Race 3 5th Day Box Office Collection

Race 3 5th Day Box Office Collection: Salman Khan's Race 3 has faced considerable drops on Tuesday. The film collected around 9.75 crores which is more than 30% drop from yesterday.

This was expected as the trend of the film was not that strong especially in the multiplexes. Now the impact of the Eid festival is less and it will be over in the next couple of days. Thus the collections will be back to normal on second Friday. It means the hold in the second week will be tough to come.

Still, Race 3 has sustained well in the single screens and masses where the film has been received better. But it will be hard for these circuits to drive the film. Looking at the trends, the film is unlikely to cross 200 crores.

As far now, Race 3 is likely to be an average/semi-hit at the box office. The film needs around 180-190 crores to emerge a clean hit.

Day 129.17
Day 238.14
Day 339.16
Day 414.24
Day 59.75
Day 68.25
Day 76.25
Day 83.75
Day 95.60
Day 107.25
Day 112.50
Day 122.20
Day 131.85
Day 141.65
Total169.76 cr


48 comments on “Race 3 5th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Ab salman gaya ..ab 2019 Eid me aaega fir se remake movie le ke .yahi to AUKAAT hai . yahi se to star bana hai vo

      Salman ka kharab din start ..
      Eid 2017 ..tubelight 114cr flop ..in 4700 screens .
      Eid 2018 .race 3 below 170cr flop ..in 4500 screens hahaha

      Ab bhi ghamand door hoga salman or uske uneducated fans ka ?..

      1. Race 3 3D me release na hota to 150cr hota hahaha

        Dilwale ko bhi negative reviews mila tha or vo 3100 screens or clash me 148cr kia
        Race 3 4500 screens solo me 160cr karega hahahaha

        1. Fan ko to dilwale se bhi negative review mila tha....Solo 300cr Karen liya fan ne......nai

      2. Eid was on Saturday in opening weekend. Just imagine if Eid fall on tuesday than what would be collections. After wom effect It could have become another tubelight.

      3. race 3 dropped amount on regular working day is more than akshays many latest movies opening day collections. Hope he manages to enter 150 cr club with star power from rajnikant

    2. Salman Khan to Rakesh Roshan :

      Jis Manipulation Ki baat Kar rahein Hai Yai Bewakoof… Wo Nahe Jantay… Us Manipulation Ka Sikandar Main Hoon

  1. Good news ..race 3 flop ho gaya hahaha ..180cr se neeche kia to flop ..or ab lifetime 170cr tak rehga

    Eid 2017 me bhi flop or Eid 2018 me bhi flop ..last 3 movie me 2 flop ..bhut ghamand tha na salman or uske fans ko. Bhut srk ko troll krte the semihit flop ke liye ..abe srk flop semihit non holiday or clashes me de rha lekin salman to Eid me flop de rha solo or 4500 screens me hahahaha

    Ghamandi door hua ? Salman fans baki actor ko bara smjhti Hi nahi

    1. So top 5 grossing 2018 me race 3 ka naam nahi rehga hahaha maza aa gaya

      Just imagine tubelight non holiday me aata to zaahir si baat hai screens bhi 3500 tak milta to collection below 70cr hota
      Race 3 non holiday me aata to 4000 screens tak rehta or mushkil se 110cr krta hahahaha

  2. 146 week 1, 30 week 2, 9 rest of the run gives 185 total using *producer figures* so far.
    If you see trade figures it will be 170-175.

    Happy New Year *trade figures* were 180-185 a few years back.

    Disappointing numbers for Race3. But Salman has a great line up of films. Dabangg and Kick sequels should open huge and should at least have better reception than Race3.

    1. Seriously salman fans bhut udte the srk ko semihit flop dene ki vajah se bhut uchalte the . srk ne to non holiday or clash me semihit dia
      Lekin tum log ka 2010 born star salman Eid 2017 me bhi flop dia or Eid 2018 me bhi flop dia ..last 3 movie me 2 flop ..ab kaisa lagata hahaha

      Race 3 agar average verdict bhi mil jaata hai as per bolyarena to bhi khush hone vali baat nahi q ki semihit > average hahaha

  3. Jab trailer aaya tha tb Maine predict kia tha max 215cr min 180cr
    Movie reviews ke baad mai confirm predict kar dia 180cr tb comments me sb mujhe gali de rhe the mazak bana rhe the or bol rhe the 250cr to aaram se hai

    Ab bolo ab kya hua ?hahaha ..170cr bhi mushkil hai

    Or haan race 3 bhi flop ..back 2 back eid pe flop hahaha

  4. Already 7cr manupilation till now.. Another disaster in Eid.. It's high tym he shud back with BB kind of genre or atleast Sultan..

