Raazi Monday Box Office Collection

Raazi Monday Box Office Collection: Raazi has a strong hold on Monday. The film collected 6.30 crores which is just 16% drop from the opening day.

The strong hold has confirmed the hit status of the film. In fact, the film has high chances to emerge superhit at the box office. The total collection of the film now stands at 39.24 crores. It will go over 50 crores mark in the first week.

Raazi will not have much of a competition till Salman Khan's Race 3. Thus the film can go anywhere as far the lifetime is concerned.

Day 17.53
Day 211.30
Day 65.90
Day 314.11
Day 46.30
Day 56.10
Day 75.35
Day 84.75
Day 97.54
Day 109.45
Day 113.70
Day 123.30
Day 133.15
Day 143.15
Day 152.25
Day 164.20
Day 174.42
Day 181.82
Day 191.80
Day 201.92
Day 211.80
Day 221.05
Day 231.70
Day 242.30
Total114.89 cr

6 comments on “Raazi Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Very good to see female oriented niche film not only get praises but also perform very well on box office..
    And on the other hand sallu and srguu still try to get box office success without masala movie..

    1. Instead of being happy about a good movie, people wil start comparing, let me tell you deepika is deepika dont compare her to new borns!

      Alia is too good though!

  2. Alia lead movie earn 6.3 cr on day 4

    Deepika lead movie earn 5.5 cr on day 1


  3. BOI has declared it a BLOCKBUSTER

    Blockbusters without a popular male face
    Alia-Raazi in 2018
    Kangana-TWMR in 2018
    Bipasha-Raaz in 2002
    Madhuri-Raja in 1995 and some other films too
    But where is Deepika?
    Forget Blockbuster, does she even have a super-hit?
    Today BOI gave a list of collections of highest female driven weekend movies and so called no.1 DP has no movies in that list..

    1. The kind of value deepika had in yjhd, ce, cocktail, bm it was great..she is more of like katrina..who adds great values to bigger movies..only difference might be that she is a better actor than katrina. .
      Katrina had huge value in films like tzh, ett, dhoom, also toh..though I agree that alia has improved greatly since her debut within very few years

  4. It's so good to see a female oriented movie is doing such great business. This doesn't happen regularly but it should. Overall it's a well made movie and Alia's performance is a quality stamp on a good package.
    Congrats team Raazi.

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