Race 3 Cast and Release Date announced

Race 3 has been in the news for a long time. Finally, the makers of the film have officially announced the star cast and release date.

It will be the third instalment in Race franchise. The film will feature Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead roles. Apart from that, Bobby Deol, Daisy Shah, Freddy Daruwala and Saqib Saleem will play the supporting roles. Race 3 will be directed by Remo D'Souza and will hit the screens on Eid 2018.

Talking about the film, Jacqueline had earlier said, “Like how it was in part one of two of Race, in this film also all the characters will have a shade of negativity. They all are negative until you see who actually is the good person and who is bad. Now that we have Salman on board and Remo is directing it so it’s completely new take on Race as a franchise, so it will be exciting.”

Bobby Deol took to Twitter to thank Ramesh Taurani for welcoming him to the team. He wrote, “Let’s race along @RameshTaurani… It feels great to be a part of the team!! #Race3."

The film is all set to go on floors in a few days.

40 comments on “Race 3 Cast and Release Date announced”

    1. 2018 collection
      Race 3 350cr
      Thugs of hidustan 220cr
      Dwarf 200cr
      Robot 2. 135cr hindi
      Gold 130cr
      Padman 70cr
      Super 30 60cr

      1. Abe Pagle tu rehne de . Ruk mai Predictions deta hu :- (And these would not be biased at all these would be fair considering star power and other factors )
        Race 3 = 305cr
        TOH = 345cr
        Dwarf = 285cr
        2.0 (hindi ) = 235cr
        Gold = 185cr
        Padman = 130cr
        Super 30 = 85cr

        1. Oo hai age dwarf achaa hua to 350cr + aaram se 400vi Jaa skta hai .285cr jo tu predict Kia vo average reviews me krega

        1. My predictions
          TZH - 400 cr +
          Race 3 - 400cr +
          Bharat - 400 cr +
          TOH - 150 cr
          Dwarf - 55 cr
          2.0 - 150 cr

      2. 2018 collection
        Race 3 140cr
        Thugs of hidustan 160cr
        Dwarf 70cr
        Robot 2. 160cr hindi
        Gold 130cr
        Padman 110cr
        Super 30 150cr

      3. @Tiger zinda hai good joke. Keep your prediction to yourself. 220 cr would be the 1st week collection of TOH. It will esasily smash all records even in worst case.

  1. SRK track record in negative roles -
    Baazigar - Hit
    Darr - blockbuster
    Anjaam - Average
    Don - hit
    Don 2 - hit
    Raees - semi hit

  2. Not sure if i can accept Race franchise without Saif or not but Salman in a negative shade cannot be missed ? .
    Let's see if he can match Saif's swag level , he was phenomenal .

    1. @Suhail Ismail;
      Bro are you mad or what "Salman should have to match Saif's level", this is the Biggest Joke of all time......Saif was good in Race I agree, but in front of Salman he is nothing.....Salman's another name is Swag, Phenomenal, Charisma......Don't ever compare Megastar Salman with saif........

  3. Obviously Srk is overseas king ..Aamir Indo china star hai ..nahi yakeen to ek baat collection consistency records me Nazar daal lo
    Aamir Indo china star hai is liye kyuki china ka collection hatao fir SRK se compare Kro PTA chal jaega Srk overseas king hai tha or rehga

    Srk happy new year fan jaisa ghatiya movie release Kia china me is liye nahi chala agar dwarf achaa hua to china me release krega or achaa kamaega

  4. Dear bollyarena n team plz tell me when ur team update the status of SS as HIT.till today collection cross 56.50. now i think very limited screen but it definetly wil cross 63+ collection+ good overses collection n more will comming in nov n dec.+ setelite its covers more profit in terms of % .
    request to update with actull budget with all exp.
    i hope its not more then 35 cr. plz guide

  5. Woh hota to aisa hota ye hota to waise hot par ek baat to pakki hai Salman hai to ye blockbuster to zarur hogi.
    Ab haters bolenge tubelight.
    Par hater khud jante tubelight ek boring film thi fir bhi tubelight bolenge par haters ye film to blockbuster hone se koe nahi roksakta.
    Blockbuster back to back

  6. They shudnt have changed franchise actors. Race franchise need non desi look actor's not like salman srk Aamir kumar or devgan.

  7. Aisa hota to vaisa hota karne se kuch nahi hoga sallu fans.

    Sallu fans tum log kab ATHG doge.
    PK,Dangal ka record kab todoge.

    PK ke record ko 3 sal hogaye par tum log abhi tak PK ke piche pade ho.
    Poor sallu fans muze toh tum pe taras aaraha hai.

    Aamir itna bada lakshya deta hai ki sallu fans rone lagte hai.
    Kam se race3,TOH ko to PK ke par le jao. ? ?

    1. @Parshya;
      8 years main 3 Hits dene wale Star ke Fan chup ho ja......Aunty first tell your star to do atleast 1 movie in a year and make it Hit, then talk about Salman who gives 8 Blockbusters/ATBB in last 8 years.....

      It looks like Parshya Aunty is in deep trauma after the debacle of SS......

      Get Well Soon Aunty

  8. Can’t wait for race 3 300+cr thugs if content is good 400+cr (big b and aamir together on screen for the first time that’s awesome) dwarf 180cr -220cr if film is action oriented as we’ve seen with judwaa2 and golmaal again dwarf will do 250cr+ if it is remake of apu raja

  9. For the last few months Indicine has not posted any articles. Can anyone please confirm if they have closed their site?
    if yes then going forward i will be following Bollywood arena.


