Race 3 6th Day Box Office Collection

Race 3 6th Day Box Office Collection: Race 3 has a fair Wednesday as it grossed around 8.25 crores. The drop is still there though it is less than Tuesday.

The total collection of the film now stands at 138.71 crores in 6 days. The collections will be back to normal today as the Eid affect will be over. Thus there can be another considerable drop on Thursday.

It will be interesting to see that how the film will trend in the second week. The hold on second Friday will be crucial in deciding the fate of the film. There is not any competition in the second week but this is the only open week left for Race 3. The much anticipated Sanju will arrive in the third week and it is unlikely that Race 3 will collect much then.

Day 129.17
Day 238.14
Day 339.16
Day 414.24
Day 59.75
Day 68.25
Day 76.25
Day 83.75
Day 95.60
Day 107.25
Day 112.50
Day 122.20
Day 131.85
Day 141.65
Total169.76 cr

56 comments on “Race 3 6th Day Box Office Collection”

  1. Budget is 185cr as per BOI
    Means 210cr chahiye hit ke liye
    190-210cr me semihit
    175-190 average
    Below 175cr ...flop
    Or race 3 165cr lifetime krega ..hahahaha back 2 back Eid pe flop shame shame

    1. Salman jo 2010 se star bana vo bas south ki action masala movie kr ke blockbuster dia
      Nahi to agar movie action masala hai or south ka remake nahi to vo flop ..jaise ki jai ho and race 3 hahaha

      Bharat bhi flop hoga ...means hattrick eid flop hahaha ..bharat or kick 2 ab dono clash hoga ye bhi tay hai

      1. Dear @ Aman

        If you born in 2010 & now 8 years Kid that is not our problem!

        So, please grow up fast and I think you can take some Boost / Junior Horlics.These may help you for growing!

    2. I juat cant imagine how badly the producers will drag the movie to that 200 cr barrier, so dont be suprised if it crosses 200cr!!

      1. @SRk and VD... Right man. It's just 'being human' fact!!!!
        After few days, it can be tagged as "BLOCKBUSTER" also by BOI.. Just imagine a 63-cr budget Veer which collected just 38 cr domestically was labelled as "BELOW AVERAGE" by BOI !! So, they can do anything

  2. what about bhaijaans calcultor?

    there is 7cr of manipulation till now

    Shame on so called bhaijaans stardom
    he knows movie is going to sure shot flop thats why introducing new brand of calculator "bhaijaans calcultor"

    evem taran adarsh stoped to giving collections and u r taking side of so called bhajaan

    arey itna hi bada stardom hai toh real collection deta

    PRDP ko bhi sallu ne manipulation karke 200cr bana diya

    See d video of komal nahata
    distributors r going to losing money for sure


    it needs atleast 190cr-210cr for hit zone.

  3. shame on sallus fake stardom!

    Race 3 is going to flop for sure!

    audience pagal nahi hai jo aise fake collection dekh ke theatre mein jayenge

    come on indian audience dont watch d movies of such fake actors

  4. Race 1 in 2008 in 1300 screens and non holiday - 60cr ..means 102cr in today's date (adjusted collection ) HIT

    Race 2 in 2013 in 3200 screens non holiday - 93cr ..means adjusted collection 113cr ..semihit

    Race 3 in 2018 Eid in 4600 screens - 165cr lifetime expected ..FLOP

    Kya fayda hua salman ko race 3 me lene ka ? Hahaha ultaa race series ko flop bana dia eid ke baad v

  5. Shame on salman ..roshan calculator ke baad salman ka calculator Hi sbse bara hai
    PRDP me 21cr ka difference trade or producer fig me
    Kick me 25cr ka difference
    Race 3 me 6 din me Hi 12cr ka difference waaaaah

  6. Bolyarena shame on you. Real collection is 132cr ..tune 138cr dikha dia ..mtlb tu weekend me producer fig add kia or weekdays me trade fig waaaaah.
    It's 132cr in 6 days

  7. Baaghi 2 action masala movie ..3500 screens non holiday - 160cr
    Race 3 4600 screens + Eid release - 165cr expected ...or 3D me release hua tha agar 3D ka advantage hata de to 150cr hota hahahaha
    Raazi v non holiday me 2500 screens ne 125cr kar li

    Baaghi 2 footfalls 1.6cr+
    Race 3 footfalls 1.5cr approx

    Salman fans kya hua hall nahi jaa rhe hahaha

  8. hahaha joke of the day boi is comparing talaash with race 3 lol. never seen Boi this desperate can't stop laughing.

