Race 3 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Race 3 2nd Friday Box Office Collection: Race 3 had a big drop on second Friday by collecting approx 3.75 crores. The drop from Thursday is around 40% which is significant.

The drop was bound to come as the appreciation was not there. The film continued to decline on weekdays despite the boost from Eid festival. The trend on second Friday was also poor as there was not much competition from Bollywood.

Now there is no chance for Race 3 to emerge hit. It will be an average grosser at the very best. The lifetime gross is likely to be in the range of 165-170 crores.

Day 129.17
Day 238.14
Day 339.16
Day 414.24
Day 59.75
Day 68.25
Day 76.25
Day 83.75
Day 95.60
Day 107.25
Day 112.50
Day 122.20
Day 131.85
Day 141.65
Total169.76 cr

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  1. I can say this with 200% confirmation now!
    If SRK would be in Race-3, opening+lifetime would be the same with same film, same cast, same marketing
    If Salman would be in JHMS opening would be 10-12cr and LT would be 40cr-50cr..

    1. Ladies & gentleman

      Bhains paani mei akhir chali hi gayi hai

      Enjoy now bhains having bath in waters

    2. Salman fans ghamand door hua ? Srk ko troll krte the flo or semihit ke liye ..srk ne kam se kam non holiday me flop dia or 2nd week clash .salman ne to back to back Eid me flop dia hahahaha

      Last 3 movie me 2 flop salman ka ..

    3. Tubelight & Race_3 movie learn a lesson that Big stars (not only Salman, like Sharukh, Amir, Akshya, Ajay, Hritik all) Holiday weekend movies makes crowd in theater only for few days, But you cant make a movie successful without a good content. And if u make a good content movie then u dont need any holiday weekend, example Bahubali_2. So our big superstars plz believe in quality not Eid/Republic-Independent Day/Diwali or Christmas weekend. We like your good movies in any season.

      1. Kya bakwaas karte ho ??

        Content movie koi nhi dekhta , logo nind aane lagti h

        Ydi content movie chalti....to Irfaan khan ki movie 300 crore kma leti

        Logo masaala , song , romance , action , south masaala , dance , item number , vfx body dekhne ko chahiye???

        Sidhe sidhe kyo nhi khte.....

        sallu tujse na ho paayega????

    4. @srkian sayar jhms 14.69 crore opening has itself proved the starpower of srk, there is no need for any more confirmation. jhms is the worst opening for a khan film this decade. your star is not even capable of giving a 15 crore opening just because the marketing was wrong. is this the so called stardom of srk? infact he is the star who needs masala and marketing the most to make his films open. jhms has proved whatever films of srk has opened they are due to marketiong, songs, trailer etc. infact many people have said this for a long time that srk films open due to marketing( just like killing a man on railway track just to promote raees),srk fans denied that always but when these things were not present in jhms , we know the rest. actually jhms had a heroine which tubelight did not have and see the difference between the opening of them jhms was not even close to tubelight it was way short , there is no point to bring salman's action masala films srk is yet to cross the opening day of tubelight on a non holiday . i know your answer now. if raees and dilwale would have released solo they could have beaten tubelight. ha ha ha so you are comparing srk's masala action films with a film like tubelight to prove your baseless point, has ever srk given a big opening without masala. forget about this decade has he gave that even in his best phase( remember chak de india, paheli, swades and many more and the latest addition is fan and jhms. accept this he is a masala star)wasn't jhms and fan solo release. what was their opening, jhms below 15 crore and fan also 15 crore without partial holiday. that's the aukat of srk without masala films . actually srk depends the most on masala.

      and forget about salman, ranbir's adhm on pre diwali with clash did 13 crore plus and jhms with a solo release on far better release date 14.69 crore. was adhm a masala action films. then is it not true that on same genre ranbir is bigger than srk . infact imtiaz with ranbir in same genre gave bigger grosser than with srk forget about bigger hit. so first answer me why srk is paid more than ranbir if with same genre his films will collect lesser than ranbir.

