Raabta wins plagiarism case against Magadheera

After the release of Raabta trailer, there were speculations that film is a copy of Telugu film Magadheera. The makers of Magadheera filed a case in the court to stall the release of Raabta.

The hearing was held for a few days where both parties made their arguments. Now finally the team of Raabta has won the plagirism battle against Magadheera and it will have a smooth release tomorrow.

Yesterday, it was reported that the makers of Raabta in a five-hour long argument in the Court stated that there are several differences in the script and storyline of both the films.

While the Telugu filmmakers said that the iconic 100 warriors scene has been lifted in Raabta.


The lawyer of T-Series said, "We have filed the entire script of our film along with a comparative chart showing how the two films are completely different in their story, treatment, and expression, something that the Plaintiff ought to have done in the first place as part of his pleadings to show comparative similarities. Neither were any such similarities pointed nor has the Plaintiff filed its script for the judge to make a comparison. The entire suit, which has been filed at the eleventh hour despite the trailer coming out more than six weeks ago, is based on conjectures. We can't understand how a film of over 2.30 hours in duration can reasonably be compared with a trailer of around 2 minutes to jump to a conclusion of Copyright infringement. We even offered to show the entire film to the Plaintiff as far back as on 17th of last month itself, to which the counsels for Plaintiff responded only on the midnight of 30th May 2017, one night before the next hearing, stating that the reply was left lying with the watchman of their building all this while. They rejected the offer to see the film, of course," he said.

4 comments on “Raabta wins plagiarism case against Magadheera”

  1. Given the culture of Bollywood to borrow or steal, I am hardly surprised on this news. I've seen few "Inspired" Bollywood movies that have even literally translated the dialogues as it is without even bothering to add any local flavours.

    1. Bhai tension mat le
      I know inhone copy kiya hai
      Let it be release,jab kharab collection hoga tab inki aukat pata pad jaayegi

  2. There are hundred of movies which are made based on reincarnation story. How producer of Magadheera after watching 2 minutes trailer guess that Raabta has copied from Magadheera. There are thousands of movies based on police story , thousands of movie based on revenge drama, and in that way all films are copy to each other. Hardly there are original story in Indian movie like Dangal. I hope by going to court Magadheera producers learnt some lesson.

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