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Q. Will Sultan and Raees clash be averted?

Ans. As for now both films are all set to clash on Eid 2016. But currnetly there are some media reports that the makers of both films are trying to avert the clash. An exculsive article will be updated soon.


Q. Is Dangal releasing on Independence day? What could be the effect on Rustom as it will provide more stiff competition than Mohenjo Daro?

Ans. As per the makers Dangal is currently releasing on Christmas 2016. We will wait for the official announcement and will comment then.


Q. How much Dilwale collected at the worldwide gross?

Ans. 396 Crore (Final number awaited)


Q. What could be the opening day figure of Rustom with clash? How many screens will it get?

Ans. The first look of Rustom has received a terrific response. But the problem could be the limited appeal which will mean less screens. As for now we are expecting around 2000 screens for Rustom and 3500 for Mohenjodaro.


Q. Are Akshay and Alia working together in Badlapur' directors next?

Ans. Very unlikely.


Q. Could Robot 2 be called an Akshay Kumar's movie if it collects huge since he is playing villain as Krish 3 can't be called a Vivek Oberoi's movie?

Ans. Akshay Kumar is a much bigger star than Vivek. Robot 2 is very much an Akshay Kumar's film and he will ensure solid opening in core Hindi belts.


Q. How would you sum up Akshay Kumar's career. A man who knew nothing about acting, never worked with big directors and producers making one of the most acclaimed movies of Indian cinema today?

Ans. Yes Akshay Kumar is a self made superstar. He do not fear experiments and is also one of the most verstile Bollywood actor. Last year he did four films of different genres and excelled in each role. This year his Airlift has just released and he has already started shooting for Rustom. Plus he will soon start Housefull 3 promotions.


Q. Why doesn't Ranveer Singh sign any film till after #Befikre ? Although he got many academy awards, he doesn't have any films in his hand except Befikre. Why ?

Ans. Ranveer Singh is in the league of big actors now. He will proabaly take his time and focus on one film at a time.


Stay tuned for more answers.

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  1. @Bollyarena
    In the 8th question where Ranveer get many Academy awards????But why you not say anything about that in the answer????

  2. @ferdbouk goodevening mrs.Bollywood Arena, i like the article by question and answering himself and answering in the same time, and the way he till us what is most of Bollywood actors doing, very smart
    about both movies Raees and Sultan movies, in my opinion Raees movie will be the most important movie in Indian Cinema Industry, from Raees Trailer i saw King SRk maybe i am wrong but his expression show us how much his brilliant acting become, and he show us he is really King of Bollywood, with respect to all actors and actress, i wish success for all actors in their career, awaiting for most important movie Raees
    thank you to give us space writing reply, journalist fery dbouk from Lebanon tribute for beautiful arts and great civilization of india

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