      1. Honest man ka rona chalu ? bara maza araha hai is to ko rotay dekh kar

        Fan of 2 eid flop star ?

        Pehlai to yeh bata honestman kaun aisa superstar hota hai jo consecutive eid pai flops daita hai

        Honestman abhi dua kar yeh 2 eid 3 eid mein na convert hojaye with bharat

        honestman ko kangana ka twmr ka dialogue yaad araha hoga kai hum salmaniacs ko to abhi aur zaleel hona hai

      2. @frustrated/crying man

        Can see the frustration in your comments. That is understandable. This frustration will increase after Zero thrashes Race 3. Hahahah

          1. Salman ki ab yahi aukaat reh gayi hai kai us ki blockbuster ki sequels ko srk ki normal release sai compare kar raha hai

            Eid flops kai baad us ki ab yahi aukaat reh jaani hai ?

            1. Salman can make sequel to blockbuster films because he has blockbusters but srk can't make that because he don't have blockbusters.
              Salman khan's many solo festival releases has done 100 crore weekend and 200 crore first week. Now srk is getting that so he has to do that unless don't compare him with Salman.

              1. Srk doesnt have blockbusters LOL
                2010 born star fan bol raha hai

                Tumhara frustration aur jhoot apne ko pasand aya

                Yeh december tak frustration aur barhe ga

                Rota reh aur zaleel hota ja

                Eid flops kai baad tera rona dekhne mein bara maza araha hai

      3. @dishonestman

        Omg! The amount of hatred in you comments, you are a Salman Khan Fan!!! Lmao hahahahahah

        Now when Race 3 has not worked, you are showing your anger hahaha, who killed a person on a railway??!!, yes he promoted Raees but it was an accident that happenes at the rail way track!

        Atleast he wasnt drunk and then drove over poor people on footpath!! JHMS was an extremely poor movie, you shoild compare that movie to Marigold or main aur mrs Khanna, then see what you get, JHMS has always collected and opened bigger than Marigold and Main aur Mrs Khanna!!

        Compare Happy New Year to Race 3 !! It makes more sense!!

        Salman Khan has never been a big Star, even Hrithik Roshan has experienced bigger stardom than him all around the world!

        You wanna compare tubelight, then conpare it to Swades, bc both are experiments gone wrong!! And i thi k everyone knows which movie is better out of the two!!

        I thought you was going on an annual leave, i hope an illiterate like you knows that annual means a year not a few hours!

        Masala Man will be back soon after another experiment of his (Bharat) goes wrong yet again!

        Sallu to gayoooo!!!! Lmaooo hahaha

    5. Ek baar baby selfish hoke apne liye jiyo naaaaaa lmao hahahaha, everyone was dying in them halls!!!

    1. Hahaha action masala kar ke hi career bana salman ka or aaj action masala kar ke flop vo bhi eid me ..oh achaa bhool gaya ye action masala tha lekin south ki remake nahi thi is liye flop hahaha

      2010 se salman ka dekho
      Dabangg action masala + remake
      Ready comedy masala + remake
      Bodyguard action masala + remake
      Ek tha tiger action .masala + remake
      Dabangg 2 action masala + remake
      Jai ho action masala but not remake ..result - semihit
      Kick action masala + remake

      Ye hai AUKAAT salman ki ..2010 me star bana south ki lgatar remake kr ke fir 2010-2015 tak lgatar south ki action masala remake kia fir action masala ki vajah se jab star ban gaya stardom ho gaya tb jaake bajrangi bhaijaan laaya hahaha

      1. Dear @honestman
        Please increase your knowledge of movies......
        Neither dabangg 1 or 2 nor ETT were remakes. Dabangg was remade down south with pawan kalyan. BTW jai ho was remake.