    1. bhaai bajarangi bhaijan not an easy success recipe luck by chance it was work and that types of movie came once in a decade action plus festive weekend still safe zone for example baaghi also not get average reviews despite of non festive realised it did huge business bcoz action work big time and bb types movies need acting skill which is quite a difficult task for salman I thik this recipe for salman goes on for some more year bcoz it's give initial which is not easily possible in acting oriented movies

      1. Bhai BB was the brain child of Rajamoulis father.. Half of this film success is contributed by him... Yes this kind of genre need serious acting which might be a big task for salman

  5. Trade figure 124cr in 5 days
    Wed 6cr
    Thurs 5cr
    1st week 135cr
    Fri 3cr
    Sat 4cr
    Sun 5.5cr
    2nd week days 9cr
    After 2nd week - 156.5cr
    Remainf days 4-5cr ..means below 165cr ..flop hahahahahaha ..best phase me apne lgatar Eid me flop aaak thuuu

    Producer fig 180cr ke dega or average verdict le lega beshram ..but ab sb trade fig Hi dekhta hai hahaha

  6. Zero ka reviews achaa hua to zero 5 din me cross kr lega race 3 collection ko hahaha too much fun

    Salman fans bolte hai ki salman ka movie srk ka dugna tigunna kamaya

    Ab suno 2007 me on shanti on worldwide 150cr ..marigold 1cr ..mtlb srk 150 guna zyada kamaya tha ..or salman fans dugna me khush hai hahahahaha

  7. Sallu fans ki situation in weekend
    ?????Bhai ka jalwaa

    Sallu fans ki situation after weekend
    ?????bhai nahi eid ka jalwaa

    waiting for bharat...
    it will break bahubali2 into pieces!

    Remake ya sequel banao aur eid pe aajao distributors ki lashe bichane ke liye!

    Note:Bharat is also remake!

  8. Salman fans never respected others star's fan.. This tym.. It was salman vs ranbir Ajay Akki Srk Aamir fans.. Mainly in twitter srk and Akki fans were fully in aggressive mode to troll this movie.. It further dented the collection.. salman n his fans were seriously abused like Rikshawala Labour class Distributor lashey.. This troll is still going on.. Wat not.. It's high tym Salman fans shud star behaving like fan.. Otherwise next disaster is in waiting.

  9. Aaj koi bhai ka fan nahi ayega....

    Earlier i promised if race 3 will do more than 180 cr i will become sallu jabra fan but unfortunately bhai don't deserve.

    Anyway Race 3 economics suggests 195 cr lifetime required to become hit. It seems impossible task from now on.

    Eid holiday + franchise benifit + 4600 screens nd still a flop...

  10. Back to back eid pe distributors ki lashe dekh kar muze sallu fans ka dialogue yad
    aa raha hai...

    Sallu bhaijaan ka Jalwaa!

    1. Bhai.. U shud go in twitter.. Akkians and SRKIANS are in full aggressive mode to troll salman n his fans... Waah toh hadh paar ke troll horaha hain.. Us frustration meim salman fans are abusing Daisy shah and saqib salim... They think only this 2 are responsible for flop not salman .. Salman fans need some brain n schooling.. Immature fans

  11. scrpt nahi hai toh mat release karo na..
    par nahi bhaijaan remake ya sequel banake eid pe ayenge hi ayenge

    aur fans ko ullu bana ke jayenge..

    mai pahle hi bola tha race3 6 mahine mein complete hone ja rahi hai

    matlab kuch khas nahi banegi!
    aaj dekhlo sab kya haal hai!

  12. From today the crash will start , many halls will be empty tonight, and why not aise bakwas movie banaya ga tho aise result hi ayega . Humongous disappointment for bollywood and bhai himself whose thousand cr plan now looks into jeoparty . He planed that he will make sequals after sequals , taking his two superflop brothers and brother in law as directors . Making movies as fast as you can with no stories , no real good cast , just to reach the deadline of eid , diwali or chrismas. Hope this movie puts a brake to this plan.

