Race 3 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

Race 3 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: Race 3 has faced a huge fall in the second weekend. The film collected around 16.60 crores which is a low number for a big film.

The total collection of the film now stands at 161 crores. Salman Khan starrer has survived thanks to the Eid period otherwise it would have been a big failure. As of now, it is likely to be an average grosser. Some regional distributors will face losses and the film will not be able to recover the investment from theatrical recovery.

On the other side, the makers have already earned a huge amount by selling music, satellite and digital rights. The producers will walk away with pretty good profits and as usual, it will be the distributors who will suffer.

Salman has now two back to back underperformers on Eid. Yet the actor seems to be unaffected as the demand and craze for Salman remains the same.

Day 129.17
Day 238.14
Day 339.16
Day 414.24
Day 59.75
Day 68.25
Day 76.25
Day 83.75
Day 95.60
Day 107.25
Day 112.50
Day 122.20
Day 131.85
Day 141.65
Total169.76 cr

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  1. Race 3 was a great film. I would give it Rank 1 best action movie of 2018 and Rank 2 to Avengers Infinity War.

    1. Race 3 and Infinity war were both masala nonsensical movies of bollywood and hollywood respectively.
      But Race 3 > Infinity war because the ending was powerful and emotionally resonant with *spoilers* Salman forgiving Bobby Deol. It was an award worthy moment. Bobby Deol was a better villain than CGI thanos.

      1. i disagree about which movie is better. but yes, race 3 ending >>>> infinity war ending. my entire theater was weeping and gave a standing ovation after the emotional race 3 ending... hats off to remo

        1. I think even Christopher Nolan and James Cameroon regretted for not being able to direct a movie like "Race-3" !!!!

    2. Hahaha. Thats like saying lion is stronger than a mouse.
      lion = race 3
      mouse = IW
      Its obvious. People say Salman cannot act. But he is not any worse than chris pratt.

    3. Dilwale vs race 3 ..dono ko negative reviews mila critics or public se
      Race 3 ..hit franchise , 4600 screens solo release and 3D release ...165cr lifetime expected ..and after removing 3D advantage its real value collection is 145cr .. $11M overseas ..280cr worldwide haha

      Dilwale 3100 screens + clash with bajirao mastani a war drama movie just like padmavaat bahubali. ..148cr India ..$26.6M overseas .396cr worldwide ..ab batao stardom Kisse kehte hai

  2. Such a bad movie yet it will do 160 crore. Power of Salman.
    1 Salman = 2 SRK = 2 Aamir = 5 Hrithik = 10 Ranbir = 20 Akshay

    1. Akshay kumar = salman + aamir + srk.
      If akki releases a movie every 2 years, each movie will cross 500 cr in India.

      1. Akshay hasn't even given a 140cr movie, forget 500cr. Rathore and Toilet did close to 135cr they are his biggest grossers. Housefull4 has a good chance of 150cr if it's as well liked as Housefull2 (not Housefull3).

  3. Best movies of 2018:
    1. Race 3
    2. Avengers Infinity War
    3. Baaghi
    4. Parmanu
    5. The Incredibles 2

  4. 1st Weekend due to Eid Period 106.47 crore, 1st week 144.96 core
    2nd Weekend normal Period 16.60 crore
    Total - 161.56 crore
    2nd week days 8 crore & after Release Sanju 4-5 crore
    Lifetime 174-175 crore.
    (Verdict : The makers have already earned a huge amount by selling music, satellite and digital rights. The producers will walk away with pretty good profits and as usual, it will be the distributors who will suffer.)

  5. hats off to salman, remo and whole team for this excellent movie. everyone should watch it multiple times. its a misunderstood classic. people will be analyzing the themes and hidden meanings in the movie for decades.

    1. Yes... I think 'Race 3' should be included in the syllabus of the Film/ Drama/ Acting schools all over the world.. Each scene of 'Race 3' is a learning carve for the future generation directors!