      2. Don't say Dabangg-2 a remake.. I don't think there was any script or story for Dabangg-2 !!!!

    1. Dilwale vs race 3 both got negative reviews
      Race 3 4600 screens solo release
      Dilwale 3100 screens clash with bajirao

      Race 3 below 165cr after 3D release advantage also ..means its real value after removing 3D release is 150cr ..$10-11M overseas

      Dilwale 148cr ..$26.6M overseas

      Ab batao salman fans

  2. Biggest flops of the decade -

    1990-99 : Ye Majdhaar

    2000-2009 : Marigold

    2010-Present : TL & Laashon Ki Race

  3. I predicted 120Cr for this CRAP3 due to Eid holiday factor ... it crossed that figure.Sad

  4. Salman

    Overseas = ZERO

    South Markets = ZERO

    Literate audience = ZERO

    Credibility = MINUS


    Rickshaw Pullers - HERO

  5. Just 2 days for #GoldTrailer get ready to witnesses one of the best films of the year this in independence day

  6. How,please explain with an accurate facts and figures,I am not like these fools who talk shit,I believe in numbers and true numbers a that

  7. Average "at the very best" after a 100 cr weekend boosted by Eid, ticket price, 3D, masala genre, franchise factor, huge promotion...and still people think it relied on Salman's star power only ???

    By the way @bollyarena how much does it need to avoid being a flop ? Thank you for you accurate numbers and great analysis.

  8. Amir Khan is the biggest star in India or China guys??? Like for India dislike for China

  9. In acting salman is no where near mega star amir khan.....amir is the biggest star of Bollywood cinema after rajesh sir,,,and amitabh sir....even srk is way ahead behind useless salman

    1. I think it would be more correct ro say that hes the biggest after:

      Dilip kumar, raj kapoor, dev anand, rajesh khanna, amitabh bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan!

      Although Aamir Khan made his debut before SRK, SRK was truly that Superstar for 15-20 years till 09-10, thats when Aamir took over with his brilliant content movies!

      I do agree Aamir Khan is the biggest Superstar in India and Overseas right now!

      1. Bhai

        Qsqt , dil , jo jita wohi sikandar , ham h rahi pyar k , Rangeela , raja hindustani , mann , dil h ki maanta nhi

        Sab srk k star bn ne se pahle ki h....yha tak ki DDLJ or Darr b aamir ko di gyi thi

        Srk sirf 1998 -2004 tak superStar rha h

        Darr me b .....sunny deol sabse bda superstar tha??

        Fir srk ne media se brain wash kiya...ki me bda star hu???

        Or yrf k karan kai award b mil gye

        1. 'Srk sirf 1998 -2004 tak superStar rha h' .pagla gaya hai Kya ? Don , CDI, Rnbdj,MNIK ye filme 2004 ke pahle aayi hai ya baad me .
          Aur ddlj kab aamir ko di gayi ? Ye tom cruise aur Saif Ali khan ko di gayi thi .
          Kon kahta hai ki Darr sunny ki film thi .Sab Darr ko SRK k strong negative role k karan yaad rakhte hai .Aamir 90s me bada star nai tha .keval 2 blockbusters the Ghajini tak

          1. if he wasnt a big star in the nineties how come he has the biggest clashes in 90's . how come he gave the ATB raja hindustani with a disaster director who gave disaster with sunny before. all star had a bad patch in the nineties and 90s was a different era

          2. Bhai...90's ki baat ho rhi h

            1998 se 2004 k bich SRK ka stardom pik point tha....kyoki tb aamir ki koi khas film release nhi hui????

            Me maanta hu jb mangal panday ban rhi thi , tb srk bollywood ka sabse bda star tha?

            But mnik , don , cdi , hny logo ko jra b pasand nhi aayi

          3. Darr k time sunny deol bda star tha , or kai logo ko kaaliya kallan srk pasand b nhi aaya tha

            Sari industry janti h ddlj b aamir ko di thi , but aamir ko boaring story lgi???

            Or yrf or aamir me bn nhi rhi thi....