  10. Why Bobby Deol?? Has Saif become worse than Bobby? I don't think so! Would have been really interesting with Sallu + Saif with Anil Kapoor's friendly appearance!

  11. Some insecure Salman fans were crying coz of the starcasts & director. But let them do. Race 3 will be at least super hit.

  12. Hats off to Akki-Aamir for not creating negavities against ur own heroes' films just coz casts & directors.
    For some of us r criticising Salman for not working AGAIN with Raju Hirani, SS Rajamouli & Shankar.

  13. Thanks @RameshTaurani @tipsofficial @remodsouza for giving us a chance to differentiate Salman fans from fans of his BO success. #Race3

  14. Super supporting casts of #Dhoom3: Kat in cameo; Abhi-Uday!
    Awesome director: Victor (Tashaan)

    Y so much -vity 4 #Race3?

    If #Dhoom3 had Kat in cameo, #Race3 has Jaq in full-fledged role.
    If Dhoom3 had Abhi-Uday, Race3 has Bobby-Saqib.
    Remaining starcasts in #Race3 r bonus.

    Victor b4 #Dhoom3 - a flop #Tashaan
    Remo b4 Race3 - 2 hits & 1 flop.

    Only that Dhoom is a bigger franchise & backed by a bigger production house.

    Rest Race 3 has advantages. Film entertaining aur achchi banengi toh blockbuster hongi.

    So Salman fans , stop unnecessary negativities against ur own film.

  15. 2 kinds of fans among Salman fans:
    1) Fans of BO success of Salman who'll desert him if he doesnt deliver huge hits.
    2) Salman fans

    1. @Anand_The Original;
      Agree with you Anand, this is 1st time I am seeing that some Salman fans are doing so much negativity for a movie even before anything comes out......Very disappointed with some Salman fans this time....I hope they understand and have faith on Salman, because at the end only Star Matters For their Fans......

  16. BB verdict or 300Crs BO matters a lot to (Salman) some fans coz it gives them an edge over other fan bases as they always indulge in fan wars.

    So when they feel a film may not earn BB Verdict/300Crs, it arises insane amount insecurity inside them over the fear of losing in fan wars.

    And that, eventually, turns in2 bashing & unsubconscious hatred of their own icon.
    For them, Winning Fan Wars >> Love 4 their Icon.

    My funda is very simple. I enjoy every film of Salman in theatres. Some less, some more & some a lot.
    BO & fan wars? I'm less bothered.

  17. bollywood main rulling actors sirf 4 hai bus
    4 legends

    akshay kumar

    shahrukh khan

    amir khan

    salman khan

    in 4 actors ke fans apas main fight karte hai

    wo to movie relese hone ke bat hi pata chalta hai kitna buniess hoga

    my prdiction

    sallu tiger zinda hai 250 cr

    sallu race 3 150 cr

    amir thorugh of hindustan 230 cr

    srk new movie ka name ab tak conform nahi but yeh movie 180 cr

    akki padman 130 cr

    akki gold 180 cr

    akki&rajni 2.0 record buniess all time 550 cr all india

  18. A little bit disappointed with the supporting star cast.....But then when we have Salman that too in Grey Shade (which everyone excited about) then who care about supporting cast.....

    Race is about Suspense, Action, Thrill and Style....and Salman with all these ingredients is just a DEADLY COMBINATION.......So Yes I am waiting for it......

  19. Cast is looking good if all acted well then the film will be atleast super hit. If the acting is not upto the mark then any thing is possible.

  20. Since everyone is predicting numbers for upcoming Big movie, here is my expectations from these films and its totally genuine:
    Padman: 80-90cr......(may cross 100cr if gets + WOM)...But if it clash with 2.0 then it will be very difficult for this to even cross 60cr.....let see

    2.0: 150-180cr (only Hindi version).....(It may touch 200cr if it gets Positive WOM) Predicting low for this because Akki is yet to 140cr in lead role and here he is playing negative, so I keep my expectations a little low....

    Race 3: 300cr.....(I am guessing this with good story, twist & turns) because its a Suspense Thriller with Salman, he also have negative shade (can go higher if get +WOM)....

    GOLD: 150-180cr.....I think that its a great opportunity for Akki to cross 150cr mark, its a Biopic + with Desh-Bhakti vibes, so it has every chance to do wonders at Box Office....

    TOH: 300cr.....with Good content, Action and +WOM, also it has huge Star Cast Amit ji, Aamir, Katrina (after TZH)......

    Super 30: 100cr+.....its a difficult one to predict before seeing anything, I know its a Biopic but that's not sufficient to excite this movie......It may turn into slow movie, but definitely content will be good....So it may collect 150cr+ with +WOM......Also I am guessing that the Budget is low....

    Dwarf: 200-220cr......This one is also very difficult to predict....What I heard that its a Romantic movie and Srk last romantic movie JHMS was Disaster not only in Box Office but it was completely rejected by Audience....Its like Public don't want to see Srk (or any of 3 Khans) in Romantic role any more, may be because of their age....Romance should be part of movie and not the whole movie.....ALR is the plus thing here, if he made it well like TWMR then it will definitely collect 250cr+ with Christmas Holidays.....If it fails to connect with audience then 150cr with Christmas Holidays + Solo......So its very difficult...

    Well this is just my assumption....I may go wrong.....At the end I wish every film will do Great Business at BO......

  21. I am srkian but Currently aamir is ruling bollywood. Salman is a very puny local star in front of aamir. Salman depends on story and content while aamir and srk's name is enough to smash all records at box office.

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