or 3rd last .

      1. No release date has to be similar. Tzh and zero has exactly same release dates. And also tzh is salman's biggest in advance, opening weekend, single day etc so if you are equal or bigger than some other star you should beat his biggest. You can't say salman is bigger than aamir because tzh did more than pk or dhoom3 in lifetime because dangal is aamir's biggest.

        1. Phut kyun rahi hai honestman ..... race 3 genre is sallus strength ..... eid is his fav festival ..... bhaag kyun raha hai comparison sai

          It is Zero vs Race 3 to decide the winner .... let the competition begin .... Race 3 has the advantage of 2 weeks open phir bhi phut rahi hai

          TOH vs Zero vs Race 3 will decide top stars

          Honestman himmat hai to apne star ki eid release par bharosa rakh. Shahrukh to tere hisaab sai chota star hai phir itni kyun phut rahi hai

        2. @honestman tumhe yaad ho kai na yaad ho ?

          according to me these will be the top 3 grosser of 2018
          1. thugs of hindustan( potential 400 crore grosser, can even challenge bahubali hindi version)

          2. dutt the biopic( potential 250-300 crore grosser despite of releasing on non holiday because of hirani’s trackrecord)

          3. race3( potential 200-250 crore grosser keeping in mind how race and race2 trended. )

          Prediction yaad hai ya bhool gaya

          Zero was not in your top list. Ab kyun bhaag raha hai apni prediction sai darpok man

  19. Haters will all perish...Salman power is magic, no one can surpass him. He will beat all haters!

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