            Tumne kha aamir ne 2008 se bda star bna h.....so mene coment kiya ki vh SRK k star bn ne se pahle hi meghaStar bn gya tha

            But dont worry Tino khaan aaj b bollywood k KING h

          4. Rangeela or Dil (ghayal se clash ) blockbuster nhi h ?????

            Raja hindustani ATBB nhi h ?? Wo b ghatak se clash k sath

            Ishq , lagaan , RDB , fanna (4 state me banned ) ne record tod business nhi kiya?

            Ek hi saal me Dil chahta h or Lagaan jesi all time great movie kisne di?

            1. Dil super hit thi .DDLJ,KKHH ,DTPH, mohabbatein v blockbusters thi clash me .Main hoon na , Veer zaara Swades jaisi achi filme 1 saal me kisne di thi ?

              1. Xmas par flop swadesh???

                Vese swadesh b aamir ko mili thi , but mna kar diya?

                Yrf k sath...Fanna or dhoom3 kisne di...or TOH kise mile 70% proffit share k sath

                Sarfarosh ,
                gulaam ,
                1947 earth (flop but great movie with negetive carecter better then kkkkiran )
                Mangal panday


                Kisne di?????

                Enme se ek b movie karne ki okaat SRK ki nhi h.....

                Or ha...lagaan , dil chahta h
                se swadesh veer jara ko compare mat kar

        2. Yes but even i can say that Yash Chopra gave a disaster with Aamir and Saif, then Shah Rukh gave YRF their HIT, even after SRK was the one who gave both father-son duo of yrf thier blockbusters!

          And i didnt say hr wasnt a big star all 3 khans were stars but it was SRK that was shining! Theres not point laughing, trying to make fun off it, you sound like a joker and you know what problem people like you have?, its that we can admit Aamir is a bigger name to pull audiences today but you will never admit that Shah Rukh Khan was the bigger name before him for all them years!

          Its sad to see even Aamir has a few of Salman mentality fans!

          1. Mahhbatay se jyada kachra movie mene aaj tak nhi dekhi

            Last scene me amitabh k saath baahey felaane k scene me gajab ki overacting thi???

            Puri movie srk ki overacting se bhari hui thi....

            Real love ka 0% b test nhi tha....only faaltu k emotion bhar diye the??

          2. Vese tum ye bataao

            Ki Srk ki 90% hits YRF or karan jhohar se kyo mili???

            Red chilli disaster kyo h

            Nye directer k saath kyo ATBB nhi h
            ( like...flop directer raja hindustani )

            1. Okay lets even admit mohabbtein was a shit movie, but it still worked wonders, the movies is iconic today, admit it or not! A certain mahaveer says so should we admit that, and why does Aamir have 100% flop with a director like Yash Chopra!! If it was Yash and Aditya Chopra or Karan johar the masterminds behind SRK career then why did they not take any other actor after being huge production houses!!

              Why parampara a flop?!

              Why was Befikre a Flop?!

              How come ADHM not collect much?!

              Why was only SRK movies giving ATHG overseas?!

              Yes only you understand what acting is?!

              You ever seen Salman crying on screen, looks like hes giving.birth!!

              Aamir is a great actor, have to admit ir, but he was not a bigger star than SRK in them 2 decades!

              Same year of mohabbtein, Aamir gave Mela, coming Raja Hindustani (ATBB) but it flopped even though Mohabbtein clashed with Mission Kashmir it was still the second highest grosser of the year!!

              And if im not mistaken first worldwide!!

              1. Bhai yash raj k saath , Fanna or dhoom 3 kisne ki ???

                Or aamir ko hi kyo TOH mili

                Yrf ki pahli pasand Darr or DDlj k liye kyo tha aamir

                Kyoki vh oos time SRK se bda star tha....

                Evan Ham aapke hai koun k liye b aamir ko pasand kiya gya tha.....

                Or saajan me Sanjay datt k liye n aamir pahli pasand the...

                Esme koi shak nhi aamir oos time megastar tha

                Or yrf ne har baar....srk ka cariar bachaya h

                Or vhi dhoom-4 dekar bcha skta h.

