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Dabangg. Bodyguard. Ek Tha Tiger. Kick. Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Sultan. Six films that have shattered the box office during the period, spanning over 8 years. Actually, it started with Wanted in 2009, which although wasn't a Blockbuster, it was a huge success nonetheless and really started the comeback of the superstar.

That has been the dominance of Salman Khan!

There were two exceptions, of course. The first in 2013 when Salman didn't have a release, and another Khan (Shah Rukh) delivered the highest grosser ever at the time with Chennai Express. Then there was last year, when Tubelight failed at the box office much to the shock of everyone, although that largely had to do with the fact that Salman was presented in a way that his fans didn't want to see him in the film.

This year is a different story though. Race 3 has Salman in an action avatar, with some mass-appealing dialogues (mouthed by him), songs (Heeriye is a hit), and glamorous heroines as well. It's not a similar case as to Tubelight which was missing all of these mass-appealing ingredients. On top of that, it is the return of a franchise which has featured two successful films in the past. Race (2008) was a craze even before it released, as it went on to break the opening day record upon its release and then went on to become a box office success after receiving appreciation from the audience. Although Race 2 (2013) didn't fare as well as Race in terms of appreciation, the film did turn out to be a decent success nonetheless and managed to get near the 100 crore mark at a time where that was still considered noteworthy.

Having said all of this, it is known to one and all by now that Race 3 has become a joke of sorts on social media. The dialogue in the trailer where Daisy Shah says "our business is our business, none of your business has been laughed/mocked at, and absolutely ridiculed! As bad as many thought that dialogue was, I don't think it was as bad as Saqib's "I am sick of this Siku, Dad! dialogue. The trailer itself was not received well on social media, with many targeting the poor dialogues and over-the-top action scenes as some described. If that wasn't enough, the Selfish song released, only to get ridiculed yet again!

What's important though is to note the difference between online and ground reality. Yes, I won't deny that online social media feedback can be similar to ground reality, especially when we are thinking of the class audience. I am certain that the class audience will reject the film (await the 4/10 IMDb rating!). With that being said, Salman Khan has a huge fanbase across India that spans way beyond just the class centres. His following extends to nook and corners of India. Whereas last year's Tubelight failed to impress the class and mass audience in India, Race 3 will be able to at least please the mass audience, who are looking for those ingredients I had mentioned in the third paragraph.

So, what's the verdict?

Race 3 is going to be a huge success at the box office. Another feather in the cap for the continued dominance of Salman Khan!

Where will the film's lifetime collections finish in comparison to Salman's other films? Less than Tiger Zinda Hai, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and Sultan, all of which had a universal appreciation. There are expectations from some of Race 3 crossing the 300 crore mark, but all of the films that have crossed that mark had strong storylines with human emotions/connect with the All-India audience, whereas Race 3 doesn't appear to have that. With my prediction of Race 3 carrying mixed public reports, I feel that the film will finish ahead of Kick (211 crore nett), but below Sultan (300 crore nett). Kick was also a mass-appealing action film with grand production values starring Salman and Jacqueline, but this time they have that the added benefit of the Race brand name and a couple of more notable names in the star cast (such as Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol), and a four year gap (meaning higher ticket prices and more screens for Race 3), so Race 3's collections are sure to be higher than Kick's.

If we look at films released this year, I feel that Race 3 will fall short of the highest grosser of the year Padmaavat (284 crore nett) as that film was carrying extraordinary public reports.

A side note about Bobby Deol: there has been a lot of talk created regarding his new image, where has gotten into great shape (quite the contrast from the big-bearded look he was carrying not too long ago!) and although the films he does in the future will decide if he is able to make a comeback, props must be given to him for his dedication to working on his body. Of course, that must've been due to great motivation from Mr.Salman himself!

In conclusion, Salman's going to have his 7th major success during the Eid festival this decade!