  6. Some Aamir fans are spreading wrong facts .Neither He was superstar in 90s nor he offered DDLJ .just 2 blockbusters in whole 90s or in fact 2 blockbusters before Ghajini .1st record opener came in 2005 with Paheli .struggled till 2006 to cross 50 crore . Was this ruling of Aamir ?
    top actors of 90s were -

    1. @prasant.. QSQT, Dil, Dil hai ki manta nahi, Rangeela, Raja Hindustani.... Ye sab blockbuster dene ke bad bhi koi superstar nahi hua to kon hai superstar bhai?? And also all the hits and superhits like Hum hai rahi pyaar ke, Ishq, Ghulam, Sarfarosh... + National award for the 2nd film of career Raakh.. Sab milkar Aamir ek complete superstar ban chuka 90s mein bhi! Aur 2000s se to Aamir ek alag league mein hai!
      Aur baki 3 jo superstars ko baat hai.. Wo bhi same no of blockbusters/ superhit diya tha (may be less).. Lekin Aamir ka khas bat ye hai ki flop ratio sab se kam hai Aamir ka!
      (Special Note: Apart from 'Ishq', all of Aamir's Blockbusters, Superhits/Hits were solo film without even guest appearance of other star.. Not like Darr, HAHK, Karan Arjun, Ham Sath Sath, Dil To Pagal Hai, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai etc)

      1. Which site u are following ? Dil , QSQt were super hits .and dil hai ki maanta nai average thi .kyo jhuti information de rahe ho tum aamir fans .
        DTPH me kiska special appearance tha .KKHH keval SRK ki film thi .Salman ka extended cameo tha to vo uski film thode na ho jayegi .

        1. QSQT & Dil were sureshot blockbuster.. Both Aamir & Sallu started their career with a blockbuster.. May be Dil hai ki can be called superhit.. Mein kaha guest appearance ki baat jo film ka value aur bhi badata hai.. DTPH me Akshay tha aur KKHH me Sallu tha.. Baat yeh nahi ki Akki aur Sallu ko bina DTPH aur KKHH flop hoti; Lekin collection mein kuch to boost hua tha star ka guest appearance ki wajah se! Maine kaha "Ishq" k bina Aamir ka koi bhi succesful movie mein kisi star ka supporting role aur guest apperance bhi nahi tha. It shows his starpower..

        2. Pata nahin 2 atbb kya de diya aamir ne uske fan lying everywhere. Rangeela dil hai ki maanta nahin were average grosser. I am from 90s and i will tell you sunny and srk ruled. Salmaan image was like if we are going to movie then definietly we would have headache. Today i remember because of kajol i agreed to watch pya kiya tho darna kya..otherwise it was horrible to watch salman in 90s...some of the aamir movies like sarfarosh and ghulam were good in late 90s but not in superhit category

        3. Bhai tere haklu k aane se pahle hi vh superstar tha

          Qsqt super hit h
          Rangeela blockbuster h...dekh le boi par
          Dil ...1992 ki sabse jyada kamaai karne wali movie thi

          HHRPK....hit movie h
          Raja hindustani...non holiday ATBB h.. with clash

          Sarfarosh...ghulaam...ishq...hit superhit movie h...bina yrf music k?

          Man...jo jita vohi sikandar...1947earth...AHAT...dil h ki manta nhi .....bollywood ki best movie h

          Or 2000-2010 tak

          India ki first 100 crore movie...200 crore movie aamir ne bnaayi...jb srk ne 80 crore b cross nhi kiye the???

          Oodhar srk....Darr se sabko dra gya?

          Karan arjun me salman ka sahaara liya...

          Oos time well known acter aamir tha....so DDlj or Darr dono aamir ko mili...but kuch vivado k kaaran chodni pdi

          Fir oos time k saste kaaliye hakle SRK ko liya?

          Or ha SRK ki movie aaj release ho to...Jab herry met sejal...se jyada nhi kmayegi

          Or aamir ki movie ATBB hogi

          Or Aamir lagaan bnata h

          Or srk Flop swadesh
          ( beta soch rha tha Oscar me nominate hone ka ).....kkkkiiiirrraaannnnn

    2. I guess it's true that Aamir was not among the Top 5 in the late 90s, with Sunny and SRK ruling the roost. Salman upped the game towards the end of the decade, only to lose it all again in the 2000s. Govinda and Ajay Devgan were very strong in the smaller centres, and those were the days when smaller centres could make a film successful all by their own. Aamir too was in the same category as Govinda/Ajay, with some monster hits (RH, Dil, Ishq) and other minor successes (DHKMN, Sarfarosh, Ghulam). He was extremely bankable but not top league like Sunny/SRK. Hell, even Bobby was quite big then and competed with the best in the late 90s.