              2. Or Mela k time aamir ko pahle se pta tha ki ye flop h

                Aamir to chup chup k rote the....ki twinkal ko acting nhi aati

                ( twinkal ne khud btaya )

                Or apne bhai ko launch karne k liye movie bnayi thi

                Or srk oos time kuch ek crore se hi aage nikal jata tha vo b yrf k os business se

                But aaj dono k domestik or ww me kafi diffrence h

                1. @ SRk uk fan base , iss gawar k sath haa me haa milane ki jaroorat nai hai .Mohabbatein, Swdesh last decade ki achi films me se 1 hai .ise to veere di wedding jaisi porn film pasand aayegi .phaltu ki story bana raha hai aur twinkle khanna ko badnaam kar raha hai .

                2. @ kayar veer, abe gawar tu to honest man ka v baap hai .I thought you loves good films .but u proves only collection and verdict matters to u .yes Swades was flop because illiterate people like u only loves masala .3 idiots and Lagaan offered to SRK but he rejected . Kya hota tere Aamir ka agar SRK ne ye films na chhodi hoti .romance me vo rejected hai, comedy aati nai ,action aati nai keval legends ki biopic bana sakta hai .
                  Aur jhuth bolne me tune PHD kiya hai .na use HAHk mili na Ddlj mili .dusre ka credit chori karta hai sharm nai aati .
                  @ billyarena, iss comment ko kya block kiya .pls post it .

                  1. ????

                    Aamir or over acting???

                    Lagaan jesi movie kar nhi skte or screept chahiye???

                    Or aamir ne kitni biopic bnayi??

                    Or aamir se kyo bhikh maang kar SALUTE biopic le li???

                    Or last Decade 2000-2010 me 2 ATBB kisne di...srk ne???

                    Or jaake twinkal khanna ki histry padh...fir yha aana

                    Srk ko log bilkul nhi pasand karte...kaala kaleda..kkkkiiirrraaannn

                    Log srk ki shakal dikha k bachcho ko darrate the??

                    Or srk only lagaan offer hui...jo bnane ki ooski okaat nhi thi....naa hi vh TZP jesi movie bna skta h

                    Or bhai aamir Romance ka hero to srk se phle tha.....esi se jal k srk sirf romance hi karta rha???

                    Or india ki sabse bdi action movie b aamir k pass h??

                    Or Talaash pahle srk ko offered hui thi....but Success ki Rate-race me lge log kha Talaash jesi movie karenge

                    Muje pta h...tu srk ka paid fan h

                3. Dil ,Qsqt , hum hain rahi pyar ke, Raja hindustani,mann se jyada kachra filme maine aaj tak nai dekhi .saari filme Aamir ki overacting se bhari hai .

                  1. Bhai tum 2000-2010 me aamir ko meghastar nhi maan rhe ho...

                    Jab ki first 100 crore or 200 crore aamir ki movie thi

                    Ok kuch nhi...

                    Srk gigaStar h...god of acting h...king kong h...ooske jesa koi nhi h

                    Srk jesi movie koi nhi bna skta...

                    Srk 3idiots bnata to log paagal ho jaate....dangal me b srk hona chahiye tha...or gajni me b

                    Ab to khush ho bhai jaan....pura din calculation hi karte rhoge

                    Srk ki tarah Restless hi rhte ho kya..??

                    @prashant @srk_varun

  10. Ro ro ke bura hal hai sallu fans ka
    bechare ale ale ale!

    rona mat Bharat sab record tod dega


  11. nacho! back to back lashey on eid

    sallu fans and sallu ke ghamand ki dhajjiya udai public ne


  12. kya sallu ko next eid pe solo release milni chahiye?

    answer is big no....

    agar eid pe 2 back to back flop de rahe ho toh ghante ka stardom hai!

  13. overseas kitna hua?
    dabba of india bahot hi tarif kar raha tha weekend mein...

    Dangal ka record toda kya?

