Race 3 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection

Race 3 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection: Race 3 has managed to pick up on second Saturday. As per the estimates, the film collected approx 5.60 crore.

The growth has come however it could have been higher as second Friday was on the lower side. Normally big films which are accepted by the audience shows huge growth during the second weekend. However, Race 3 has received an underwhelming response, thus it is performing below expectations.

The numbers could have been called reasonable but it only has one week left to collect. So it needed to collect the maximum amount to reach towards the 200 crore mark and also to emerge a hit. However, the film will fall short of that as it is unlikely to collect when Sanju will arrive next week which is carrying huge buzz.

Day 129.17
Day 238.14
Day 339.16
Day 414.24
Day 59.75
Day 68.25
Day 76.25
Day 83.75
Day 95.60
Day 107.25
Day 112.50
Day 122.20
Day 131.85
Day 141.65
Total169.76 cr

43 comments on “Race 3 2nd Saturday Box Office Collection”

    1. Hit like if you are a fan of hattricks in cricket and want to see first hattrick of eid flops with Bharat.

  1. Bad contents shows worth of stardone.... Salman stardom value min 115 crores refer tubelight collections, srk 80 crs refer fan collections....like wise Amit 90 crs talash collections, rest of all including akshay Kumar are below fifties.

    1. Tu burbak pehele se hain ya shock.me hua. You are comparing Talaash with Race 3 bhai jaisa logic tera bhi hain.

      1. @arijit Tu bada intellectual h.....
        Itna agar confidence h...Apne star par to karo Salman se clash.....Abhi tm sab apna intelligence show kroge
        Ki Rakhi se clash hara.....
        Abe saalon himmat h to karo Salman se clash......
        Itni negativity tmre star ke film ki ho na to kutta bhi nai puchega ....
        At Salman still giving semi hit .....may be hit also

        1. @Sachin
          Mai toh kabse intazar kar raha hoon ....
          ek bar bas ek bar Aamir aur Sallu ka clash ho jaye aur wo bhi action masala film ke liye

        2. How many times you want to clash?!

          I dont remember all the clashes between SRK and Salman but there has been more than one which SRK has won!

          Clashing is bullshit, the better movie always wins!

          Dont you remember Jaan e man vs Don (no offence to akshay fans)?!

          You think about it yourself, what would have happenes if Raees clashed with Tubelight?!

          Overseas would have been 100% flop for any movie that clashes with SRK from Salman, unless he brings BB 2!!

    2. 2012 ki talaash ko kyo bich me laata h ??

      Wo kya 185 crore budget ki thi ??

      Kya oosme masala tha ??

      Car racing thi ??

      4500 screen or 3D me high ticket price thi ??

      Or fir 30 se jyada Merigold kya h????

      1. "But mnik , don , cdi , hny logo ko jra b pasand nhi aayi "
        HNY to thik hai but Mnik ,don ,CDI kab pasand nai aayi .Kya jhuti baate spread kar rahe ho

    3. You are compairing talash with fan and tubelight, oh my god. Actually fan is big slap to srk fans, its the movie which srk dedicated to his fans but sadly they did not come to watch the movie why? can some srkian answer. And about tubelight its after five years of talash with lot of buzz and talash was made for class audience so its budget was also constrained and it was hit but that does not go with tubelight, it was box office as well as critically flop.

      1. Movies like Talaash and Fan are brilliantly made movies with a few defects, i personally thought Aamir and SRK had both played thier rolea extremely well, if the movie doesnt work, you cant blame anyone but the director and story! If SRK gives bad acting or Aamir then critisize them for it, like Salman is doing with every movie except BB that was really good!

    4. Shah Rukhs is actually HNY, as i dont think many would say thats a good movie, and if we even stick to @bollyarena it made 183cr and a lot more than Race 3 overseas, another one we could talk about is Dilwale, which if anything worldwide made a lor more than Race 3 will ever do, with clash and insulting reviews!

      So whats your point with you stupid theory?! And the rest of them Salman fans keep your eyes on the road and dont take too much fare off your passengers! ;)

    5. Whst abt holiday release does ur star has guts for non holiday release like Akshay,Ajay,baccha Tiger and others huhhh stardom kathe....

  2. Abhe tumhare srk ne good reviews ke sath bi 85cr bi touch Nahi Kiya Bhai ne tu negative review ke sath 150cr+ kar liya hai that a stardom not like your fake star and race 3 already enter hit verdicate

  3. Aa gaye Salman fans excuse leke. Aab back 2 back Eid me hit na dene waala actor ke fans excuse ke ilawa aur kiya de sakte hain.

  4. Other so called big stars like Aamir Khan and SRK can’t even dream of reaching Salman Khan’s stardom.. his so called average movie is crossing 150 crores in one week.. and that too within 6 months of his last movie released that did close to 340 crores and another’s movie 6 months prior to that which did 125 crores .. so forget before 2017 .. Just in last 18 months Salman has worked already in 3 movies and released and got repeat audiences to do a Indian box office business of close to 600 crores .. which will go much higher if you add overseas. So all these uneducated idiots like Parshya aunty at bollyarena (and Khurana at addatoday) and many other like him or his fake profiles can only bark like dogs in frustration .. fact remains Nobody is even close to Salman Khan.. the box office race starts and stops with him. And that has been the case for 3 decades now.. this humongous fan folllwing is not from today but been loyal since 1989 .. but ye gadho ko samajh nahi aayega who were not even born then and writing shit .. ?????probably that’s what they eat so have to throw it out ??
    Becharay Aamir aur SRK ki 2-3 Sam mein ek movie aati hai .. until then Salman ke bhikmange haters ko rozi roti mil jaati hai by trolling ????