      1. Pahle ye dekh bhai

        90's me SRK ki disaster kitni thi???

        Flop kitni thi??

        Koyla jesi movie kyo super hit blockbuster nhi hui...ydi srk etna bda superstar tha??

        Trimurty kyo flop hui?
        Sunny deol aamir se ghatak or ghayal dono clash kyo hara???

    1. Sunny deol

      Aamir se dono clash haar gya???

      Ghatak or ghayal...vo b better content movie hokar b

      Or ghulam film k liye best singer ka award b aamir le gya???

      Or haklu fan baat karte h....ki ve superstar the

      90% movie yrf or karan jhohar , hit music , big star cast , forign location se Hit hua haklu

      Jo lagaan mna kar deta h....kyoki oosme haklu romance nhi h?

      YRF baap h srk ka....or ghamandi SRK eska b credit nhi deta YRF ko

  7. Eid holidays saved this movie. It will make a difference of 40 crs or more in the lft business of the movie. Imagine if it had clashed with another big movie, it would have been a disaster.

  8. Salman aur Salman ka chu fans sale itni fuddu movie ko bhi defend KR rhe ha..... Compare bhi Aamir sa krte ha.....Abe doob ka mar jaooo

  9. One of the biggest disaster of these decade and maha useless film of these decade.....

  10. Thanks god I didn't watched these film nhi to me bhi abhi tak apne aap KO garam oil me fry kar raha hota ....

  11. This movie holds an example of how to do not make a movie. One of the worst movies till date.

  12. kitna ro rahe hai sab log..... arre itne negativity wom....bhar bhar ke trolling in social media, critic rating half to 1 star keep bad bhi movie collections are more than highest collection till date of akshay Kumar and avg films like raees of srk.
    Kitni jal rahi hai.....we can understand hahahha

  13. "Salman Khan starrer has survived thanks to the Eid period otherwise it would have been a big failure."
    This is the ultimate truth!

  14. some baise site compare race 3 with fan and talaash i don't able to understand why it is always support salman ??
    ab suddenly ye site thriller gern par aa gyi itana action songs big star cast sab hote huye aur sabse badi baat ek hit franchise ka hissa hote huye ye site gern ka rona ro rahi h. fan movie mai koi song nhi tha actress nhi thi and ha comercial value zero thi aur non holiday realised hui thi aur screen count bhi kam tha so itana baiseness kyu ?? phir aap nae salman ko all time greatest ki list mai la diya dilip saheb amitabh ji ke sath aur srk ko nhi laye just bcoz of you are a salman fan arey greatest ki definition change kar di ish site nae south action remake masala plus eid ke dam par survive karne wale star ko aap greatest ki list mai laa rahe ho bt 7 filmfare highest award jitane wale srk plus kabhi bhi top 5 stars ki list se jo bahar nhi hua ushe jab salman merigold mai aur mrs khana etc. jaise movie kar emraan khan se bhi kam opening de raha raha tha se piche dikha rahe ho only present scenario ko dekh kar shame on you aapko aise site chalane ka koi haq nhi

    suddenly ek aur post kiya ush site nae ki kareena is bigger than jhon ish article ka ki koi jarurat thi hi nhi i think jhon salman mai acche equation nhi h sabko pata hai so ho sakta h ishi liye ye article bhi likha gya ho arey pramanu jaisi movie ko jo race three ke compare mai bhut hi kam budget mai kam screen par without festive season aa kar accha bussiness kar rahi h ushe neecha dikha rahe ho itana hi dum hai toh eid aur franchise factor nikal do toh race 3 aaliya ki raazi se neeche hi rahegi ishka matalab aaliya is bigger than salman how cheap site that is pramanu ko kyu veerye ki wedding se compare kar rahe ho paise kamane hi hote toh jhon welcome ki franchise jaise movie laa kar above 100cr kama kar hit de deta unlike underperformed race 3 ke so itana baiseness accha nhi taala laga do apni site ko aap log samjh hi gye honge wo site wahi jishne sultan ka collection producer se jyada diya tha just bcoz 300 cr pahuch jaye warana 300.54cr collection kaise kuch lakh kam hote toh 300club nhi pahuchati

    1. Well said man.. Wo site sab se bakwas hai... Baat ye hai ki admin "thriller" ka matlab hi nahi janta!!

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