    Bhai can make good movies with good directors , and he should make good movies, because aamir sir and him are the two true stars who can bring those audience to all type of centres. And making movies like this race 3 and movies directed by his flops brothers will destroy this.

    Anyway all eyes on sanju now and than the epic toh

  13. Eid effect, solo release, 3D and high ticket price, action big budget movie, so called stardom of Bhai and still it will struggle to cross Tiger Shroff last release... And shameless producers are providing fake numbers for each day, especially Tuesday ! Last year Salman delivered a flop on Eid, this year another failure (even if it manages to be an average it's still gonna be a huge disappointment). I just hope that someone will dare to clash with him next year. I swear that even 100 cr will be out of reach ! If Sanju had released on the same date, then Race 3 would have finished its run with 50 cr ^^

  14. Race 3 Real collection =123cr
    Producer fake collection =132cr
    SHAME on @SKFilmsOfficial

  15. Race3 Wednesday- early morning shows got cancelled at some circuits because of no audience. Today morning shows 10-12% occupancy across India.

    Power Of Non Actor

  16. Dear SRK fans,
    I request u to give ur full support to upcoming movies like
    Total dhamal nd ofcourse Zero.

    These movies will entertain u. Amir, akshay ajay nd ranbeer do good content movies. Not like fake superstar who book EDX releases with craps like race3.

    May be ajay akshay nd ranbeer not in big league but when u watch them onscreen you will feel connected with them. Very soon from this year they will join big league.

    Amir is class and he no need any praise. He is master of content since 3 ideots.

    SRK did some mistakes like JHMS and HNY but he will bounce back with Zero. His last semihit Raees was released on nonholiday with clash nd Dilwale was also not good in content.

    1. yeh le.. bheek maangna shuru :D
      i am just loving this..
      politics ke baad.. ghat bandhan ab yahaan bhi dhikega :D..
      Narendra modi (salman khan) vs rest

  17. "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna released in 2006 is at number six and reminds of the good days at the UK box office for Hindi films and that £750k total of Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna came from only 60 sites while Race has done £780k from 140 sites."

  18. Race 3 was first offered to Sharukh Khan, Thank God Sharukh reject the movie !!! Otherwise it will be one more flop movie in his career. I think Sharukh is now very choosy in movie selection, so he did not sign any movie except ZERO. Hope that ZERO movie breaks all records and become a best movie of his career.

  19. Wednesday occupancy is just 10 - 15%. Today it will earn not more then 5-6 cr. Hahaha haha....... Finished. Now tough to reach even 170 cr

  20. @ all salman haters kaun sa sasta nasha krte ho tum sab k sab... tumhari jaanakri k liye bata du... 1980'se 1989 tak maine pyar kiya biggest hit ..
    1990 se 1999 tak hum apke hai kaun biggest hit..
    2000 se 2009 tak gadar biggest hit..
    2010 se till date bahubali biggest hit...
    To tum log khud hi dekh lo ...na to isme kahi amir, na srk , or akshay to bahut durr hai ..
    Akshay fans spcly tum 2 tank wale toilest banwao...

  21. Ek fan hai jo kabhi Sagar kabhi Abhi kabhi 2.0 aur doosra fan name rakh kar Aakh Thoo karta rehta hai

    Itna thook aata hai baar baar to ja kar apna ilaaj kara

  22. Race 3 is already a hit???Haters crying beta Salman average hit is 180 cr and otHers Srk dilwale 145 akki 100 ajay 102 and wat maniuplated figures u talk HNY BOI 178 producer 205
    Shivaay Boi 85 producer 101 Bang bang boi 158 producer 188 zero k loye simba aa rha hai Next big entertainer Ranveer Sanju is not even mass circuit film so chill

  23. Day 5 is better than Day 1 of many films, so the conclusion is premature. Also if you include overseas take, it will be considered a super-hit.

  24. Many early morning show of race 3 have got canceled today ie Wednesday. Film reported 10 - 12% occupancy in morning & afternoon shows. Aprox collection will be 5-6 cr for Wednesday. Big loss to distributors.

  25. Kya ba tum bhi ......180 cr mai clean hit kese hogi ...kam se kam 210 cr mai clean hit hogi.

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