Raazi 3rd Monday Box Office Collection

Raazi continues its excellent run at the box office in the third week too. The film collected 1.82 crores on 3rd Monday which has taken the total collection to 104.32 crores.

Raazi is doing well despite the competition from the new releases. There is not much of a competition until Eid so it can continue to sustain. The film is likely to finish its lifetime run up to 120 crores.

Day 17.53
Day 211.30
Day 65.90
Day 314.11
Day 46.30
Day 56.10
Day 75.35
Day 84.75
Day 97.54
Day 109.45
Day 113.70
Day 123.30
Day 133.15
Day 143.15
Day 152.25
Day 164.20
Day 174.42
Day 181.82
Day 191.80
Day 201.92
Day 211.80
Day 221.05
Day 231.70
Day 242.30
Total114.89 cr

5 comments on “Raazi 3rd Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Leave self glorifying, there are unprecedent dislikes, and for the godsake who counts the likes of both the channel it, salman khan fans will go and like in both the channel, then one account can like two times. Then since from next time release your trailer from 100 channel, like yourself and make highest liked trailer.??

  2. Raazi doing excellent collection. A movie worth watching. I dont understand why people here talking about Salman here. Why not Talk about Alia.

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