  14. Sallu fans yaad hai na maine bet lagayi thi
    @dean uncle se ki Race 3 250cr cross karegi to mai maan lunga Sallu bahot bada star hai Aamir se

    aur agar 180cr cross nahi kiya toh sallu fans ko manna padega Aamir sabse bada star hai ..aab bolo sallu fans..

    plz dont give excuses.

    maine kitni baar haraya hai sallu fans ko
    phir bhi inko samj mein nahi aa raha toh
    mai ek bar fir challenge lagat hoon

    TOH will destroy Race3 in just 4 days !
    lagani hai bet toh lagalo....

    Note:I will not give excuses!

    @dean plz reply where r u uncle?

    Waiting for TOH only movie that will challenge bahubali2(Hindi) collection

    Note:Bahubali2(hindi) ka weekne nahi bachega!

    1. Bhai amir agar race 3 m hota to y film100 she 120 ka business karti q me amir ki film story ki waja we chakti h salman ki film salman me stardom she chalti dekho koimoi ka review and other race 3 n San much low ttha yad n adita chipra be kua kaha that amir ka kalal n story ka kamal h

      1. Bhai Dhoom 3 me konsi story thi ??

        Or aamir hota to ye movie aamir ki acting or style se 300 crore easily cross kar leti

        But cheap stardom k liye aamir public ka trust nhi khona chahta

      2. Bhai tubelite content thi ya non content ?????

        Ydi non content thi to yh khne ka kya mtlb h

        Ki Non-content me sallu Blockbuster deta h????

        Sala eid made star h...south masaala star h

        Big producer , big heroin , big directer ,hit song dependent star h

        Fusslight or Car racing 3 ne saari poll khol di h

  15. Dear Sallu fans.. When ur fav stars was in hibernation mode during 2009-10...then the industry was run buy Akki and Srk...As Aamir Ajay Hrithik were choosy in scripts ... Due to Akki and SRK the movie industry survived in those era... Ranveer Ranbeer were newcomers.... Do u know how many hits given by SRK and Akki in 2005-2010..?? Those days 100cr Club was not there,, but the distributor's exhibitors were certainly waiting for these 2 stars releases every time...As these guys always gives Moolah every time..n Salman always makes losses for distributors....

    Now Salman is a superstar but don't demean other actors...

    1. Race 3 is not hit....producers made profit....but all distributors losses alot....and one more thing akki movies still generating moolah. ...and his upcoming housefull 4 2.0 and kesri and biopic of prithviraj chohan will create history

  16. Sare bhaitards in coma itna selfish nikla salman ki love find nahi kar paya or race adhuri reh gayi this is just due to arrogance of bhaitards on social media bhagwan samajhne lage the sallu ko ab aukat dekhlo bhaitards jitna uchloge utna tumhara sallu hi niche jaega srkians akkians to khaskar agar sallu ki film na dekhe to aisi taisi ho jaegi abhi bhi waqt hai sudhar jao nahi to agli eid pe hattrick lag jaegi flops ki

  17. The truth of salman film is that from 2010 till 2018 if we leave sultan and BB then all were craps and disasters film dabangg,,dabangg2,,, PRDP,,, kick,,,tubelight,, race3,,, ready,,, bodyguard,,, these movies were the most worst films of these decade without any story and any acting...

    Only amir khan rules from 2010....his movies collection are more then salman's films collection and even story are 1000 times better then all the craps mentioned above..

    Pk,,3 idiot,, dangal,,, and even SS was also excellent film and now TOH will create history and 100% collect 500crs in India...

    Amir open the door for 100crs,,200crs,,250crs,,300crs,,350crs and now will be 400,,450,,500 with just one film and that is TOH..

    My my words

  18. Anyway, 1 year anniversary of Tubelight & honestly speaking, apart from few extremely slow scenes, I liked that movie as a whole.. Of course, it was not a masterpiece but still way better than the craps like Race-3 or Jai ho! Sallu at least tried to do something different there..