  9. I knew the fate of the film when they replaced abbas mustan from direction...they are the only directors who were almost always successful in thriller genre in india..nevertheless I think bharat can also suffer same fate if its boring..cause audiece will not pay money only for patriotism

  10. According to BOI it needs 95 crore distributior share in India to emerge a hit .that means it have to collect 190 + crore to be called clean hit .till now it stands at 132.44 crore .

  11. not even one positive review.. but the salman khan factor working big time!!
    This man is slated to join ALL TIME GREATS!!!
    I won't even say fair hold.. its a blody fantastic hold considering external factors.. like reviews, wom.. etc

    1. Tubelight k time stardom kaha the?? EID bhi tha, Salman bhi tha.. Reviews bhi itna negative nahi tha Race-3 jaisa.. Fact is, Race-3 jitna bhi kama raha hai wo masala action genre & EID holiday ke liye (wo thriller genre ka tag bakwas hai).. Of course, Sallu's stardom bhi ek factor hai lekin utna bhi nahi hai.. Agar hota toh Tubelight, Jai Ho bhi aisa kamata tha!

    1. Promotion kitna hua ??

      Bigboss or Dus ka dum me ??

      Add movie me ??

      Heroin + anil kapur + car racing +boby deol....boi support....fir b flop???

      Dhoom 3 me to sirf bike racing thi?

    1. Why not 300? Aur even bigger than Bahubali 2? Holiday release bhi hai sur patriotism bhi...
      Waise reality mein toh 200 bhi possible nahi...

  12. Salman Khan Naam Hi Kafi He..

























    Laashen Bichane Ke Lye.

  13. @ All SALMAN HATERS jo sasta nasha karte hai (article by boi) read it carefully..

    The thriller genre has come unstuck again and this time its with the biggest star in country at present. An article was written here at the time of Fan and is being reproduced on another page. At that time Salman Khan had not starred in a thriller but the results are there to see with the first one Race 3. The film is not the flop its being made out be but it has under performed.

    Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan had tried this genre with Fan and Talaash and both finished below 100 crore nett and those films were pushed by the media unlike Race 3 but even there the audience was not to be fooled. Talaash was lucky that the costs were reasonable and Mumbai did decent. But this genre as always struggled at the box office in India.

    1. low budget crime drama actually full of drama talaash is compared with high octane big budget action movie race 3 lol. not dhoom 3 which has the most similarities not even ghajini but talaash . Boi is desperate really desperate lol.

    2. Boi ka yahi kaam hai

      Har waqt salman ka poora mun mai lena

      Comparing race 3 with talaash and fan and you believe it. Nasha chor. Apne dimag ka ja kar ilaj kara

      1. Right.. BOI hamesha Sallu ko support karta hai shamelessly.. Aur sirf Sallu ka movie ko adjusted net gross badta hai.. Check PK & Bajrangi collection in BOI.. BOI Bajrangi ko all-time ranking mein age rakh raha hai adjusted net gross kar ke lekin baat ye hai ki PK 20-25 cr jyada kamaya hai Bajrangi se lekin PK ka net gross adjusted nahi kiya ab tak.. Can u imagine, 2014 ka movie PK ka net gross adjusted nahi hua lekin 2016 ka Sultan ko huya.. Kuch din baad Sultan bhi all-time ranking mein age ajayega PK aur even Dangal ka BOI ke faltu, ghatiya & biased system se!

        1. Adjusted net depends on footfalls. Its footfalls multiplied by average ticket price. It's ok bb's footfalls is higher than pk . Boi doesn't cheat with numbers but they cheat with status of the films.they also have a complex system adding extra to the budget when big stars are involved.

  14. Haters decided budget 180cr 200cr.
    Salman haters and KRK both have same mentality.
    Both are jealous on Salman success.
    Biggest manipulate calculator is wit Amir khan.....

  15. Salman Khan don't care critics including Taran adarsh.
    All critics taking revenge on Salman only Salman production other than Salman production yrf tzh got 4*

    1. @ all salman haters .. tumhare amir ki talaash to 100 cr bhi nahi kar paayi thi thriller mai... itna to smjh lo salman haters race 3 will be a hit kitni bhi koshish karlo... it needs 180 cr for clean hit and it will surely cross that mark..