    1. @sunny Very well said man
      Today senerio ye h ki...
      Amir fab hates Salman
      Shahrukh fans hates Salman..
      Akki fans(suppose if he has) hates Salman
      Still Salman movie will do 170-180 range
      Abhi ye bhokenge eid ki wajah se.....
      Abe eid holiday banaya kissne h

  5. In this case, all dead are haters sir ???? Dabangg style .. even a average movie crosses 150 crores in week one .. MEGA SUPERSTARDOM .. which others can not even date to dream of bhai ka ????? carries on since 1989 ?????

  6. No body will ever remember lallu monkey and his sadakchaap crap movies. only Aamir movies will be remembered for 100s and 1000s of years.

    1. Then you must agree to the fact that when Shah rukh comes with masala even he can do the business but what's the point?!!

      That doesnt make you a good actor, other than BB what film has salman really gave which you can be proud of, other than shouting about collextions what else can you guys really say!

      And then say awards are fake because bhai never got one, have you ever thought does he deserve one?!!

      More than half the industry acts better than him!

  7. Non Actor k Jaltay Diye wale Expression ki Kasam! Sare Autowale Bollywood Arena Chod Kr Bhag Gae He.

  8. Salman only competes with industry Legends like Dino Morea, Armaan Kohli,Tushar Kapoor and Jr. B in terms of Acting.

  9. Monday collection will be under 2 cr. Monday to Thursday collection will be not more then 7-8 cr and after that finished. Hahaha haha..... 170 cr final figure. Hahahahahaha

  10. As per BOI Abhi tak to 150 cr bhi Nahi Hua till Saturday... Fake figures... Overseas Mai bhi slow ho chuki Hai race 3

  11. Acchi movie ho to sabhi pasand karte hai. Jab content hi wakbas ho. To stardom, udti cars or hotness bhi Kya kaam karegi

  12. @All Sallu fans
    Kash Indicine Zinda hoti "Sallu Ka Megastardom dekh kar uski ankho mein aasu aa jate"

  13. I m missing Indicine...
    such mein Zinda hoti toh uske Megastar ki halat dekhar troll karne mein bahot maza ata..

    Accha hua usko samj mein aa gaya ki Sallu finish honewala hai jaldi se site band kar dete hai.

  14. Koi aisa star hai jisne back to back min. 10 .. 100 crore movie di ho....answer is big nooooooooo... and noooo hi rahega ... because salman ki flop bhi 100crore krti hai..

    1. @Tu kis jamane mein ji raha hai bhai..
      100cr to aaj kal 3din mein bante hai festival pe agar srk,Aamir and sallu ho toh!

      Mera comment acche se padh.

      Fan-Non holiday
      Talaash-Non holiday
      JHMS-Non holiday

      Jai ho-Independence day
      Ready-This is exception but it was not fresh script it was remake of blockbuster movie.

      Aab Khano ke liye 200cr minimum target rahega !
      Kya pata TOH 2 din mein hi 100cr bana le...

  15. Aisi ghatiye movie ko aisa hi hona chahiye... Eid aur franchise value k bina to 100cr bhi mushkil ho jata!

  16. @ parshaya gu tere tingu ne bhi phli 100cr remake ki banayi thi.. to ready ka example mat de har jagah tum aamir log excuse nikal lete ho ... toh 100 cr 2 din mai nahi kar payegi max 70 -85 cr..net gross nahi . have bet on this...

  17. 30+ Crores on first Saturday and 5.60 Cr on second Saturday, this itself shows that the movie crashed big time, People are not ready to see shitty movies

  18. Tbh I agree with srk fans hny and dilwale were awful and made a lot of money on the back of srk star power I read that boi thriller article and will write a reply to mr boi’s silly article. race is a masala thriller like aankhen and baazigar and both films were the top two highest grossing movies of the year they were released another masala thriller was dharmendra’s aankhen in the 60’s the second highest grossing film of the decade after Mughal e azam. Dharmendra’s qayamat was a psychological thriller race 3 was a masala thriller aakhri raasta was a dark thriller like rocky handsome darr was a dark love thriller talaash was a supernatural thriller they barely work in Hollywood but still managed to work in India. Don’t believe boi this is the same sight that said double Dhamaal was a super hit but now it’s an average grosser mangal pandey was a average grosser but now is a flop. Boi has no credibility left they got exposed when the started giving low estimates for kaabil.

  19. Race 3 is estimated to be made on a budget of Rs 100 Crores all inclusive of prints and advertising cost

    Production Cost: 80 Crores ( Salman Khan Did not took a Salary as he is distributing this movie himself)
    Prints & Advertising Cost: 20 Crores

    If we take a salary estimate of 50 Crore for Salman Khan the effective Budget of Race 3 will be Rs 150 Crore
    Race 3 Screens
    Race 3 is opening on approx 4500 screens worldwide

    Race 3 Hit or Flop
    Race 3 will be considered a hit if it crosses 150 Crores and will be considered average if it crosses100 Crores.

    Race 3 Rights & Profits
    Race 3 is part of Salman Khan's package deal with Amazon Prime which allows Salman Khan's movies to premier before Satellite on Amazon Prime and satellite premier will be 2 months after its premier on Amazon

    Music Rights given to Producer Ramesh Taurani as his fees
    Amazon Prime: 80 Crores for Digital
    Satellite Rights: 20 Crores to Zee TV for a premiere 2 Months after Amazon Prime
    Overseas Rights has been sold to Yash Raj Films for 30 Crores.

    Salman Khan has a pre release profit of 30 Crores on Production side

    Salman Khan is himself Distributing The India Theatrical which has an exposure of 100 Crores since no all India distributor was willing to pay more than 75 Crores for the movie

    At a Theatrical Run of 140 to 150 Crores Race 3 will be clean hit.

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