  • My Box Office Predictions for Race 3:
  • Lifetime Collections: 270 crore nett
  • Overall Verdict: Blockbuster 

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44 comments on “Race 3 Box Office Predictions - Bobby Sidhu”

  1. As you said Race 3 will be at max having average WOM and to be honest I don't see it crossing 250cr, might just sneak past 200cr and could end below 220cr.

    1. 1st day 40cr
      2nd day 45cr
      3rd day 48cr
      1st weekend 133cr
      1st week 225cr
      Lifetime 350cr +. .just see

      1. After Race 3 releases I will miss being Selfish & a Business Man ?

        Don’t want the film to release. Want them to keep releasing promos to keep us entertained.

    2. I seriously dont think it will touch 200cr!! Overseas huge dissapointment!!

      Let the reviews begin....

    3. If the movie works and does 300cr, every salman fan will be like where are the haters now, so just to clarify we are not haters, but just predicting looking at what weve been shown by race 3 team!!

    1. Bobby you idiot 270cr me blockbuster kaise. 135cr me right sold hua hai or budget bhi high hai

      Honest prediction
      1st day 27cr
      2nd day 35cr
      3rd day 36cr
      Weekend 98cr
      4th day 15cr
      5th day 12cr
      6th day 9cr
      7th day 7cr
      1st week 141cr

      8th day 5cr
      9th day 8cr
      10th day 9cr
      2nd week days 12cr
      End of 2nd week 175cr

      Remaining days 12cr
      Lifetime 187cr. Semi hit

      Overseas $13M only .worldwide 350cr

  2. Last year Salman failed to beat republic day release Raees with Tubelight .may be again fail to beat this republic day release Padmavat .Even if it beat Padmavat 285 crore Race 3 will remain below the actual value of Padmavat which is surely 350 crore grosser if wasn't banned in some states .

  3. Race 3 may collect good but it will be forgotten soon. Salman was doing great with movies like bb and sultan, hope he does these type of movies not kick2,race3.

  4. @Bobby Sidhu;
    Race 3 is the most Liked Indian Trailer in Youtube (beat TZH record), and it already cross 67M views in just 1 Month.......And you think that it was not receive well on Social Media.....LOL
    And the dialogue you are talking about "Sick of this Sikku" is said in a fun way......if you don't understand the situation of dialogue then its better for you to stop making such article on Films.......

    There are always some haters of Salman Khan on social media (Haters comes with Success), and its not new for his movie trolled by these stupids....When these stupid troll movies like Bajrangi Bhaijaan (yes they trolled this movie too), Sultan, TZH then its not surprising for Race3......But at the end good movie get success.....

  5. race 3 advance booking in mumbai is not upto the mark, though tiger zinda hai was also slow till thursday but still i think that tzh advance was much better than race3, but race3 advance is better than tubelight. tiger zinda hai has 25 crore advance while tubelight was 12.5 crore. i think race3 should be above 15 crore but will not cross 20 crore in advance unless some mirracle happens in the last 2 days. opening day should be around 25 crore considering tubelight opened 20.5 crore and race3 will atleast open better than tubelight in mass centres . lifetime then will depend on content. as per real boxoffice till tuesday afternoon race 3 has sold 42000 tickets in pvr and around 25000 tickets in inox. as far as i remember films like sultan and tzh had atleast over 2 lacks tickets sold in pvr when their advance ended, i don't remember about inox. bajrangi bhaijaan also had 2 lacks tickets sold in pvr and 1.25 lacks tickets sold in inox. so t i think sultan or tzh should have sold much more than 2 lacks tickets in pvr and over 1.5 lacks in inox as they collected way more than bb in advance. so can race3 reach over 2 lacks tickets in pvr and over 1.5 lacks tickets in inox when it's advance ends. looking at the advances till now it's difficult. so the film willl dissapoint in opening and rest will depend on content.

    actually the film should have much better advances than tzh as that film had no hliday in weekend but race3 had eid on saturday but still it will find tough to reach even 20. it's sad but it's true.