      1. Race 3 ka song shooting ka budget Talash ka overall budget se jyada tha! & how low Bhai-fans have gone down now?? Talash post-diwali phase mein non-holiday release tha! Diwali mein SRK, Ajay ka film ka 2 week bad Talash release hua & then release k 1week bad Akki ka Khiladi series ka film tha.. Phir bhi 1cr+ footfall ke sath 93cr+ kiya (No use of any calculator.. warna 100cr ho sakta tha).. & sabsi ahem baat ye hai ki Talash ek art house film tha without any masala aur action... To Race 3 k sath Talash ka compare karna Sallu aur Bobby Deol ka stardom compare karne ka bat jaisi hoga!

      2. Talaash jesi movie bnane ki okaat h lallu ki ??

        Bina song ki , bina item no ki off beet movie bnane ki okaat h ??

        Or boi numbers se Semi hit h Talaash....actually HIT...

        OS blockbuster h Talaash

      3. Abe dhakkan riksha waale kab tak 2012 released offbeat thriller talaash ke baare me bhonkta rahega???? Tere Salman ne talaash jaisi thriller ki hoti 2012 me to 90 cr Kya 30 cr bhi nahi kar paati. Race 3 ko dhoom 3 se compare kar agar guts hai to. Dhoom 3 was also franchise like race 3 and it was also the first entry of aamir in franchise just like Salman in race franchise. Still aamir made dhoom 3 ATBB and ATHG with similar budget and less screens compared to race 3 while Salman made race 3 a flop. ??????? is liye apni aukaat me reh.

      4. Comment:Eid na hota toh kitna collection hota pehle yeh bataw,aur yeh koi thriller movie nehi hai,complete masala action,commercial movie tha,aur Eid ka sahara,huge number of screen nehi hota toh 90 crore v mushkil tha,aur fan complete offbeat movie thi,ek song v nehi thi movie me,aur agar talash aj eid me realese hoti toh 200 crore aram se kar let's.

  16. Akshay ki to itni b aukhat nahi k uski film 150cr kar sake.
    Race3 hit if collection 170cr plus clean hit 180cr.
    It will achieve soon.
    Salman fan don't expect all Salman movie will do 300cr.
    Don't expect all will be blockbusters.
    If movie hit means hit....so Race3 hit

  17. Ab aage dekhte raho akshay ki hi movie sbse jada collection karegi
    Houseful 4
    HP 3
    All blockbuster project
    samjhe lallu ke lallu fans idiot saale

  18. Lo Karlo bat ab haters be budget bi barha Diya lol haters khud send sab karye Gy Lagta hai sab haters na ek bat na baap na ek maa

  19. Just imagine Aamir Khan ki movie Ko Aisa criticism face karna pade to uska collection kitna hoga Aamir's will not reach 100cr.and it will happen in TOH

    1. @KK beta wait kar. TOH will easily thrash Race 3 life time in first weekend alone. Aamir's dhoom 3 faced similar criticism and still became ATBB and ATHG. So stay within your limit riksha waale. Apni aukaat me reh. Aamir is baap of bollywood and biggest superstar ever. Teri aukaat hi nahi hai uske shoes polish Karne ki.

  20. Feeling sad for BOI.. They are still trying to hide this "flop" by claiming it a "thriller".. Fact is if Bhai has so much stardom then why didn't Tubelight earn 100 cr in Eid weekend??

    1. Addatoday wale ne to puri responsibility le rakhi h movie ko blockbuster banane ki 142 cr. Collection dikha raha h jo ki boi, koimoi or bollyarena ne bhi nahi dikhaye.

      Yeh champak type k analyst ate kahan se h. Har koi trade analyst ban raha h.

    2. Thriller???????????????????????????

      Race 3 thrillerr???????????????????

      Ese to dhoom 3 b thriller h......

      Bnane chale the Dhoom 3....bn gyi fusslight

      Bn ne chala tha SIKANDAR.....bn gya BANDAR???

  21. Content is the king!!! Only superstardom cannot sell film today. However good content can make a film superhit. Salman khan must realize.

  22. Now Thursday box office collection will be 6 crore another fall so I predict lifetime collection will be in the range of 175-185 crore

  23. India is going to unleash major attack on Pakistan this Friday....

    Top sources confirming... Yes u heard it right..

    By releasing Race 3 there.. Sahi khel gaye.. ???

  24. Salmon spoiling Eid celebrations....

    He should stop making films...last 2 eid extremely bad films and also his last tiger was bad though became HIT..

    Buss kar bhai...next time if yours and other hero's movie comes on eid ...mark it people won't see yours ....

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