  19. It looks like boi has given a very honest boxoffice reveiw today.dustributers are going to make loss for race 3. Hope they continue this in future . There are many controversial hits status they gave like devdas, prdp, ra one which also need to be mended . I won't say about tubelight and diwale because the producer paid back a large part of distributor loses. If Aamir khan's mangal panday can hit the dust from average to flop than this movies also deverse the same

    1. BOI is being generous as they are bhai fans. Distributors will lose a lot more. These numbers are inflated.

  20. According to BOI RACE3 distributers will LOOSE around 18 CR!

    - Average/Flop using Trade numbers
    - Above Average/Semi-Hit using INFLATED Producer numbers.

    Same situation as JAI HO, TUBELIGHT, BHARAT and DABANGG3.


  21. Comment: abe parshya pagal yede...
    3 din main 100 crore kamata hai salman with negative wom..paid negative publicity se..tuje kis baat ka ghamand hai bhai?...stardom matters??
    aur 2 flop eid pe..?? abe tubelight average thi aur race 3 to hit hai..pahli film hogi jiska wom negative itni negativity fir bhi emerge hit hui..parshya go and suicide hutiya

  22. It's very great
    Lession to Salman Khan fans
    This movie was not good but it's average type movie & average movie was like a flop

  23. Just check out the likes and dislikes ratio on this article. 50 likes ki line lagu hui hai

    Salman bechara troll hota hai loser salmaniacs ki wajah sai

  24. Other so called big stars like Aamir Khan and SRK can’t even dream of reaching Salman Khan’s stardom.. his so called average movie is crossing 150 crores in one week.. and that too within 6 months of his last movie released that did close to 340 crores and another’s movie 6 months prior to that which did 125 crores .. so forget before 2017 .. Just in last 18 months Salman has worked already in 3 movies and released and got repeat audiences to do a Indian box office business of close to 600 crores .. which will go much higher if you add overseas. So all these uneducated idiots like Parshya aunty at bollyarena (and Khurana at addatoday) and many other like him or his fake profiles can only bark like dogs in frustration .. fact remains Nobody is even close to Salman Khan.. the box office race starts and stops with him. And that has been the case for 3 decades now.. this humongous fan folllwing is not from today but been loyal since 1989 .. but ye gadho ko samajh nahi aayega who were not even born then and writing shit .. ?????probably that’s what they eat so have to throw it out ??

  25. In this case, all dead are haters sir ???? Dabangg style .. even a average movie crosses 150 crores in week one .. MEGA SUPERSTARDOM .. which others can not even date to dream of bhai ka ????? carries on since 1989 ?????

  26. I am quite suprised by comments section TBH..
    Normally you see fan base of that movie stars film being commented upon.. yahaan tho ulta ho raha hai..
    Salman fans are rejoicing films success story for reaching a nice little landmark of 150crs...aur ek side main haters busy barking like rabbies dogs :D :D..
    See some new IDs also being created.. parshyaaaaaa.. oh sorry.. sunil khurraana .. tu abhi bhi zinda hai??????

  27. Haters look more interested in salmans articles then his fans themselves!! LOL
    poor haters are removing all thier frustrations after SRKs decline, Akkis struggle to reach 120cr, Aamir's time consumption on a script.. and what he chose? Bugs of hindustan.. LOL
    This 150cr flop is only a dream figure of SRK and rest...
    Amir tho hamaara tingu bahubali hai..

  28. On the bright side if you adjust race 3 with inflation it’s still the highest grossing film in the franchise bhai should never have got rid of Abbas mastan. I didn’t hate race3 I liked it I thought it was the best comedy film this decade right from salman khan’s beard to salman khan’s attempt at crying but looking like he’s got constipation, Bobby Deol looking more confused then the audience at every ridiculous twist Anil Kapoor dosen’t know whose father he’s going to be next. Saqib Saleem being confused thinking daisy shah is a man calling her bro instead of sis and Jacqueline doesn’t know whose side she’s on and at the end bhai knows everything even more than the producer and director you can’t even make a parody of this film as it’s a big joke I’ll most likely watch race3 again on tv because it’s hilarious.

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