  6. You seriously believe in IMdB? Even Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh's films have 6/7 ratings there

    1. just saying...that actually depends on the number of people who have rated it.Since,barely anyone saw those movies or those who did were MOSTLY blind supporters,we should not blame the website

  7. Salman himself is distributing the film I guess. Which makes it safe commercially theatrical wise atleast.

    1. fir aa gyaaa tu amir ke chamche hamsha glt prdctn kartaa hai ptani kya sochr 2 saal s pkaaa rhaa idiot....

  8. Race 3 has only 2 week to earn. After 2 week Sanju is going to release. So it has only 2 week to earn with 3 holidays only & that is Friday Saturday and Sunday. Salman's all other eid releases enjoyed long holiday weekend & no competition but this time it has only 3 days in weekend & 2 week free runs. So my predections is 200 - 210 cr.

  9. IMDB site is most untrustworthy site for Rating......This is the site where haters give 1 star to even a Good Movie, just to bring that star movie down......So guys never trust IMDB Rating......

  10. All 300 grosser had time to make money. Open weeks run. Race 3 has just 2 weeks till Sanju arrives and take away screens. On top of it, it will not have much of an advantage of holidays as Eid will be falling on Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
    All indicating a max business of 250 crore.

  11. Race 3 always looked like a 250 cr film to join the 300cr club it needs to be a super engaging action film like TzH

  12. Thugs of hindostan
    India 517 crore net
    China 1700 crore
    Row 300
    Ww collection 2617

    Race 3 -285 crore

  13. Make my words
    First day 38 crore
    Weekend 135 crore
    Week one 210 crore
    Life time 390+ means 400 crore

  14. Now news is yamla pagla dewana clashing with Gold.
    Both deol and kumar popular in north lets see which movie will do good business.
    Yamla will do good business in punjab and NCR...
    Gold mostly perform in south....
    Again one thing is clear akshay fan have to wait for 150ce because GOLD will do Max 90 to 110cr.

  15. Everyone forgot one thing FIFA world cup starts today and it will affect the collection. Youth will be busy in front of their TV to watch live match.

    200 crore looks difficult for Race 3.

  16. First weekend of Race 3 is going to be a disastrous one bcz

    Friday there is portugal's match
    Saturday Argentina plays against Iceland
    On Sunday Brazil and Germany playing their first match

    Good chunk of First weekend collection will be washed out by world cup matches

  17. star rankings :D :D.. that too boxofficeindia.com.. there is no point arguing wt salman haters.. hah

    1. Salman Khan: 2706

    2. Aamir Khan: 900

    3. Akshay Kumar: 735

    4.Shahrukh Khan: 717

    5. Varun Dhawan: 530

    6. Ajay Devgn: 223

    7. Ranveer Singh: - 11

    1. hahaha
      good joke

      isilye itne chance leke bhi sallu abhi tak Aamir ke record ka picha kar raha hai
      sallu kabhi Aamir ko hara nahi sakta

      mere hisab se jisne jyada ATBB and ATHG diye hai aur aaj bhi de raha hai wo sabse bada star hai

      block buster toh koi bhi de sakta hai par ATBB and ATHG sirf Aamir hi de sakta hai jab tak industry mein hai Aamir ko beat karna mushkil hai

      Dont follow that crap site Dabba of India

      1. as i said.. no point arguing with salman haters :D
        .. imagine what salman has done..
        SRK fans ko.. aamir fans banne par majboor kiya just to counter salmania!!!
        SRK fans than joined hands... with Akshay kumar fans..
        its like a coalition govt to tackle modi :D

  18. Bhai article toh sahi likha kro imbd rating race 3 Ka 8.2/10 hai jaake check krlo toh negativity mat failao

  19. Race 3 is nothing without Saif Ali Khan
    As the dialouges delivered are really poor.
    Saif Ali Khan should be the main lead actor in the film. Salman can be second main lead actor.
    I am not impressed with the casting of the film.
    As it is his race..dialogues delivered by saif ali khan...are way far better than salman khan


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