Raabta Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Raabta Budget, Screen Count, Economics: Sushant Singh Rajput and Kriti Sanon starrer Raabta will hit the screens this Friday. The film is directed by Dinesh Vijan and produced by T-Series.

Raabta Budget:

The total budget of the film stands at approx 55 crores including production cost and marketing. It was supposed to be made at a controlled costs when the film was announced but the budget was increased later on.

Raabta Screen Count:

It is expected to release in approximately 1820 screens. The film will mainly attract the youth and multiplex audience.

Raabta Budget, Screen Count, Economics

Raabta Economics:

T-Series mostly makes films with smart economics, however, Raabta seems to be a risky project.

  • Satellite, Music and other Rights: 25 Cr
  • Recover Costs: 70 Cr
  • Hit: 75 Cr
  • Super Hit: 110 Cr


The promos of Raabta have received a dull response. On the top of that, there is a lot of negativity around the film due to plagiarism accuses. The only plus is that the music of the film has become a hit. We are expecting it to have an average opening day of in the range of 6 crores and will need an exceptional word of mouth for recovering costs.

Round Up:



Sushant, Kriti
Dinesh Vijan
Release Date
9 June 2017
Run Time
147 min
55 Cr


Also, tell us what are your views about Raabta budget and screen count in the comments section.

20 comments on “Raabta Budget, Screen Count, Economics”

  1. No sir ??????

    Raabta Songs R on Public mouth??????

    So Opening will be 25%????

    Mini 9 cr ????

    Weekend will be 32 cr?????

    Lifetime 70 cr mini if criticise good ????

    1. Now its time for Roric's prediction
      Whole movie is copied so raabta can't make people fool
      But I know there will be some fools who will go hall let don't care about
      Opening 5
      Weekend 14-17(max)
      Lifetime 30-35(max)
      Verdict:- disaster of the century

  2. It will be avg. Opening day 7-8 cr and weekend will be 25-30cr and lifetime will be 60+

  3. There are dozens and dozens of movie based on reincarnation. Those people who are saying it is copy of Magadheera without watching the movie Raabta , are stupid. Even producer of Magadheera could not stop the movie from release. There are 100 of movies on police , there are 1000 of same revenge stories and that way all the movies are copy of each other.

    1. Aise toh sangeet me 7 swar hote hai.......toh pritam jo english,punjabi,tamil,telugu song puri tune ki copy marke....thoda apna lyrics daal k logo ko sunata wo.bhi sahi....hai...
      According to you wo bhi copy nahi hona chaiye!

      Bhai sara theme, plot sab chura k thoda sa western twist ghusa k logo ko dikhana sunana.... originality nahi kaha jata....

    2. Yes many movies can be made in same theme like reincarnation but with their own story . Here raabta looks like ditto photocopy of magadheera.

      It is not wrong to remake a movie officially by paying few crores to orginal film's producers but unoffical remake or copying a movie is illegal.

  4. This will be another Half Girlfriend... Around 50 crore... Mumbai film industry should now start taking classes of film making from Telugu film industry... These love stories have no attraction among audience now... People want to see high budget action packed movies which keeps you glued to the screen for whole duration...

  5. Film looks like "hit ya miss'" type.. Hard to predict.. bt I have faith in Sushant... so let's see.. waiting for something positive ?
    Go on Sushant

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